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okay so we're talking today about what to consider before acquiring a rabbit and I say acquiring rather than buying because many people buy rabbits from stores not realizing that you can adopt them from shelters or rescue groups a really important thing to know because there are many many rabbits who need homes that are available in your local shelter or rescue group as you would die right my first rabbit I bought in a pet shop and then I don't know information they had for bunnies was wrong yeah so that's also wouldn't get time for a second rabbit I adopted from fresh rabbit society yeah and Amy's rabbit is a beautiful rabbit now aged 12 we think about 12 years old so what do you need to think about before you get a rabbit a main thing to think about is how much space you have in your home for the rabbit not only for cages which should be generous in size we recommend at least four times the body length of the rabbit when you stretched out but also space to exercise the rabbit outside the cage you will need a rabbit proofed area and we're doing another video on rabbit proofing so you'll have information about that but you'll need a nice safe area to exercise the rabbit in where he can't chew things that will hurt him or get him in trouble and you need a place that has traction if you have bare floors the rabbit will never run the way he will when he has traction and that's why we like to show these rugs these are nice cotton washable rugs that you can buy in lots of different stores and put them on top of your other rugs or on top of wood floors if they slide on your wood floors you want to get a non-skid piece of rubber you can get these in the dishware section of almost any home goods store keep the rugs from sliding around give the rabbits traction because otherwise if they don't they can their backs are so fragile they could break infected and hurt themselves when their spine yeah another thing to think about is do you have kids and a lot of people think of rabbits as low maintenance starter pets for kids or as animated stuffed toys and they're really not these are very fragile animals and their prey animals which means they're everybody else's lunch in nature these are animals that are very easily frightened and kids are naturally exuberant and spontaneous and all those wonderful things but that's not good for a prey atom it makes them feel unsafe and unstable so get rid of your kid and get rid of your kids wait until your kids are a little bit older rather than getting rabbits for young kids that's a big consideration before you acquire a rabbit another one is the amount of time you have to spend a lot of people think that because you don't have to walk rabbits the way you walk dogs that it's no serious time expenditure talk to me about time expense right well yeah you spend a significant amount of time with your rabbit every day McGann keep it down yeah I'm lucky I'm known a lot right yeah I mean that's something people need to understand though and another consideration is money rabbits don't get like rabies vaccines and other vaccines that some other animals get that are common pets but they require veterinary care and the veterinary care for rabbits is often more expensive than vet care for dogs and cats and a lot of people think they're getting a low budget pet when they get a rabbit and it's not low budget here in the New York area for example just to spay or neuter a rabbit the cost can range into several hundreds of dollars and it's very hard to find low-cost alternatives because you can't get the kind of certificates for rabbits that you can for dogs and cats that are subsidized by tax money so veterinary care is a major consideration if you don't have the money to take good care of your rabbit at a good veterinarian then you might want to wait awhile until your budget changes or is also if you have other pets a cat or a dog they don't always get along that's right yeah other pet sometimes they do rabbits can get along with gentle dogs and and non feral cats but the kind of dog breed that's that's bred like Jack Russells bred to hunt small prey right you want to be really careful about combining rabbits with those generally if you have other pets and their dogs like I'd say German Shepherd mixes or retriever mixes those generally tend to be good with rabbits but you have to do the introductions very carefully taxidermy um and also uh shopping you know vegetables and you know it takes a lot the hey you got to keep the hay coming to your house yeah and you really do need a lot of space for these creatures yeah it's and it's money it's not just it's not just a cheap pet the other thing and this is something you're an expert on at this point you have to remember if you're going on vacation or traveling for work which Amy does extensively you have to get rabbit care you can't leave these animals overnight by themselves because if they stop eating for 12 hours or longer you can have a veterinary emergency on your hand with nobody to notice that there's anything wrong so what do you do when you travel well usually I have people who are familiar with rabbits I'm lucky they'll stay in my apartment and you know and keep an eye on our yes which is the best variance try if you can get somebody to stay in your home that's great sometimes you can board rabbits at a veterinary office but that benten to be very expensive and you want to inspect the cage in advance it might be a tiny cage and it might be right next to an area where dogs are barking loudly which is really scary for rabbits so that's a consideration and then believe it or not your personality is a consideration if you have the kind of personality where you can really enjoy watching an animal taking your time with the animal letting the animal take its time with you that's very different from the kind of personality that wants to be handling and picking up and on the animal all the time and once the animal to respond in certain ways these are not dogs and although they're very bright and very trainable they're not going to behave the way a dog behaves you come you're overcome you're over you know that might frighten a rabbit and if you have the kind of personality that wants an animal that will be trying to please you this might not be the best choice for you rabbits are generally animals for people who enjoy observing as much as they enjoy handling and that matters a lot then your landlord is a big consideration some people we get a lot of rabbits who end up in shelters because the person didn't realize that the landlord didn't want pets or the person got pets in spite of the fact that the landlord didn't want them and trying to hide them and it doesn't work for a long period of time so you've got to make sure that your landlord is ok with pets if you have allergies that's another consideration there are a lot of people who have dog and cat allergies who are not allergic to rabbits right but right here there are people who are allergic to rabbits that aren't allergic to dogs or cats so you know you got to consider allergies and if you have the opportunity to spend a little time with a friend's rabbit or in a shelter or with a rescue group around a bunch of rabbits to make sure that you're not allergic that would be helpful because if you adopt a rabbit and you are allergic the rabbits going to lose his home or you're going to end up at an allergist with expensive shots and something to consider is more a so the final consideration is rabbit proofing when you have a rabbit you have to make adjustments to your home you have to make adjustments to your home these are animals who chew by Nature and if you're uncomfortable with having your furniture sampled or having little corners torn off your books or having your rug nibbled on or having your clothing nibbled on a rabbit is definitely not the right out of your smoker you know just because that's right there breed these rabbits these animals are used for respiratory studies they have very delicate lungs and if you smoke in your home and you're going to fill their lungs with cigarette smoke that's another thing to consider so which isn't to say that you can't make adjustments in any of these things you probably can they you know right yeah just know about it you may be able for example with your landlord you may be able to negotiate paying a pet fee against your rent and you know your landlord may be fine with that as long as there's no damage to the property you'll get your pet feedback so there's ways to negotiate around a lot of these things but these are what you should be aware of before you take a rabbit into your home

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  1. I Have 88 rabbits ? in my farm the stay in a very safe cage my rabbits get safe vacshens and I love ? them we have Pepelu that thank care of them of them when we are not in the farm love me

  2. I have a Jack Russell Terrier mix and I just watch very carefully when they’re close to each other or make sure they’re in different rooms

  3. Thank you for the word on smoking, never heard that, they are sensitive and can't defend themselves by telling us. I think it's cruel to smoke around any animal, including yourself.

  4. I cook with chili peppers will that bother my rabbits lungs.

    I haven't fed her any Chili Peppers although I've given her a sweet red pepper

    I'm pretty sure cottontails that run around my yard eat my chili peppers in my garden

    But they don't eat the whole pepper..??

  5. My rabbit stops Midway through one of its running crazy around the house modes.

    And looks at me as if I'm supposed to chase her to make it more fun

    I'm figuring it would scare the bejesus out of her so I haven't done that yet.

    But I've tried to get her to chase me.

    But then she looks at me inquisitively as if to say I don't do that.

    Yet I've seen rabbits chasing rabbits.

    And no I don't dress up in a furry suit.

    So we're at a stalemate

    She runs and jumps around crazily and I watch her ?

  6. Thank you for all your info.; I’m going to be a first time rabbit owner, though not pet owner (cats n guineas all my life) n saw lion heads n just about passed out fr cuteness overload, so started looking into this type of pet ownership n need info on them n found urs very helpful n informative (have also just subscribed 4 future fyi ? info). I as a life long pet owner know the expenses that can occur but never having had a rabbit before I needed as much info as possible, which this clip provided me with. I noticed in comments section people didn’t appreciate a well rounded viewpoint, lol. However, everything you discussed were necessary points, valid in using for consideration for this type of pet. I’ve adopted in the past a pet (gp) fr someone who bought it for her son n after 6 mos was bored n lost interest in it n was able to give it a wonderful hm. People need to understand the long term commitment that some animals will require n so many variables come into play when choosing the right animal for yourself or your family. Thanx again for providing a well rounded n informative video for new, first time owners, I look fwd to my future little side kick! ? ? ? ♥️✨?????

  7. Get rid of your kids lmao
    I dont have a rabbit yet but I can't wait until the day when I can walk into the shelter and say I want the rabbit who has been here the longest or has the least chance of being adopted.

  8. Thank you ladies, I learned quite a bit from you guys, the I really wanted a rabbit but I do not qualify based on personal research and you guys.

  9. My rabbit has the whole upstairs to live in. I mop and sweep every day for his apartment. No wires up there. He loves it I named him Vlad and he is black totally. He loves it when i come up there.

  10. Peace and Blessings.
    ? Excellent information.
    You have just talked me out of owning a rabbitt.
    I don't like to cage animals. I have an upstairs empty room that I thought would be more than enough space for a rabbit, but after listening to you both, space is the least of the problems for rabbits.
    I am retired with nothing but time but I have never owned a pet. Not even a goldfish…I don't know which pet that I should get. I don't want one where I have to cage.

  11. At what age is best to spay or neuter a ??
    And second, are pistachio, chestnut and almond good for ? in large consumption?

  12. this 2-month old little grey lionhead sleeping next to me is gonna look just like the one in this video when he grows up! <3

  13. Our dogs are great with our bunnies! We have a German Shepherd X Boxer, Border Collie X Boston Terrier, Chihuahua, Chihuahua X Dachshund, and a Jack Russell Terrier and they absolutely adore our bunnies!! For our rabbit to see a vet it's $75.00 and for a rabbit to get neutered it's $234.00 a significant amount cheaper than our dogs had cost! This information is somewhat mis-guided I feel, on the dog breed part. You can train dogs to get along with your rabbits but ours just did it naturally and our Jack Russell Terrier plays with and loves our bunnies.

  14. I have a jack Russell and he loves my rabbit !!!! They hang out all day together lay down together groom eachother so sorry but u shouldnt blame breeds of dogs its all about the individual dog !!!!

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