What Russians Really Think About America

privyet yeah Aria and over in the US we hear a lot about Russia like a lot I would consider the principal threat to start with Russia prosecutors indict another batch of Russian nationals in an alleged cyber scheme to interfere in the 2016 presidential election Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia and in the midst of all these fire storms I'm here while Russia is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup which for now is giving their people a chance to be seen in a different light so while my Russian buddy Erik can't join me I've luckily met Kristina here to help me out as I explore the Russian capital how do you say cow in Russian good car over got over what is that they cool you can now break the law this is an international terrorist incident we are here in various cuffs yeah yeah we're here in a square all right we're at this Georgian place wasn't even declared restaurant jauntily judge it what are things I guess you think I should know or be aware of about Russia Russia is a big country really very big and it has a lot of people and people are really very different some people are open-minded they want to be friends with all over the world and some people hate everyone it's because their life is hard with isolation brushes sometimes it's very very hard we have a lot of poor people we have lots of problems inside the country but we have to make our life better ourselves no one will help us not the government not the president only we can make our life better to learn more about daily life here I decided chat with some locals trivia you know we should trade music so you know what's a good Russian luna tractor boy in car while you shoot tomato plant from a synthetic or do you like it already I'm digging I Cristina you guys watch or listen to like western music Media TV Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory Metallica sleep I'm out to be on so far you know wow that's the face of even Americans maker what I was gonna tell people that I'm more of a Michael Buble guys you guys like Michael Buble is it Michael Buble maybe they know I'm more as like a MeetMe Kyle Buble how do you say voice of an angel in Russian I can get ask Eagles and I promise few kids that I give so much more than I get I just haven't met you yet how do you feel the day when we've been filming you look at me like I'm a crazy person there's a lot of stereotypes about Russia I mean are there any stereotypes or myths you can debug for us in our country and in our cities don't live in beers we don't have various aspects unless you let me know fires in the street I work you talk about the Bears look around beers very beers a show menu POV cars the game world there may be a stereotype that we're gloomy and not a friendly but very nice and we don't like ponies we are open to different cultures but how do Russians actually feel about the United States but country with whom they have such a complicated history I've been an exchange student for one year in Utah oh you live in Utah yes exactly one year I was 16 back then and I used to live in the Mormon family and it was the best time of when I think about America I remember about American Hollywood American support but non-negative Oh negative it depends on a generation perhaps for the older generation it's they kind of strictly they don't like the bollocks to the politics I think it's quality yes I talked about a politics I know some people maybe one or two per se some that was about us but this is not my friends this is another people and this is people who never be in US and I for Americans watching I told you hope that they learn or take away about Russia the you article and Mira people be adjustable name the best in world it's peace and you want to peace and we wanted this guy's from us guys from Russia we are friends forever and ever and ever Russia and us forever that was really moving man thank you Russia is a country embroiled in a lot of controversy and a day in Moscow is hardly enough to capture everything about an entire nation and while this video can only provide a small slice of life here I'm glad today gave me a chance to meet some great people who ultimately proved to be no different than you or me or most others on this silly planet so for now I'll just leave you with some wise words from a Russian cat I bet that though ideally videos now do you hug in Russia hey unsolved is on a new channel and now you're part subscribe here that was my part

38 thoughts on “What Russians Really Think About America

  1. Russians are also homophobic. Or is that just a stereotype as well? I'm American and I like Russians, they're great wacky people and like us in some ways.?

  2. dont follow news opinion , visit other country talk to people from other country and open mind , dont be manage by media

  3. I love americans . Is Good Good place i live in el Paso and Its great .The heat is nice and the sand . I believe we should get alone , and drop the Stereotypes . Be Friends .Russia is no diffrent from U.S but it is hard , poverty and Poor . Lets get along

  4. This video was made from an American perspective, but I just want to add that not all countries have absurd stereotypes or view Russia negatively. Us Malaysians in general have a neutral view of Russia, and we actually have a lot of our young people studying there.

  5. you interviewed ppl of pretty much the same background that's why the opinion was pretty much the same throughout

  6. All of the Russians saying they want to make peace and being friends with us (America), it makes me feel so happy!! I’ll be friends with all you Russians ?

  7. Мой медведь сейчас водкой поперхнулся. Конечно они не ходят по улицам, они ж на велосипедах ездят.

  8. Hey Russia I heard you appreciate Native Americans..I'm a Gay Native American let's conquer the world yassss

  9. I don’t like that you never acknowledge countries whose cultures are close to Russian culture. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, it’s like they don’t even exist

  10. Ain’t it sad how nether of us want to be enemies yet politics makes it look like we’re all against each other

  11. Russian women are beautiful. Those street's look clean. Sucks that we're about to go to war with that Kingdom. Peace and love people, peace and love. We should all listen to Burning Heart by Survivor.

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