What It's Like to Have a Guide Dog

take a tour of the guide dog campus with ariel gilbert-knight dog heta and a group of visually impaired children you guys like to go down and see the puppies before we do anything else these are bored and we start all the names with the same letter so in hennas letter they would hurt the puppies we're peda Alette Iselle angry knees when we're doing the Juna work which means imaginary dog okay we're going to be actually calling you it's going to feel very similar to like when the dogs actually pulling you we are going to be holding the harness handle okay just like you will be when the dogs actually in the harness this like this learn to girl tries out walking with a guide dog well I'd like to ask um what is it like to have to have a guide dog well for me it's getting to walk at a pace and a feel that's much more like what I did when I would could see and I get to have my best friend by my side all the time people come up and ask me about her and they want to know what kind of dog she is so then I get to connect with the public in a way that I never did when I had the cane a lot of work to have a guy talk it is there's a lot of things like I think the groomer everyday and feed her and pick up after her but we also get to have a lot of fun and play together to what you should go job do for you well she takes me around obstacles things like garbage cans and things like that and she also shows me stairs and curbs and to make sure that I don't bump into anything did she like to wick petal loves to work because she likes to win lots and lots of praise for what she does and it's easy for me to do because she's so special and I love to give her lots of face that's good we see close-ups of the dog's faces a dog's nothing for more information contact guide dogs for the blind eight hundred to nine five four zero five zero and on the web at

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  1. @Menzel12846 Thanks for wishing me luck with getting my guide dog. I really appreciate it. Are you a guy dog owner at the moment? If so, what has your experience been like? And if you have any recommendations to pass on to me, as far as what I should do to be a good guy dog owner, that would really help a lot.

  2. I had a chance to meet Ariel Gilbert, the president of Guide Dogs for the Blind a few months ago. She was very nice, and she wished me luck with getting a guide dog.

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