What is the Most Powerful Animal?

In a battle royale for the most powerful animal,
what species would win? The Asian elephant? The tiger? The saltwater crocodile? Evolution has nudged wild creatures to hone
their blows, bites, and brute strength for survival— but in the end, who puts the “king” in animal kingdom depends on what kind of strength you’re looking at: Punches and Kicks The red kangaroo’s kick delivers a bone-shattering
759 pounds of force. The average human gym rat, who lacks the training
to focus their blow, would be kicked out faster than a bad guy
in a Bruce Lee film. But a taekwondo master with a black belt—one
with a 136-mile-per-hour kick that hits opponents with 2,300 pounds of force—
might just go toe to paw with the roo in the ring. Lifting An Asian elephant’s trunk has 150,000 muscles. That nose alone can move 770 pounds—it’s
strong enough to uproot a tree. But in 2016, English strongman Eddie Hall
set the current world record for a dead lift by hoisting 1,102.3 pounds—more than the
weight of a concert grand piano. Bite Strength A Tasmanian devil can open its jaws 80 degrees
to chomp carrion snacks or rivals’ faces. But that’s nothing compared to the saltwater
crocodile. The croc has a literal ton of brute force
in its jaw—2,020 pounds of bite force. That’s more than six times
its closest competitor—the tiger. Strength-To-Weight Ratio The biggest animals often weigh the most,
making them relatively weak for their size. A mantis shrimp, on the other hand, delivers a punch
with a force more than 3,000 times its weight. An oribatid mite—which is shorter than a tenth of an inch—can bench-press nearly 1,200 of its fellows. So what species is the strongest animal? Humans who properly trained won
two out of our four competitions, so Homo sapiens technically take the title. But if you’re not a world record holder for strength or haven’t spent decades mastering a fighting form, maybe avoid tiffs with red kangaroos, elephants, crocodiles, and mantis shrimp.

9 thoughts on “What is the Most Powerful Animal?

  1. So basically you didn’t answer the question… who’s the stongest? 2 humans out of how many billion could win… but aren’t we talking about average strength per animal here?

  2. Depending on the reference, an ant can lift 50 or 100 or even more times its own weight. To be comparable, the human that lifted a mere 1000# is a wimp!

  3. just to let you know. we are living in 21th century and we use metric system. we do not care foot size of the king anymore

  4. Humpback whale weighs 90,000lbs and can jump completely out of the water with only two kicks of its tail. A blue whale weights almost 300,000 lbs and can accelerate their mass from dead slow to 20 kts in seconds. None of the above animals come close to these two brutes.

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