What is the Green Party?

the fourth largest political party in the United States is the Green Party how long has the Green Party been around what does the Green Party believe in in 1962 conservationist Rachel Carson published a book titled Silent Spring which documented the effects of pesticide on the environment this book prompted the beginning of the modern environmental movement ever since the book's publication the public has been growing more aware of the ecological and environmental issues that plague our society the fledgling environmentalist movement encouraged President Richard Nixon to propose the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1972 this government agency was given the task of writing and enforcing regulations to protect the environment currently the EPA has more than 15,000 full-time employees and utilizes no less than 27 laboratories to conduct environmental research and assessment as the 1970s progressed into the 1980s more and more people became environmentalist some felt that neither of the two main political parties was giving the cause the attention or focus it deserved as a result in 1984 the Green Party was formed at first it was merely a loose collection of groups and individuals involved in grassroots organizing and education campaign over the course of time they developed a full organizational structure with party leaders bylaws and a party platform as would be expected most of the Green Party's beliefs focus on environmentally friendly causes for example they believe that the government should encourage increased use of mass transit vehicles for transportation they feel this would be preferable over each individual driving an automobile they would also like to make streets and neighborhoods more pedestrian and bicycle friendly they feel that this would encourage more people to walk or ride a bike to their intended destination the Green Party would like to reduce waste by encouraging or even requiring recycling they would like to phase out the use of waste incinerators and landfills instead they hope to reduce consumption and encourage people to reuse items when possible this strategy is promoted with the phrase reduce reuse recycle they believe that a waste free society is essential to ensuring public health greens also believe that the planet is facing a worldwide water crisis to deal with this upcoming issue they feel that the nation needs strong laws in place to promote water conservation this would include mandating the use of water efficient appliances and fixtures such as faucets and showerheads and reducing the need for irrigation of landscapes and crops they also promote using technology to retain treat and filtrate storm water where it is collected the Green Party believes that all people have a right to safe adequate and nutritional food they believe that food should be grown in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner they promote legislation that would encourage smaller family farms and the growth of non-traditional crops they oppose large centralized farms and feed Lots which they claim have destroyed rural communities and squeezed out the family farmer greens also oppose using animals for experimentation and testing they also feel that the government should ban the use of products that are made from exotic or endangered animals the Green Party advocates prohibiting large-scale breeding facilities such as puppy mills they feel that these facilities only increase the overpopulation of pets they also fight to end the abuse of animals including farm animals and to enforce the already existing laws related to abusing animals the Green Party argues that the human population expands at the expense of all other species they feel that humans should work to lower birth rates in an effort to control unchecked population growth this belief stems from the fact that the more people there are the more food and water is needed to sustain the population these factors place increased pressure on the environment which the Greens believe is ultimately unsustainable as the Green Party has become larger they have branched out into other areas of the political sphere the green party platform now includes a wide variety of positions on everything from free speech healthcare and labor issues for example in the area of free speech the Greens advocate breaking up the large media conglomerates and giving the public greater access to the airwaves the Green Party also believes that prisons should be reserved for the most violent of criminals those convicted of nonviolent crimes should be steered towards rehabilitation programs work programs community service or electronically monitored they feel that prisoners should have access to education job training and psychological treatment which would help their re-entry into the community after incarceration this is not every belief promoted by the Green Party as there are too many issues to be listed in this video it should also be remembered that not every Green Party member holds each of these beliefs it is difficult to categorize an entire group of people in broad terms the party includes a wide variety of people who have differing opinions on many of these topics Green Party candidates have experienced reasonable success in the past two decades in 1996 the Green Party candidate for president Ralph Nader earned more than 650 thousand votes Nader represented the Green Party again in 2002 point eight million votes in 2012 the Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein appeared on the ballot in 34 states Stein was the 2016 Green Party candidate as well there are currently more than 100 Green Party members who hold elected office across the nation there have been several mayors and city council members who were members of the Green Party there has never been a Green Party member voted into the US Senate or US House of Representatives however many communities have voted for greens to represent them in their state legislatures there are approximately 250,000 Americans registered with the Green Party also there are numerous independents who claim to be Green Party members but live in states where they are unable to register with the party you

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  1. Half of the Democratic Party today is mostly what the Green Party is, As we try to protect our environment against Republicants that wants to destroy it. i.e We want to remove and displace our Confederate History — It should never exist, It shouldn't have existed in the first place, We're looking for a great clean future for America, and our world. Even half of President Obama's work is revolved around keeping the world peace. If only Nikki Hayley, Ambassador of the United Nations would see that environment comes first, She would have not give the Orange authority to launch attack on another foreign country. I really wish we were Green Party 2.0 instead as it would progress on Republicans that we meant what we said — CHANGE — Which is a distant slogan from President Obama's 2nd Term Campaign. And then there was Bernie Sanders's "A Future We Can Believe In". America should not be in this type of Division, It should be taken care of for the better. I as a Democrat is ashamed of how far we all have gotten, Because our beautiful world is fading away thanks to all of these wars and economic fixes that damages the country and world. These movies about our world destabilizing are trying to warn us all that we may not have much time of Earth left, The Yellowstone Volcano is being watched as something appears to be happening to it and Republicans don't give a damn about it. We Democrats are trying to warn that our climate is changing but they do not believe us. We try to care for our world and Republicans just want to ruin it. the Democratic Party & Green Party can get along in some ways as we both have the same problem against people who want to dismantle our environment for their pathetic war-like excuse. Donkey & Elephant ain't going to hold much any longer on getting along if Orange keeps putting our country at environmental risk!

  2. This doesn't really capture the Green Party message very well, IMHO.
    Green Party also does not support the stuff Democrats and Republicans do:
    1. Wars.
    2. Prisons…at least you mentioned that…but I would hope Green Party is against the whole mass incarceration, AKA the New Jim Crow.
    3. Welfare for Wall Street.
    4. Ever-expanding US Empire.
    These, to me, are the important issues. I hate all this blood on my hands…I think the Greens are the only ones that might be interested in stoping the spread of the US Military and the US Empire/corpotocracy.

  3. This is a thoroughly misleading video which would lead one to think that the Green Party is a one-issue party. It is not. At its core is concern not only about ecological wisdom, but also concern for social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability and respect for diversity. It is a truly progressive party and provides for progressives an alternative to the democratic-republican party of the overlords.

  4. To me, it seems like the Green party (and similiar parties across the world) lacks a coherent ideology to stand on. It seems like a simplistic single-issue party. It fails to comment on the issues that are unrelated to environmental issues. At least the Libertarian party offers a clear ideological alternative to the main two parties. But the Green party seems more like a little sister of the Democratic party.

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