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My name is is Jeff White and I am a Research
Gentamologist for Bed Berg Central and the host of Bed Berg TV bedbergcentral.com. I have no idea how I got the bugs in that
bugs. And here I am six years later and having lot
of fun working with that bugs. And I’ll be talking to you about Pest Control. The big bush in the pest control industry
are green products. What are green products? Do they work? What people typically refer to when they say
green products , products that are made of all natural ingredients. Mean that you can go and find out pepper abstracts
in sentimental oils and lavanger oils and all kinds of different oils . And dust that
are made from crushed fossils . And all these all natural ingredient and why are people
focused on these is that they are concerned of the impact that a more traditional pesticide
may have on the environment. And they want to spray these pesticides because
they come from the earth and they say its okay and they have less impact. And thats fine. The thing you have to be concerned about with
all natural green products is are they killing the bugs that we are spraying them for. A lot of these pesticides can and will work
on contact but will have little to no effect once they dry because they are all natural
products and they don’t have much progress it will effect. And so you want to read the labels on these
products very carefully. Make sure how you’re applying them is on the
label and the bugs you’re applying them for is on the label as well. Remember that even though these are considered
all natural products and you agree if all natural ingredient. It does not mean that they are not toxic they
are still pesticides and they are still killing bugs on contact. You want to make sure you read the label very
carefully and apply them in the manner that’s consistent with those labelled directions. We will never want to see anybody hurt themselves
even though the pesticides ingredients still could have a toxic effect if applying inconsistently. And again you want to take whatever pest you’re
applying of course to save the secret its in your house and you want to apply to those
crickets. Find the cricket and spray it directly with
this pesticide. See if the cricket dies. If it does then you would know that the pesticide
is killing that bug on contact and that’s one quick way to test the bug and find what
you are looking to spray for then spray it and see what happens. Some insects may not die with to certain exposures. And so you want to do a quick field check
and just remember that yes they can work and they will tend to kill bugs on contact but
will have little residual effect and you want to make sure that you follow those labelled
directions very carefully. And good luck with your green pesticides.

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