98 thoughts on “What is a Bird? | Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

  1. Good job. Simple and yet very educational. I needed to know what those things were in the air. 😉

  2. This song is strangely addicting. and has a great tune.
    Really Iike the melody :O :O :O

  3. @billyreid my 5 year old girl offspring told me she doesn't like birds. I asked why? She said." because they poop on you". She loves the song though.

  4. i wish i could fly like a bird. not in an airplane but actually flying and feeling the air :/ aahhh such dreams

  5. All my kids are hooked! Ages: 18! 13! 10, 2. It plays in the house at least 40 times a day! We can't stop singing this song!!! Thanks!!!!

  6. I just kept saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." 10,000 hours later, this happened.

  7. Just stopping by to say great job with all your videos!
    I'm a kindergarten teacher in China and use your songs almost every day; some children even get upset when we don't get to sing "What's a bird?", "Up and down" or "Cookie dance".
    Anyway, I'm sure it takes a lot of time and dedication to get the job done every time.
    The 140 children at my school wish to say a big "Thank you!", and so do I!
    Catchy melodies with great humor. Your videos are fantastic!

  8. Wow, that is so great to hear your kids enjoy the videos! Tell them Zach and Reggie give them a "BIG Thank you!" as well!

  9. My students and me just love your videos! They are perfect…the melodies, the colors, everything. Thanks so much for doing them!

  10. Thanks for using them, Daniela! We love how teachers use Pancake Manor videos in the classroom!

  11. My students love your videos, i use these as listening comprehesion
    thakyu so much for sharing ur gr8 work

  12. Click "show more" to see the lyrics, or click the closed-captioning option to see the lyrics as the video plays! 🙂

  13. My two year old daughter loves your videos. She sings and dances along.She's always saying to me more.  I also notice when I play the videos, that I catch myself singing along. the songs are so catchy even for adults. Thank you! Keep them coming!

  14.  My ESL students in China loved this song. I used it as a listening exercise and they learned the words: http://youtu.be/mFRId4Wrj3o

  15. @BluTrilobite Oh have you not heard? Because I tought everybody knows that a bird is the word. A BA-BA BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD IS THE WORD!!!!!

  16. Is it bad 14 that me and my friends are 14 and we created a whole role play game based on this song?? I'm baby bird my friends mama bird and the other is also babybird but we basicly ascot super messed up ??? thanks for bringing us closer together!

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