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My name is Jeff White and I’m the research
entomologist for bed bug central. And the host for bed bug t.v. bedbugcentral.com. I have no idea how I got into bugs and bedbugs. But here I am six years later, and having
a lot of fun working with bed bugs. And I am going to be talking to you about
pest control. Pest control what you kneed to know about
bed bugs. Bed bugs are unfortunately back and here to
stay. So people want to know what do I need to know
about bed bugs. What you need to know is they were virtually
eradicated from the United States around the end of World War 2, due to the wide scale
usage of a pesticide called DDT. When people hear about DDT, and see all the
history with that pesticide, they think that is the sole reason why bedbugs were gone from
the United Stated for 50 to 60 years. But it had a lot to do with residual pesticides. Rather it was Diozani, Dursban, lindane, there
are a lot of residual pesticides that were taken off the market in the early 1990s. And what that did was it opened the door for
bed bugs to make their comeback. Bed bugs are a quarter inch long, oval, flat,
and reddish brown. Now that’s the adult, the first instar when
it hatches out of an egg is translucent, and about the size of a letter on a penny. And those can be very difficult to see. But remember if the first instar bedbugs are
there, and the eggs are there, theoretically adults should be there. So when we do inspections we’re looking for
adult bedbugs, and as disgusting as it is the fecal spotting. Which is black spots usually associated with
sleeping areas. Now bedbugs feed exclusively on blood, they
can feed on things other then humans such as dogs, cats. We don’t know what they choose to feed on
but they do feed on blood from the minute they hatch out of an egg, until the minute
that they die. Like I said before bed bugs are unfortunately
back and here to stay, so you need to get educated on what they are, and how to avoid
bringing them into your house.

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