What happens if you plant saplings for stray cats? Cute Cats

Saplings These are other saplings. Sarıkız is meowing My mother and I are cleaning up the area where the cats live. My Father and CatPanda Panda likes to hug my father. Panda Stray cats in Istanbul are generally not afraid of people. I poured water for the saplings I hope the saplings grow. It’s banquet time. Stray cats eating wet cat food and dry cat food. Thank you for watching the video. Don’t forget to feed stray cats.

34 thoughts on “What happens if you plant saplings for stray cats? Cute Cats

  1. Hi babies …Thank you Sedat for loving these babies ❤❤❤????Have a great day my wonderful friend ?‍♂️❤❤❤

  2. awwwwwwww. I remember the videos of Panda as a little weak kitten. So nice seeing him grown up, clean, and healthy. You do such good work!

  3. Great idea Sedat.U are always working on improving everthing.The pixs of Panda and ur Father are beautiful.All the kitties look wonderful too.God bless U for all U do ????

  4. Ne kadar iyi bir insansınız çevrenize hayvanlara insanlara o kadar sevgiyle yaklaşıyorsunuz ki çok sağolun rabbim sizden razı olsun kalbi güzel insan ?

  5. Nice job sweeping up. Lots of little things on the ground to hurt little feet. What a nice idea to plant saplings. We all need more trees. I think Panda is in love with your dad. Hahah!
    Have a good day and God Bless.

  6. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas,
    if you celebrate it! A lot of strength
    to everyone of our ADORABLE CATS friends, who had a loss!
    And to all of you, who are sick or
    have sorrows! Sedat I hope so
    much, that you and your family find rest and that Karam will be much better soon! ❤? ? ❤?
    Thank you again for your daily ADORABLE work! ?
    Meowy, happy Catmas for our
    cute cats!

  7. Iyi ki varsınız 🙂 bu dünyada bal taneleri yoksa bu dünya çok soğuk ve ruhsuz olurdu candan ötelerim benim ?❣❤??

  8. ?In the news I have one☄?
    YT investigation ……
    Video: Five Baby kittens eating food
    ANGY kitten cute Kittens

  9. ???? Thank you so much Sedat for cleaning up the place again. Do people throw their cigarette filters on purpose in the safe zone? ? Can you put a sign and asking to throw some money in the safe zone? ?? Panda is truly in love with your daddy ❤?. I so hope you have good news about sick Karam soon ????❤?

    Note: Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose acetate. When tossed into the environment, they dump not only that plastic, but also the nicotine, heavy metals, and many other chemicals they've absorbed into the surrounding environment. (9 aug. 2019)

  10. Panda is really cute and sweet. He show affection to u father. Its really beautifull. ❤️ Thanks for bringing enjoy to u cats and caring of them. GOD bless you and to u father.

  11. I saw a comment a while back saying a certain plant isn't good for them? I would check the plants you have and look them up.

  12. Thank you for the beautiful video. I love to see your dad with Panda. There's sooooo much love. I think Panda chose your dad. Papa is Panda's human. Panda marks him. ?????

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