What Happened To Kitten’s Eye?!???

or did you feel a little better get out you get yeah yeah Bertie had some eye surgery today she's feeling some better she has a corneal ulcer secondary to herpes virus and the inner conjunctiva which is the pink part kind of where your tear ducts are well in the healing process was adhering meaning sticking to the third eyelid and the I could not drain she could not you could not even see the actual eyeball so she had to have surgery today under anesthesia to open the eye that we can actually see the eye in order to get medications and for order for the tears to properly drain if we had left it we would have had to remove the eye completely because the tears could not come out because the third eyelid and all the tissue inside the eye like the eye socket the lining of the eye socket and the conjunctiva was adhere to everything was stuck which is why her eye was so closed so hopefully now that she had surgery we can not necessarily see for vision but at least save the eye so we don't have to remove it it's too early to tell if she'll have any vision in that eye or hoping that it once it heals it won't be painful and that she might just have an eye that you know doesn't see very well but doesn't cause her problems in the future for her her new family or new adopters you guys are being really cute so you guys playing nice pinkies crazy Oh pinkies crazy you guys are cuter we just never get to see you cuz pinky so crazy

39 thoughts on “What Happened To Kitten’s Eye?!???

  1. Get well soon my dear little kitty May rays of God always bless you & heal you soon may you stay happy & healthy you are sooo pleasing to my eyes lots of love to you all lovable little angels ???????????????

  2. I guess only the ? eyelids are sticking each other the eye ? should be good…. Prayers?. Sweetos fight ech other ????

  3. Being a foster mom aint easy! Still amazing to think she had surgery and is back on her feet so soon! Good luck lil birdie..Xxx

  4. Amazing the difference between humans and kittens! I would not be able to wrestle with a sibling after having eye surgery, at any age!

  5. I hope so much that Bertie will get a better eye and will be able to have a good view with her two eyes. The 3 babies are so cute…

  6. I know another cat that have the same problem that cat I didn't do so good it didn't heal right. I'm glad yours is doing good?

  7. Awww, poor little ??? At least they are playing and happy now ? Your fosters are just so darn cute! Thank you for being a great Momma and sharing these precious littles with us! ???

  8. You are so wonderful for caring for these beautiful cats. Bless you. You are making a difference for them and it’s all positive. ❤️

  9. I feel poor Birdie’s pain. I’ve had corneal ulcers. But now that she’s had surgery I hope that will no longer be a problem. Even if she can’t see out of that eye her brain will compensate for the lack of binocular vision. She’s a toughie.

  10. Aww, little Birdie ❤️ she definitely looks like shes doing well, for just having surgery today. That's a good sign. ❤️

  11. They are getting feisty!!!!! Well that sounds like a scary surgery. Sounds like it was all stuck. Maybe she'll see shadows. Better that losing it

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