29 thoughts on “What Happened to Dog N Suds?

  1. Just drove by(5 28 19) the DnS in Fort Wayne IN. Was going to stop in but its torn down and now an empty lot. Loved the food but from the review it looks like the owner and managers killed it. Looks like it going to be a Popeyes Chicken place now.

  2. I grew up on these, 3 of them are still open in northern Illinois. You can still find them in Greyslake, Fox Lake, and Richmond ill. Richmond is the oldest still operating. you can also buy the soda in local stores. they even sold "green River" soda, that was bright green and had a strong lime flavor.

  3. There's still one in the tiny town of Paragould, Arkansas. The food's not super great but it scratches that 'cheap classic cheeseburger' itch every once in a while.

  4. I swear, if DnS still has the original recipe "Texas Burger" I'll drive to Lafayette In. to get one.

  5. Loved our dog n suds. The building is still standing and was a high dollar burger-tique until it folded over a year ago. It needs another motivated owner!!!
    It is located on a western ny lake a quarter mile from a large Boy Scout camp. We used to sneak out for a few dogs and a paper jug of root beer. 🙂 never got officially caught but it didn’t hurt leaving some coneys infront of the leaders tents.

  6. They had shut down the Dog n Suds in our town in the early 70's, but the guy that bought it ran it up to 77, and changed it to a family restaurant. He did run the basket meals and the drive in up to then, and it was good food, I never had a problem with any of that.

  7. Still have 2 in my hometown of Muskegon, MI. You should do a video about Hot n Now. That is straight up nostalgia for me.

  8. Seems like a concave roof would need a lot of upkeep – since things that fall on the roof would tend to stay up there..

  9. There was one in Independence Mo. until 2008 when it closed and reopened under a different name and closed about 2 years latter.

  10. sadly i don't think it ever occurred to anyone in the family to a photo. i had the Rover head but gave it to a friend of mine

  11. Dog n Suds we had one in the 50's in Sandwich,Illinois. My brother died there, bled to death Feb. 6 , 1960 ?

  12. My wife has fond memories of Dog n Suds, there are none left in our state, but, the fact that some still remain is a great reason for a road trip !

  13. A neighbor girl and her husband had a franchise in Paraghould Ark.. They sold and or closed down because the the Arkansas State Health Department restricted the in house mixing of the root beer they were being forced to buy Premixed from other soft drink Manufactures.

  14. as a teen I was the coney girl, now it's a used car lot, like this road needed another one this road has a mile of used car lots all together, give me my HOTDOG

  15. Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania had one. I loved that Root Beer. They sold it out of the barrel in gallon jugs. The building is still there but repurposed.

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