43 thoughts on “What Happened?! Kittens Want Attention

  1. Looks like one of the white kittens has caught mums nasty eye infection. Hope they're receiving treatment. The way the other white kitten is repeatedly scratching its left ear, usu means ear mites. You have to watch ear mites as it can really affect their middle ear & its very hard to cure. The cat will end up disabled.

  2. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo extremely beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful and beautiful…..

  3. My cat was watching very intently. I know she's spayed, but if she wasn't, I believe she would be a wonderful mother cat.

  4. I can't figure this out…are you doing a rescue? Are you a breeder? Are these your pets? I honestly can't figure your lovely videos of your beautiful cat family out! At first, your cats seemed so beautiful…breeder? You love them so, and vice versa. Pets? You speak (or some commenters do) of injuries and illness…rescue? Whatever you're doing, and I respect all of the alternatives, it's beautiful! Keep it up!

  5. Knew a cat with a fungal infection that scratched like that. Took a bit to figure out what the problem was but it finally got resolved. Keep at it. Fight on, lil soldiers.

  6. Awww, mamma. Maybe its itchy because its healing up. Maybe you can put just a little olive oil, or coconut oil on your finger, & rub it in there to help it feel better & heal. I do also remember the vet saying that a little Neosporin is safe, as long as it Does *NOT have the pain reliever in it. Plus, she cant reach ot to lick off there. ??

  7. Mama cat is looking better and better each day. That little Archie is difficult is photograph, reminds me of my all black kitty Frankie. I need to place him in front of lighter fabric to make him pop in photos. I love them all! XX OO

  8. The kittens are so socialable that they want human attention now 🙂
    Also, I'm glad they are healthy again ?❤

  9. They are so sweet. Still praying for little Birdies eye to heal. Love watching them play with more energy. Mommy has her paws full now. Lol.

  10. Hi, thanks for all the updates. Still worried about Archie. Does he like the bottle feeding? What about his weight? Keep him warm and focused on the feeding pls. ???♥️

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