– What are you guys thinkin’?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Okay. Around here,
we obviously have some humans. You’ve seen them from time to time.
They’re a part of our team, but you may not know we also have canines,
doggies, that are part of the team. You probably have seen Enzo before.
He’s made some appearances. He is Stevie’s dog,
We just had – Becca–
– (dog voice) Hello, I’m Enzo. That’s Link talking.
Don’t be confused. We just had Becca join the team,
and she brought June. Hey, June!
Say hey to everybody! Hey!
Hey! That’s Rhett talking,
not June. Okay, and we’re thinking,
since we’re seemingly in charge around here, and we’re not dog owners,
we should probably learn how to figure out what is going on inside these canines’
heads so we can better relate to them – since they’re now team members,
– Mhm. Mhm. and thanks to the winners of
‘modern science’– I don’t know why I did a quote for that.
(laughs) – I have an air quote. I can do that.
– Yeah, you can do the other half. There has been a study done that I think
will be very informative for how we relate to our dogs here.
I’m gonna– ‘Cause June’s a little nervous, I’m gonna set her down,
and June, you can come back in a second. – Enzo are you nervous?
– Enzo is definitely– – No, he’s not nervous.
– He’s continuing to look at his owner, Stevie, for comfort,
but we’re gonna get into why that happens. Okay, so,
there was a study done recently. We’ve got a link to the article in the
description, but essentially,
the scientists hooked dogs up to MRI machines.
They train them to get completely still inside an MRI machine,
and then they subjected them to a number of things,
and then monitor their brains to find out what exactly is happening inside a dog’s
brain, and I think you will agree it was
fascinating. Yeah, it is fascinating because,
you know, you want to know.
You want to know what they’re thinking. You want to know if they’re happy
or if they’re sad. – You do want to know.
– If they resent you. He’s trying to lick you right now.
He was trying to communicate something. Okay, first principle.
I noticed this before, but I didn’t realize how amazing it was.
Dogs are the only non-primate animal that makes eye contact with humans.
Enzo. See that? Enzo. Look at him.
He’s looking directly into my eyes. If he was a wolf, he–
Now he’s sniffing the microphone. You can probably hear him.
He’s– – He’s licking it.
– Don’t lick the– – Don’t lick. Don’t lick.
– He’s gonna get shocked. Don’t do that buddy.
Don’t do that. – Don’t lick my face.
– He is looking into your eyes. – It’s not a microphone.
– I never thought about– – Wolves don’t do that.
– It is true, isn’t it? Now, animals–
Dogs are domesticated wolves – essentially, right?
– Enzo. You go back thousands of years and you’ve
got just a wild dog, like a wolf, and we domesticated them,
and they’ve lived along side us for thousands of years.
If you spend time with a wolf, he does not make eye contact with you
in the way that a dog does. – Like a dog–
– His mouth contact with you. – It’ll bite you.
– Yeah, it’ll attack you, – but a dog specifically–
– Can I lay him down? – Lay down.
– Only non-primate that makes eye contact. So, Link,
when we communicate with Enzo and June, if they go to the lengths of making
eye contact with us, we should always make eye contact
with them. – Enzo!
– So feel free to do that. Enzo!
Look into my– Here, can you hold him?
See if he can look into my eyes? Whoop!
He’s a little– – He’s trying to fly.
– Enzo, look in his eyes. – Enzo. Hey buddy.
– Make eye contact. (Link) I want us to have a friendship
connection. That’s good. Look.
See? Look into my eyes. Hey Enzo,
can you fax this document for me? His ears perked when you said fax!
(funny voice) Do you like to fax? You wanna get a fax machine?
Do you think we should go into – the dark ages and fax things?
– He’s not a baby, he’s a dog though. Hey Enzo!
I believe that you’re capable – of faxing stuff.
– (normal voice) Okay, hold him again, – Okay.
– because I’ve got more science– Woah!
That I gotta get to. – Okay.
– Sit. Dogs are actually physically wired to pick
up on human mood changes. Now you’re not gonna find any wires on him.
What that means is that – as they have been domesticated,
– No wire in there. (Rhett) and been bred along side us and
adapted along side us for thousands of years, they’ve actually begun to respond to things
in the same way that we do. Let me explain this.
So when I talk to you, (happy voice) and I’m talking in a
happy voice, and I’m really excited about something,
(normal voice) if you talk to a dog in a happy voice,
the same part of your brain that lights up when you hear happy talk,
lights up in his brain. – Happy talk?
– (happy voice) Happy talk! (normal voice) And when sad,
if you get mad or you get sad, – (Link) Oh.
– The same parts of your brain that would be sad, are sad inside the dog’s brain.
So they’re actually responding to those– That’s why you may think dog owners are
crazy when they use that crazy, like, happy voice,
but the fact is that we gotta be careful around these dogs.
If we get upset about something, something bad happens,
and we have like a negative tone, – it’s gonna affect the mood of the dogs.
– So even if we are sad or angry or disgruntled or frustrated,
(happy voice) we need to have a happy– – Happy–
– (happy voice) Hey, Link! Guess what?
I accidentally deleted all of our videos! (happy voice) Really?
That’s like the worst thing I’ve ever heard! – All of them!
– How can you be such an idiot? We’re gonna–
Our career is over! We’ve deleted everything!
Oh! – Oh my gosh!
– We’re gonna be homeless! – And bankrupt!
– Yeah! – What about our children?
– They’re not gonna have fathers anymore! Oh, wow!
What? They’ll still have fathers,
but we’ll be broke! Broke!
(normal voice) See? Enzo thinks that we’re just discussing
things and very happy. Look at him.
He seems like he’s totally into it. – Okay, another fun fact.
– Can you– Can you smile? Dog owners–
Dogs see their owners as more of their family than their biological dog family
that they come from. So, in other words,
a dog cares more about their owner than they do about their dog parents.
So, they hook these dogs up to a– – That’s encouraging.
– The MRI machines, and the voice of their owner and the smell
of their owner actually lit up the reward centers in their brain.
So, if we want to communicate better to June and Enzo–
Let’s bring June back in. Then we should smell like their owners.
So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put on– Stevie can I have your hat and your
jean jacket? – (Link) Stevie’s wearing a hat today.
– (Rhett) Becca, – maybe we should have your–
– Becca do you have a– Come on out here,
and so we should trade glasses maybe? – We good. We good.
– ‘Cause there’s lots of human scent – on glasses.
– Totally. – Woah. I can’t see at all.
– Woah. Neither can I. I don’t need to see I just need to give
off the scent. – (inaudible)
– I do smell your glasses. – It’s comfortable. I hope it smells good.
– That’s not gonna work. – And I’m not gonna wear your sweater
– This is beautiful. – because that’s your outfit.
– Okay, this is as much as I can get Stevie’s jacket on.
Now let me hold Enzo. – Hey.
– Okay. – Enzo, go to your owner, Stevie, right there.
– I’m not supposed to be Stevie. I’m just–
I’m part of the family. Smell me.
Do you smell my hat? – And then–
– Do you smell hat or my jacket? – Okay, June.
– I’m in your family. I’m part of the family,
and look at– June, smell my glasses.
June. Smell my glasses. – Smell ’em!
– We’re friends. – I’m your boss.
– (crew laughs) I smell like your owner in the
glasses area. It’s not weird at all!
Enzo doesn’t think it’s weird! – Do you think it’s weird?
– June. – June’s nose is moving.
– I’m Pharrell. – No you’re not.
– (crew laughs) You’re like Indiana Jones.
I don’t know what Stevie is laughing about. And finally,
and this might disappoint some of you dog owners out there,
over 70% of dogs owners think that their dogs experience guilt.
It’s actually probably not true. These researchers–
Most researchers agree that guilt requires a multi-fascinated
notion of self-awareness that dogs probably don’t have.
So what happens is, is when you scold a dog,
or a dog does something wrong, and he makes a guilty look,
he’s actually anticipating punishment, – but he’s actually–
– He sure as heck does look guilty! He’s not feeling guilty.
He’s anticipating punishment. Not feeling shame for what he did,
and most dog owners will say that that’s not true.
So, – what I’m saying is,
– Alright, let me try that. you can accuse Enzo of anything you want,
and he’s not going to feel guilty. (mad voice) Enzo.
Why did you poop in my office chair? Why did you poop in my officer chair again?
Don’t you ever lay a turd in my chair. I sat right in it.
Your turd was right on my chair, – and I sat in it.
– Let me tell June. (normal voice) Look. Look. Look.
Sulking. Guilty. (mad voice) June. June.
Why did you come to work with such bad breath?
If you were a human, I’d send you home.
June. Listen! (crew ‘Aww’ing)
Do something about that! You gotta do something about that before
you come and interact with other people. – (normal voice) Brush your teeth, girl.
– (dog growling) – (Rhett and crew laughing)
– See? Look at mine. Look at those clean teeth.
You can have that. – Okay, Enzo. I’m gonna let you go down.
– We gotta make up June. – He’s sorry. We’re sorry.
– Yeah, I didn’t mean it. – June doesn’t feel guilty.
– (happy voice) I just deleted all the videos! June feels like she’s gonna get punished,
but she’s not! – Okay, hopefully you learned something,
– We love you, June! and hopefully we’re gonna be able to
relate better to the dogs in our lives. – It’s okay.
– Thanks for liking and commenting. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Isiah. – I’m Nina.
– I’m Josiah. – I’m Eli.
– And I’m Julian! – And we’re from
– (all) Lorilee, Missouri, and it’s time to spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. Make sure you check out our Facebook page.
Facebook.com/rhettandlink and like it because we post exclusive videos over there,
that’s videos that only show up on Facebook. They know what exclusive means!
Click through to Good Mythical More where we hang out with Stevie, Becca,
and their dogs. – Cuteness galore!
– Slippers: The musical. – (singing) There’s are times when
– (singing) I need some shoes. – But I need those shoes to be soft.
– And I need them to go on quick. – And I need to be able to get in the bed.
– And I need to be able to get out of the – bed, so I choose
– (unison) Slippers! Yeah! [Captioned by Hayleigh:
GMM Captioning Team]

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