What Does Preparing for CHRISTMAS Look Like with My Dog!

How Bailey is getting ready for Christmas!

100 thoughts on “What Does Preparing for CHRISTMAS Look Like with My Dog!

  1. Bailey parece todo un niño emocionado porque le pondrán su arbolito de navidad, los amo familia, felices fiestas navideñas..♡♡♡

  2. Bailey figured out the joys of Christmas ; opening packages and presents. The bits that look like work, putting up trees and so ,,, that's human's stuff, you can walk away and supervise!

  3. Bailey is the most adorable dog ever. I enjoy watching all your videos and wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.

  4. Bailey, hermoso bebé, feliz navidad junto a tus papitos y próspero nuevo año.
    Sigue así de feliz y consentido, en tu hermosa familia llena de alegría y amor.?

  5. I see such a strong bond and so much love between you and Bailey in all your videos ? So cute ? Reminds me of my bond with my Golden girl who passed away in April 2018. I miss her so much ??.

  6. Feliz Navidad desde España.. Muy bonito compartir el adornar el árbol con vuestra mascota tan simpática y traviesa.. Saludos..

  7. "MERRY CHRISTMAS"- to Bailey and his family. ????????????✨?
    It would be nice to see Bailey in the get up of Santa.???.

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