What Does a SNACK BIRD Look Like? – Tokyo Treat Unboxing & Challenge

Hungry? Great!
‘Cause it’s time for another Tokyo treat character design video where I take this monthly subscription box for Japanese snacks, Link in the description if you want to get your own. It’s delicious. It’s fun. We’re gonna design birds because… Why not? 🐦 Did I say everything? Who cares about the intro?
Let’s just design some birds off of these snacks! 🕊️ Alright, let’s start off with a classic. We have Chocolate Mint Pocky. I am definitely a fan of mint flavored snacks and the chocolate biscuit is a nice touch. Obviously, you know, I had to play around with how long a Pocky is. So obviously we have a bird with a very long neck and I took inspiration from the two colors of the Pocky. So I made the base color of this bird the brown color representing the biscuit of the Pocky and then I gave it to these bluish greenish feathers going over the brown to represent the chocolate. I absolutely love this bird. I also gave it a little baby just to show that this bird really grows into its neck. I mean, obviously, its neck is very long even as an adult.
But as you can see the baby has just as long of a neck as the adult does. This bird is sort of a peacock meets… ostrich, I suppose. As far as design goes, I suppose. Oh, I guess also the baby has really light-colored and more fluffy feathers compared to the adult that has the darker brown feathers. Overall, I really like the design of this one. [🎵] Next up we have Yuzu Salt Lemon Potato Chips. It looks like a regular potato chip but, wow, a lemon flavor potato chip is surprisingly good. So I felt like there was a lot going on with this design. So we have our lemon flavor, I kind of neglected the salt to be honest because salt is just little white chunks and I wasn’t really feeling that. I was thinking about slightly suggesting salt by putting the lemon in the Ducks mouth and kind of suggesting that maybe the duck was being cooked with a lemon in its mouth…? And when you cook things you have to have salt to season it so… No? I tried. So I’ve done something like this before where we have an animal cut in slices and then it slowly turns into a potato chip and then back into a potato. So that is exactly where we are.
I actually really like this one. I love the colors. I love the fade from that meat color to the potato. The slices are really fun.
And overall, It just kind of reminds me of a metamorphosis 90s book. It’s silly but it works. [🎵] Our next bird will be designed off of this Yaokin Soda Snack. I’m sorry. I said “Soda.” I meant “Soba.”
Kind of a huge difference. The rice puffs in the noodles make a nice mix of texture, and it tastes just like yakisoba. So this is one of the trickiest birds I drew and honestly this was actually the last bird that I drew out of the whole video and… Whew. By this point my ideas were quite drained. So, as you can already see at this point, I tried my best to turn this bird and all this bits and pieces into ingredients from yakisoba as best as I could. We have some lettuce for the wings.
Some carrot for the tail. Noodles, obviously, for the legs. The base of the body is just kind of a bird body? And the red on the neck is supposed to be pickled ginger. It wasn’t entirely my intention but once I put the pickled ginger on the neck, it started to look like a turkey based bird. Especially when I gave it that carrot tail. Whether or not that came through, I have no idea. But this bird is a mess and there you go. 🦃 Yakisoba bird. YUM. I mean I would eat it. [🎵] Our next design is the Yaokin Melon Bread Biscuits. I’m not sure how I feel about melon flavor with chocolate, but it’s a nice crunchy cookie. Because we are on the subject of birds and birds lay eggs and eggs are round and have things inside of them… Do you get where I’m going? Basically, this cookie really reminded me of an egg. And even though it’s a very small part of this bird design, it still inspired the bird. So obviously our bird is very gingerbread-y sort of. I guess it’s more of a sugar cookie with icing on it and then we have a egg that is based off of the cookie. So it’s basically just an egg shaped sugar cookie with chocolate inside of it, and the chocolate is supposed to represent the yolk and all of that nutritional egg gooey stuff. Wow. But unfortunately to show the inside of that egg, I had to break the egg. So our poor little toucan sugar cookie bird is crying because it’s one and only egg has been broken. So this is kind of a sad pert design, but it’s colorful and cute, right? [🎵] Our next bird is going to be based off of this Wasabi Nori. I expected it to be crunchy. It was quite chewy. And it definitely had that wasabi punch to it. Oh my gosh, you guys, I am so sad. So I was going to start off this voiceover saying
“I based this bird off of horseradish, because wasabi is made out of horseradish.” but I wanted to make sure that I had the right word and when I googled wasabi in horseradish, a different kind of horseradish came up than the one I googled before. So… our bird doesn’t quite look like the wasabi horseradish. It’s based off of a horseradish root, but whatever. It’s a bird made out of a plant.
Do you really expect accuracy? Anyways, I absolutely love making lumpy silly animals out of things like roots. So this horseradish bird was really fun and I put some seaweed on his head and its wings to represent obviously the seaweed snack and also try to give it some sort of feathery look because it is a bird. I didn’t want it to be a bald lump completely, so the seaweed does an okay job at giving it a little bit of feather and making it look a little bit more like a bird. I like this little guy. I think he’s really cute.
And I just love is weird beak. [🎵] Our next snack is this Mint Taiyaki. A crunchy exterior with a soft middle that melts in your mouth. Another lovely mint flavored snack. So this is one of the more weirder bird designs. I mean all of them are pretty bizarre, but this one is…
It’s a strange one. So basing a bird design off of a fish snack, birds normally eat fish, So I thought
“What would be a way for a bird to attract fish to it so that I could eat it?” Obviously in nature we do have a lot of weird camouflages and attraction techniques…? So I gave this bird fish feet. When this bird closes its claws, it is able to make its foot look like a fish. There’s a certain breed of fish out there that looks like this bird’s feet because it evolved to look like its food and it also has like a little tuft of feather on it ankle to look like the fin of the fish. So there we go. That’s that bird design. [🎵] Our next snack is the mystery item. The Shimi Choco Corn. The star shape of these snacks is adorable. I love the green color and they taste like green tea! So speaking of attraction nature techniques, I took this star shape and I ran with it. Literally just made a bird with a star around its neck. And this bird is doing a silly dance and showing off its beautiful green color and perfectly shaped star neck tuft to attract a mate. So there’s a lot of weird mating dances and techniques with birds. They build things. They clean things. They dance things… So that’s what this bird is doing. This bird is trying to attract a mate and it is just showing off its color showing off its beauty. Look at it. It’s so elegant. Wow. Did you notice the white stripe around its neck just at the base of the star? That is its number one feature.
Wow, beautiful. You want your babies to have a white neck like this bird does, so… have it’s babies. [🎵] Our next bird is going to be based off of this Kabaya Watermelon Gummies. Okay, these are adorable. Just look at them. They look like a slice of watermelon and they taste like watermelon. Not the most creative design but I was inspired, obviously, by watermelon and thought how weird would it be if a watermelon just became a bird. What if it just kind of took its wings out and under where the wings were there was the flesh of a watermelon. I don’t necessarily think “Tropical” when I think of a penguin but penguins are very round and long sort of like a watermelon. So I just kind of went with a watermelon penguin because of that. I think, overall, I tried to come up with… not necessarily birds that existed when it came to these bird designs, but I guess technically it’s not a penguin if it’s made out of watermelon because penguins aren’t made out of watermelon. And it was really interesting to think about where pieces of the watermelon skin were cut away to create parts of the penguin exposing the flesh…? I don’t know the anatomy of a watermelon, but this one was really interesting and fun. [🎵] Next up, We have Petit Kabuki Rice Crackers. The texture of this snack is really interesting, so I can’t wait to use that. Also, I’m a huge fan of rice crackers. So these are delicious. These cute little puffy snacks just made me want to draw a cute little puffy bird and to be honest the bird ended up looking a lot like a Kiwi bird but I wanted to obviously base it around the snack a little bit more. So I focused on the soy sauce. I think these rice crackers have soy sauce around the outside of them? So maybe this bird really likes to eat salty things and if someone’s ever, you know, out on a picnic with their soy sauce dipping their sushi in it this bird will come by and start bathing in the soy sauce like it’s a bird bath and then eating it and enjoying it. Some say this bird used to be white but because of bathes and soy sauce and eat so much soy sauce, it turns brown. Apparently whatever world this is they don’t have science and they can’t test things…? Now this just sounds like a flamingo but for soy sauce. I also added a little red feather on its head just to add a little bit more color and there you go. I really like this little guy. [🎵] Our next neck is the Fried Potato Chips. If you want something with subtle flavor, this is a really good snack if you want something a little crunchy, but not too powerful. So this bird design is one of the most simple designs I think of the batch. But as you guys know I love simple design and I think the goofier these birds, or the goofier any character I draw, the better. So these really long necked tall skinny weird birds like to gather around and travel in a flock but these birds don’t fly. So they walk around all pushed together because they-
I guess they tend to be hunted a lot. So just like any other animal if they gather in huge numbers, they can maybe confuse their enemy and maybe even fend them off. But basically we just have this little pack of super long birds and they basically just look like a pack of french fries walking around and it just looks really funny and I just love the color and how it fades off into this really dark orange red color. The design of these birds is just so simple and stupid. I just love them. Just look at them. [🎵] More chips. We have… Cheese Chips! This is a strange one. It definitely has that weird fake cheese flavor and the texture is interesting. So looking at this snack, we have a cheese flavored… I think they called them chips, but I’m thinking more like little cracker things. They’re a six-sided shape. And I couldn’t help but think a cheese sculpture of an owl for some reason.
That makes sense, right? Sure. So I have a cheese knife sticking out so that this cheese bird can stand on it and I made an owl, vaguely, shaped out of cheese. And then I used a cracker for its beak, slices of bread for its wings, more bread for its eyebrow feathery bits, and even more bread for its feet. So this is a very strange bird. It barely looks like a bird. It just looks like a bunch of things pushed together to look like something that I’m calling a bird. And there’s our cheese bird. 🦉 [🎵] For the soda of our box we have Kirin Watermelon Soda. Yep. Tastes like a watermelon soda. The drink and liquid character designs are always some of my favorite when it comes to Tokyo Treat. But this one I did just a little bit differently. Normally I have a bottle sitting there and out comes the character creation all liquidy and transparent, but I thought because this is a bird character design it would be a lot more interesting to create a birdcage that was shaped like a soda can, or I guess in this case a soda bottle, and having our liquid bird inside of the cage. So that is what I went with. I was really excited for this idea. I thought it was really clever. When it came to the cage, I didn’t want to put too many strips of ink to represent the cage walls, I suppose. Basically I didn’t want to cover up the bird design, so I went really light with the lines on the cage and then later I go in with some brown ones in the background. It’s kind of weird looking but I think it does the job. Our liquid bird is pink and liquidy and flowy and has a very long tail. It’s really cute. I like this one. [🎵] Our umaibo of the month, I’m terrified, it’s Natto flavored. This doesn’t quite taste like natto, but it has its own weird taste to it. So it’s interesting. I always really enjoy our umaibo snack designs.
Also because they’re just so long and I always make it really fluffy, so it’s really silly making creatures with this random fluffy neck. Which is what I always end up doing. So we have a bird that is featherless on its body but then all of the feathers seem to be on its head. It looks like a raw chicken ready to be eaten, but I assure you this bird is very alive with a very long and fluffy neck. Now that I’m looking at it, this bird design really reminds me of an alpaca or a llama. Someone somewhere out there found a way to breed a llama and a bird, creating this llama bird creature. This is one of those really simple designs that I absolutely love. I love the pink red color of the bird and I also just love the purple that I used to shade it with. His neck is just so fluffy and he’s just so stupid looking I can’t help but love this little guy. [🎵] Next up is the Coris Soda Soft Candy. Such an interesting soft candy texture, and it definitely tastes like soda. I was really torn on how to design this bird because of how stretchy and chewy this candy was when I had Sock Kasey try to take a bite out of it. I was really inspired by the fact that maybe you could grab this bird and stretch it out and then it would be stuck that way for the rest of its life. Seems like a very doomed and stupid way for this bird to evolve but, I mean, aren’t all of these food character designs not realistic? So originally I had drawn this bird with like a really stretched noodley leg and part of its beak was all over the place, but I scrapped the idea because it was just too stupid looking and I went with a more subtle stretched look. This one turned out a lot more cute. I even gave it a little pink blushing cheek.
Doesn’t make sense, but it’s adorable and I love it. So someone has grabbed this poor bird’s tail and stretched it way beyond the length It should be, and because the snack was white and gray, I kind of based this look off of a seagull. Who knows. [🎵] Our next bird will be designed off of this Furuta Detective Conan Chocolate Bar Chocolate, wafers, strawberry… there’s a lot going on in this chocolate bar. Okay, so this is going to be one of those character designs where I have to explain it quite a bit. So, buckle in. The chocolate bar that this bird is based off of was shaped like a log. As in a tree log. So instead of basing the bird off of a tree chocolate sort of situation, I based the bird off of how it would interact with a log. So I gave this bird a butcher knife sort of ax beak. So this bird goes around chopping logs to make its home or find food in it…? Can you tell it I don’t know what I’m talking about by how confused I sound? So here we are. We have a bird chopping a log and I also made the bird pink because the inside flavor of this chocolate was strawberry, so I did want to bring in that pink color. So… There it is. Our butcher knife beak bird that cuts logs. Why not? [🎵] Next up is this Furuta Gudetama Custard Chocolate. First of all, look how adorable the packaging is on these chocolates.
I mean, wow. And the chocolate tastes just as good. It doesn’t taste cheap. It melts in your mouth. And that custard center is pretty dang good too. Alright, are you ready for our most morbid and disturbing bird character design yet? So because this snack is based off of, or at least the packaging is based off of this egg character gudetama, I wanted to create a bird, because birds come from eggs, around an egg. So we have a bird that has been born from the shell. I don’t think this bird is underdeveloped. I think this is just the way this bird character creature monster, I’m going to call it, is designed. He comes out born looking like the yolk of the egg. Maybe it’s some sort of defense to hide with eggs when it gets scared from an enemy…? I couldn’t tell you what’s going on with this bird, but we can see bones and we can see brains and we can see yolk. Overall this bird design is really disturbing, but I had a lot of fun with this one. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of color with this bird. But I really like the concept of it. It’s really creepy and weird. So I’m going to call this one a success. [🎵] And last but not least we have our Melon Jelly DIY. This is a very interesting one. A melon jelly drink. Tastes like melon. It’s a little slimy. There you go. There’s your DIY. And finally our last bird design is going to be based off of another transparent liquidy bird.
I love doing these transparent character designs. Please excuse my obsession. So because we were given that little straw to drink our DIY jelly drink, I thought it would be really cute to perch the bird on the straw and have it coming out of the straw and basically just designing this really cute, bubbly jelly-like slimy bird. It’s a really simple design but I think he’s really cute.
He’s got a fluffy head, a really long beak. I’m obsessed with making things transparent and playing around with the darker areas which places are going to be thicker, which ones are thinner, making it shiny. Overall, this little bird is really cute and fun. It’s simple, but I really like the straw aspect as well. Now imagine a world where you’re drinking your drink and suddenly it just turns into a bird. Wouldn’t that be fun? It’s in your mouth too. [🎵] And there we have it. 17 bird designs based off of Japanese snacks. Thank you so much to Tokyo Treat for sending me this box. If you want to get your own Tokyo Treat, don’t forget to check out the link in the description. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I absolutely love these character design videos. They’re just so much fun. Alright, I’ll see you guys in the next one. Stay golden! And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more, check out my patreon by clicking the link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [🎵]

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