What Do Frogs Eat: Foods that Your Pet Frogs Will Eat!

what do frog sees fruits that your pet frogs will love to eat if you're going to keep a frog as a pet it is important to know what kind of food it needs to stay healthy and grow into an adult frog for the next two minutes we will be going to talk about the types of food your pet frog will love to eat so what do frogs eat frogs and general are carnivores they like to eat insects and even small mites depending on their size and also the type of frog they may also eat small fish they will not eat dead insects they want their prey alive and fresh including those small mice the most common foods in a frog's diet include grasshoppers locusts mill worms and for some of the larger species small mice depending on their size and age some frogs need to eat all the time while others can eat several times a week click the link below this video if you are looking for the types of food that a particular species of frog will eat canned frogs become overweight frogs can gain weight just like humans so they need food in moderation it is unhealthy to be a fat frog they tend to eat until full and may even continue eating if there's still more food available typically they just do not know when to stop too much food can make them seriously ill adult frogs should consume 5 to 7 crickets or other insects a couple times a week while young frogs that are still growing may need to be fed every day tree frogs may only eat once per week frogs are strictly meat-eaters and will not eat fruit or vegetables you should never try to feed your frog scraps from the table only feed your frog commercial pet food intended for frogs at the appropriate age if insects are too large the Frog may ignore the more large insects may even damage or hurt your frog what do frogs drink frogs of course like lots of water clean fresh water that has also been ditch law or a knitted you can use tap water but first you must get Lauren eight the water frogs do not drink through their mouths instead they absorb water through their skin by osmosis you may want to have your tap water tested to determine if there are other chemicals in the water that could harm your new pet frog are you looking for the types of food that a particular species of frog will eat click on the link below this video for more information you

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  1. The picture of an “ overweight” Isn’t an overweight frog it’s supposed to look like that. African bullfrog

  2. Me and my bff have frogs for pets I have alout of grass hopers in my backyard so we catch them and put it in the container

  3. Hey, I've been trying to research what breed frog is. It's a gray-brownish frog with green spots

  4. i just caught a frog, and i consider him my pet. his name is Jerry. I have no idea what kind of frog he is! if you think you might have a few ideas on what he is, please reply to this comment! He is small, brown, white, spotted, and I found him in a small area of water next to a lake where I also found some small minnows swimming in there. He also likes to float and leave just his head above water. He can also dive down and swim beneath the surface if he feels like it. Thanks!! (PS, i think hi might eat the minnows, but i am not sure.)

  5. Cane toads scavenge and will eat dead food. Also, freeze-dried dead insects can also be fed to other semi-aquatic species. If you need to know what size food, ur has to be able to fit between their eyes for it to be safe to consume. Also, cane toads can also eat dog food and all that bizarre stuff. Anything they can fit in the mouth. Only going into info mainly about Cane toads is becausibg there aren't many care sheets on them and I had to calm pet shops to get info

  6. So I have a Ranidae frog and I don't know if I can handle it or not. Can someone please tell me if I can handle a ranidae frog. I have 2 in a 10 gallon tank btw

  7. Hello there , I caught a small frog by the side of a canal ( England ) and have made a home for him in a robinsons bottle .. What can I feed him please ? Thank you

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