100 thoughts on “What Did That Animal Steal? (GAME)

  1. The Beagle one was funny for me cause my family has a beagle named Copper my mom drinks Milwaukee's Best and my sister drinks Miller Light!

  2. Eau Claire, WI!?! I'm from Eau Claire too! That's so cool! Also, you won't believe this, but my name is Jack!

  3. I used to have a Beagle, but he ran away way too much! I kind of miss him, but cats are my family’s perfect pet.

  4. I feel like Link was acting so much different in this episode ? did he have a drink or two before filming? ?

  5. My roommate was choking on some beef jerky and my dog came running to the rescue. She jumped up and stole the rest of the jerky and ran off.

  6. nice hair link and yea this is the internet specifically youtube and not reddit so naturally i had to comment on its messy nature

  7. Sorry to say this but…..i feel like gmm arent the same anymore i feel like they are out of ideas itssss sooo bad now

    Im just kidding!!!!

  8. I died laughing at "Bon" ? It was such a dumb bit that didn't really work, and you could see Link trying to troubleshoot it, but in the end he stuck by it and it was beautiful!

  9. Am I the only one whos confused as to what the building in the last clip was? They had cabinets and a fridge (with only wine, beer, and pizza) like a kitchen but also a TV, concrete floors, and one of the mop buckets that businesses have

  10. I love the fact that they actually make me laugh unlike other YouTube channels that try to be funny ??♥️♥️love y'all

  11. When I was in Gibraltar with my class, known for having monkeys loose all around town, that steal food from people, we were told not to keep food in our hands, so my friend put a bag of candies in the pocket of her coat, and yet a monkey swung down a tree, pickpocketed her, and jumped back on another tree with said candies. It was so impressive, I would have never believed it if I didn't see it myself!

  12. most of my usernames started with bon since 2006ish and people on xbox always called me bon
    so when they started talking about bon i felt personally attacked TBH

  13. They should definitely put all the links on Link. Or when they say click the bottom link it should be a picture of Link's butt

  14. The thing about beagles being notoriously hungry explains why my two beagles actually look like two barrels with legs

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