What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

it's something that I don't usually talk about because I'm afraid that I'm making people uncomfortable it's something that affects me in almost every aspect of life there's something about having dark skin on a woman's body that shapes the way she moves through the world there's something about having darker skin on a male body that shapes the way in which he moves through the world it has real-life stakes from what I've seen growing up dark skin equates to being poor dirty ratchet they tend to be the bad guys in Tyler Perry movies straight from the border that doesn't even make any sense I'm Matt deemed as beautiful therefore I am NOT beautiful and those two are not really mutually exclusive could it be that something as early as colonisation or slavery is primarily responsible for our beauty standards today we're talking about who works in the field and who works in the house we're also talking about rape the rape of slaves to produce people who are known as mulatos or mixed-race these standards of beauty travel Eurocentric standards of beauty travel in the dominican society and our culture they all have a phrase that's like Miranda la Gazza advancing the Dominican population and making sure we're going into how they say the better if you're lighter you're bettering the race and you're bettering the island versus if we're just being you I would get called the blackness a1 joke that really stuck with me was like Oh Edgar so black that when he leaves a car the check engine light turns on that was a reference to my skin being as dark as oil I felt ugly being of a darker skin tone so I tried to gel my hair or I started listening to skater punk music so I tried culturally to lighten myself if that makes sense I went on a trip to Korea with my mom some woman walked up to my mom and she asked why is your daughter so dark and in Korea you have to be pale and I almost felt like a foreigner and not so much Korean anymore when we turn off the lights they say Oh Salam where did you go or oh you're really pretty for a dark-skinned girl are you saying that my race and just the fact that I am black is that not attractive in general I remembered one time that I wanted to be an angel in a parade at that time they were like our races you know they didn't like black people to be angels and my mommy got kind of freaked out she was going like peace to you cannot be an angel because they couldn't laugh at you I said but mommy I am an angel and finally I was an angel and I was the only black angel walking industry.i my mommy was so proud about it and I was proud too my mom started buying me a cream called fair and lovely I was in third grade when I started using bleaching creams and the whole general idea was if I'm lighter I'll have a better life I'll have I'll find somebody that's gonna love me there would still be light and dark patches on my body and my face as painful don't hurt and I started working out in like bad rashes and no one said anything I had to stop it myself how do we fix this we think critically about colorism we think about where it began and where it begins and ends with us I think change starts with providing more diversity you know providing more examples of people that look like you if you look at telenovela z– they usually cast the dark-skinned person as the villain and if you never met a Latino before you're gonna somewhat think that so in Japanese media I honestly don't think I've ever seen a darker skin female I feel it would be nice to see a change it needs to start within our own culture where we can't have Will Smith filling in every slot for black people giving dark-skinned people roles that are not only supporting roles but leading roles I mean a legit badass double-oh-seven Latino James Bond that'd be pretty dope I'm just saying if I could give a message to someone like me who's kind of looking at himself and feeling insecure just know baby you beautiful believe in yourself just be you you are perfect just the way you are that's something that no one has ever told me and your skin color is a gift it's never been a blemish or a problem when you grow up and you look in the mirror and you're proud of who you are it will make sense and all the other voices will go away and all that's going to be left is you

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  1. if it aint white than it aint right! jk people should feel happy in there own skin. that is confidence. and if you feel like you aren't equivalent look at all the reasons not just skin colour

  2. Tbh everyone's skin colour is beautiful and the darker skin you have the more protection your body naturally have from uv light.

  3. People of color are Beautiful and lovely Every Skin color is beautiful , and all of you are perfekt , Never let tell you you are Not good as you are . Much Love for all humans ?❤️

  4. Black people: shunned my brother and I cause black people believe mixed people think they are better than everyone.
    White people: shunned my brother and I cause they didn't know our ethnic background.
    Atleast a one race individual can "belong". All this I, I, I, I…….that's self esteem. Stop promoting these feel sorry for me videos.

  5. Guurl, dark skined people have the best skin, y'all have clear ass skin and im here struggling with a face full of acne?

  6. I am a dark skin Indian woman and very beautiful I am proud to be dark skin woman I Don't care what people say about me I will never change for no one ok

  7. People that make “if I turn off the lights you would disappear” jokes are corny asf and the dickriders that laugh should kill themselves especially the dudes that are black themselves

  8. Dark skin ppl look to beautiful n scientists prove that dark skin more healthy then fair skin because they have more melanin thair fair skin that's why thair aging prosses to slow then fair skin and on thair skin fine line also appear slowly so fair skin aging fast then dark skin n I have experience bcoz I have light skin n I m 33 same as my friend 33 but she look more younger n healthy skin

  9. This is some brain washed bs. Dark skinned compared to who? How can a person of African decent be "dark skinned" when our main feature is brown skin? It's not like we are brown white people or we started off pale then became brown all of a sudden? We are the original people of this earth and have always had beautiful brown skin, so the comparison should be against OUR color. White people should be called pale skinned people and we should be the norm that they are compared to instead of vice versa. I am not a dark skinned person. I have normal skin which is brown in color.

  10. Dark color people are lucky they don't get wrinkles until really old. Unlike White people u could really see the wrinkles. I wish i was darker. I love dark skin. Is pretty. U gotta stop thinking about slavery that happened yrs ago. Ur just hurting urself. We r all beautiful no matter what skin color we have

  11. This isn't "What Dark-skinned People Will Never Tell You", so much as "A Bunch of Racist Crap that Non-White People Deal With"…

    I'm white, and I've literally heard all of these things before, on the news, in film & on YouTube.

  12. I think black or dark skin people are beautiful and refreshing and I am a white older lady I wish I was black believe me some white people are treated badly so I think color people are smarter than whites when they go to school but one thing black people don't want to hang around whites so I need to know why is that

  13. My family praises me for being light one day I asked my brother would yu bully me if I was darker and he said obviously coz your a girl it’s ok for boys to be dark tho I feel for the bangali girl coz I’m bangali aswell

  14. Idk why ppl are racist my two year old cousin came into Walmart with us and saw this dark skinned girl and said to my aunt mommy look how pretty she is

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