What Am I Petting? ft. Tony Hale (GAME)

can we tell what we're petting using only our petting parts let's talk about that good mythical morning welcome to the show Emmy award-winning actor and star of the hit HBO series veep yes our friend of 30 different hey Tony hey you're doing so happy to be here yes are you a fan of petting zoos it's a hard word nope I'm not good because it's time to play what am i hey alright here we are in the petting zoo palace area did you know we had one of those it doesn't look like a palace though sort of like a yard well you know it's a containment zone okay we're on something we'll be placed after I'm blindfolded and then I will pet it and then I will correctly guess what it is and I'll go get two points now listen it's only petting no prodding no poking no pinching any other P things you can think of only petting all right and if I'm at a loss I can ask for a hint which we provide it to you and you will provide it to me if I didn't guess it right I get one point if I still don't get it zero points and we rotate round one bring it in that link I'm bringing my Petters in there coming that's ready oh it's a little sticky Oh pet man Pet pet yes I think petting is more like patting a pack in caress just hitting it oh gosh it's responding to you looks happy this is not me the sound effect coming from your mouth area is what gave it away other than that I would've thought you fighting me this is like a eel I'm afraid to pet the front I don't blame you I don't know it's not a catfish is it it's not gonna like sting me well you got a pet and find out oh gosh I'm so crazy like my armpits are sweating bad it's a it's definitely a fish where you plant do you touch people like this do you want a hint or do you want to just go for the guess I'm go with non electric eel you should have gone with your instinct link it's a cat face I thought it would have whiskers I think of it I think they cut them off for your safety Wow – is there like an in-house therapist because this triggers all my fear and uncertainty okay I start hi what you got there oh mama this is some kind of taxidermy situation are you sure well I'm sorry if it's not then what if it's just being very still okay I'm gonna say okay if you touch my hand again I'm gonna get really pissed I'm not touching here okay visit oh my phone just went off in a scare what do you mean go around front over the top I mean okay okay so I think this is a taxidermy mouse well no actually this wouldn't be a mouse the horns it's a not a deer but it uh older come on what is it an older deer it's like it's not Bambi but it's the older version a stack of staff Godley gonna fall over no it's like a staff you know they cause no like a stick the Gandalf walks with its guys it's Gandalf stick right so do you want to hit or is that your girl answer I'll take a hit Simba and Mufasa eat these so it's a stag don't they its tags no well they look like stags don't they stuff stag okay we're gonna need to go to the judges on this Tony you can take a look it's a gazelle right we need to get confirmation is a male antelope called a stag a male antelope is called a buck Oh buck well I've lost friends okay no points on the board yeah round three okay all right bring it in Godspeed now you got to go total open hand with this thing is it in place it's in place bring the other one there you go Teddy not massaging what you're getting a little too acquainted with it feels like a face gonna want to go home with you if you keep this up oh okay I know what this is I have some experience with these what's your guess how specific do I have to be very specific it's a Chia head right do I have even know who it is I mean I know what it is they didn't buy stuffs tagged for me this is next-level stuff right here this is like I don't want to watch you caress it anymore that's what's getting weird for me it's a Chia head skull it's a Chia head skull that's what it is y'all you have a choice chia Skeletor final answer final answer all right check it out so let me give you one point you should have got that man you should have got the news it seemed like you'll have that mouth full okay gotta try to get some points on the board yeah all right bring it in Alex feelers are ready zoo keeper alex is going to hold this one in place for you link so don't confuse Alex's hands with what you're petting okay okay but come on in and pet come on yeah just just that's yep that's Alex's I said you know this Alex you know just hat off Sookie I'm sorry no just Alex why don't you just go down to work to what he's holding Linc there you go if Alex can hold it that means I can pet it that's right I'm dealing with it like you've never pet before link my time we bring in both hands and pet like you mean it man oh no no it's not as named that's definitely a snake in it pet it like you love it link pet it like you love it easy easy easy they can sense the heat of fear that's radiating from a bottle just don't yell again apparently okay okay all right there it is I'm done petting it okay is that your final answer yeah I mean it's the snake maybe not a snake it's an eel link hahaha it's a snake python man I was not petting its face was I do I think I think we can move on personally I'm feeling next category okay like two points five chase bring it in one chase ah but I think this one would be okay to not have I think it will stay in place don't you think I don't think chase needs it needs to stay I think it was okay now Tony I just it should stay in place this is definitely a two hander you know what chill you got speed dial coming in a 40 do it with both hands like go from a spreadsheet all to a meeting in the middle he can't see the motions you're making he's wearing a blindfold you found it I can't tell you how much I'm sweating it's not gonna hurt you I know you need more padding man if you need more bad toupee you need real petting you need some real strokes you're stroking all right oh man wait a second what's happening right now first of all whoever's down here is shaking okay you said who I said of who this is the person with a beard a lot has long locks do I know this person no I don't know this person so it's it's a rhett and Link employee and we'll take that as a finally not good huh for two points looking it's Eddie down there the whole time you're freaking out that was already a little weird I get it yeah well you're welcome round six okay bring it in mm-hmm could be a mama come on two hands zero in this doesn't require any assistance no one's holding it I got slow that stirring can I hurt it is this something that could be hurt first of all this isn't 20 questions Leah now you give it a blessing I just go slow and creep on in creep creep on into it before it creeps on out oh you haven't touched anything yet Pet it pet it gentle you want to make friends with this thing enemies there you go do what you did to the chia pet what was that thing what was that part go to the left there you go what is sharp so I'm gonna sharp there you go so finish well you go more to the left than that it's alien hold on hold on hold on yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah what cheddar biscuits ha oh yeah this is where Beyonce takes her man read the hint Beyonce takes jay-z yeah particularly nice to her yes it's a lobster baby I wanna be reaching point I didn't even need the head are you a rubber tip on a lobster was real two days alive it was responded to your touch and it's staring you're in the lead with three and in Tony and I both have two okay time for the lightning round okay for the lightning round we're not gonna be petting we're going to be being petted mm-hmm by things and as soon as you think you know what it is blurt out the answer in the first person to get that particular thing right are you ready I'm right here but I'm right here it's for their benefit okay ready yes paper why is the save it the face head good thing right my lips come on Oh water oh quit cheek me from the kitchen this is edible guy No oh geez three teams oh this is the last one is it no is Wiggs oh it's a person is a beast smells like a barn just like a barnyard tail hey there's a cow tail Hey Oh is there a horse of yours I was trying to eat it look at our Auto with pasta well somebody didn't ask me I was allergic to horses thank you thank you okay looks like yeah I got list all right thanks for liking commenting and subscribing Tony you say you know what time it is you know what time it is hi I'm Michaela and this is towards from Illinois it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality check out Tony on the fifth season of veep now on HBO you know go follow a little Instagram mr. Tony Hale plus click through to good mythical more what were you gonna perform an online quiz on Tony in Tainan which veep character are you oh thank the interesting end wheel the wheel awkward I'm a big fan of tea yeah your fabulous exhibit showing your Emmys were they on your person this hair is that a euphemism for something

24 thoughts on “What Am I Petting? ft. Tony Hale (GAME)

  1. People who are scared of snakes(especially non-venomous ones) don’t make sense to me. Snakes are nice. Very sweet creatures. I love them.

  2. I love all these videos except for this one. Tony was an asshole the entire time. He ruined the whole mood of the show.

  3. I came down here to comment that I disprove of Tony..and I see that everyone else feels the same.

    doesn't mean I am going to delete my comment.. it just means I don't like him.

    He was rude towards Link, and acted like a d-bag the whole time.

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