Westie and shihtzu Live Dog Grooming

you which is okay put me I'm early I'm actually early but we're on time people man that's where we have appointments no it's okay it's just that I wasn't an hour early I was 40 minutes early and my client was 15 minutes early so now I'm kind of pushed pushing I don't know why I should just be like look I'm good are you already on my stream at the same time you God and the customer please make sure you're cleaning all these wiping down to open the sprayer dd-does Mobile groovy Thursday so we have to check all tools and then we have to put them all the way back which I could leave them all on the trailer but what I found is is so high damages stuff it damages everything he is too hot that it would damage your tools it's crazy plastics and belting some guys don't forget to why you guys are there smash the like button hit the like button subscribe up donate a few bucks it's just going live ins you can do that goal number a goal number on there oh that we had talked about and you can turn that there we're gonna shake that out or what don't blow it out man you can shake it out in the trash Bob steed is gonna be like do you even know where to put my stuff at Beauty do stuff like this I put things not where they're supposed to be I don't know what Joey likes him to be up or down support the livestream exactly guys you guys gotta support the livestream what that you guys we wouldn't be here we're just a little people trying to make it water is thanks for subscribing I love Texas but the heat sucks everywhere trying to AC down right now just Texas it's just hot every word period so I think I'm gonna leave that you lost so I might be able to set her up she's like I've never owned a wet I've never I've only owned shih tzus so i have no idea what i need to be doing but when she picked her up she was really in a bad shape madder than she said she just cut all those mats out and she did so I put that on an extension cord now I'm looking sick right now are you sure this life who's looking sick blue okay I mean I'm gonna make this so I don't so this can be moved easily from here to the tub but won't you set yourself up your scenario for your bath video yep I am and what I'm gonna do is I guess okay so right here on this can you put a donation goal up there though for today and I would love to have that donation goal around the the cost of this new equipment that we're trying to that we got which is that thing how much was that around you know put that donation over that well just know put that word in there like that at the bottom use one of those things that it just says donation goal it's just sitting at the it's just sitting there like one of those plugs okay so I'm over here cleaning the screen and am I still running ahead of time looking at my clock that someone gave me over here my dog cloth mm-hmm yes I need to move my fufu thing over here to this side so I can have it on video I want to be able to walk okay so listen we're gonna do a couple of different things today let me make sure you guys can see me let me flip this okay so hey you guys good morning what's up I am truly exhausted it's been a very long back-to-back grooming grooming grooming everyday and tough grooms yesterday we did a mobile golden retriever I don't know if you have on video I don't know but the golden tree yeah my Z she is so sweet she does this like squint with her face when I come to get her should I um you know she runs around the house and everything and they had this enormous beautiful house I love going over there and I do mobile grooming for them in Dallas and then she has her second pet oh my gosh I got some great footage and so we'll load those up in about a week or two it just takes a lot of time cuz I think David's pretty much behind on videos the next so then I'm I'm exhausted because the other day you guys are still with me right the other day you guys are still exhausted from the other day aren't you I heard I didn't go back and see I actually went back to kind of view it last night but I didn't see the super chat there so I couldn't see like what people were saying once we had decided to all three of us were gonna start a team adding max so I'm really liked her and I didn't see any of the comments like the real painful stuff that was happening so I just like to say you know you bash me first not you bashed me for shaving you bash me for D Maddie I mean what do you want from somebody so take your judgment elsewhere or keep it to yourself or hey why don't you come volunteer at a group shop mine or some locally and then maybe you can understand what the the the hardness that comes between like what do you do okay and you can go back to our police footage when we dealt with asking a police officer and you know what do we do when it comes to animal abuse animal torture done it a lot and he's in what he says you can go find that one I think you might be able to look at my favorite groomer police because we just took it to the facts we took it to that you know the professional I'm not a police officer although I want to be one I'm not so when I have a question what do you do you don't sit there and assume you call him call your local non-emergency line and find out what do I do instead of complaining about something you don't know nothing about now the next thing is today's groom let me just tell you these client this client has two pets a shih tzu and a Westie and she has been trying to get in for like Oh two months okay and the vaccinations should just picked her up you know she has a shitzu now so the I don't remember the whole story it's been two months so the Shih Tzu is new addition to her family she said she loves to lay on her lap and be in her lap but when she first got her she was America do you want your West you want traditional West II kind of cut do you want a long skirt short skirt you want a shadow skirts different things you want to know what to do and you want those in clarity right oh I just want a little bit of skirt she says well what is a little bit is it one inch two inch and if you're taking all of my words and using them out of your frame you should have a sign that says I've learned a lot from didi my favorite groomer you shouldn't just be copying everything that I'm doing because I mean that's just plagiarism isn't it isn't it something like you're just doing what I'm doing be careful out there just thought I'd throw that in there plagiarism into copying and pasting and okay let me just stop there before I get out of hand but if you are using my words forward toward if you're using everything I do word for word step-by-step then you should be recognizing where you're learning stuff from now if it's a half inch quarter inch do you want a tiny bit what is a tiny bit you need to clearly decide with that client in her words so that you don't mess it up she like no I didn't say I wanted all of it off I want it half well what is half to you right I'm gonna say it's half off half inch and you look at the hair it's six inches long you're only gonna be with three inches is that okay no it's still too long okay you feel me right he's gonna push me into it should too because I'm gonna prep her because I think we're gonna leave her a little longer because she's kind of short already okay so she said teenage what's a puppy cut I've heard that my definition of a puppy cut is actually at in all over which is a super duper shaved down with a cute teddy bear head so not everyone's definition is the same on a puppy cut so then I actually was that what you watch is I no not really so then the clarity is right there okay okay here we go I have to come look over here look at who we got here okay so this is what I'm doing now so Mikheil when I talk a talk last night and she has some good points she's ID you know but the lives are great and all but I barely get to see the same type of video it's a lot of chitchat not straight to the groom and I get it girl so on the left side I'm doing a second camera and I'm actually gonna be able to use that to go around the dog because of the wires on the live feed which is a really expensive camera really expensive wires really expensive everything that their sacrifice so the sacrifice is limiting how you move the camera around while you work fast and then being able to move the camera quickly because it's attached to all these wires that are attached to the wall they're a tablet computer that are attached to the TV right so there's a lot going on so the second camera to my left makyo is really you so that's gonna be a whole different video whole separate video that will capture and then edit it edit it down to a smaller video and then load that up so you can then really get like really close and then you guys can watch the live and the other video later it's the side-by-side that would be really cool right so I don't hear anything on the TV again so I don't know what's happening I do know we have a donation Gold David's probably gonna put it out there for you the donation goal is gonna help pay for equipment that we're getting for the live feed because I can't do this all by myself it's just impossible you can't do things by yourself which is why I have you guys out there my huge clients my superfans and not to mention our haters that watch all of our videos and record everything and track everything you guys should be honestly one of our my favorite powwows but I understand you don't like it so I get it but thank you all for being here you all helped us grow in some way shape or form and really you LaBrie you all bring something to the plate thank you for those of you guys who sent us gifts and protect us it really means a lot to me Angela Angela Brice your soap I've been using it at home and at work and it is delicious that she sent me different smells there's one I haven't opened up yet David's you know and though there are different textures and different smells and they are really really awesome thank you so much those of you guys who have sent me gifts if you haven't noticed they've always been added to my wall back here from the pawprint diffuser to the butterfly to the poof that I got from sue I mean there's so much going on and I just really appreciate you guys being here sharing my world and some of you who have contributed it may not be on this wall but it's right here in my heart and you know you who you are like Cathleen Callie all of you many many of you Angela's out there really are part of the powwow that we have here at my favorite groomer so I am gonna get started so here we go let me make sure I grab her okay here it is let's get to work let's make this happen okay so isn't she's so cool look at her oh my goodness let's get you dolled up girl okay let me move I'm gonna try my best not to even move the the camera you know I'm saying the camera for YouTube let's try to set that position it and then if you guys want to see the details later you'll have to watch the second video which is right here see we're gonna do a whole another video that I can move the camera way up and okay so she over the phone this dog is like quoted it like 75 bucks no this is not gonna be 75 bucks so you just never know you got to get in there your first groom dictates how much it's gonna cost it's not always going to be exactly this or that did your battery ready sweetie I hope you have a pencil for that very getting another one of these Sony's man this one this is this is unreal I better find those ports we don't even have time to really like learn you know I mean what we have okay let's get our little before picture here I always and I always tell you guys just give credit where credit's due if you guys are really copying from somebody you should honestly be don't worry about it God will take care of it but you have to be careful on what you copy I'm gonna tell you that right now be careful what you copy okay so this is olive she's three months old she's tiny huh and she's a full Shih Tzu as far as we know right as far as the pet parrot is telling me and we're just gonna get her all dolled up so let's go ahead and whip out a brush remember a brush and comb go hand in hand right you might get lucky if you go try to order the brush and comb with that coupon code from the other day might still be working is it working is he doing there okay get your face mask on and I was watching myself last night I was like that blue face that doesn't even fit my face and I wear it all the time so get one get this one my favorite one is a rectangle one but the beedi you want I don't know man I just had to pull that one out of nowhere all right we're gonna check everything mom brushes are daily yep looks like she brushes her daily all right she's got all these flurries stuff going on hey you guys she does have that black-and-white oh she does have that black-and-white I don't she Oh baby gentle black white a little bit of brown me and this client I'm telling you man I was like we weren't we went back and forth for let me see what we're working with here gosh maybe maybe even more than that biologist at least two months her veterinarian is really far and she loves them so she drives all the way back to them in Decatur Texas and they required 5d HPP shots this year five did you hear me on a puppy and I had to call around after I heard that I said are you serious I was like let me call her on I talked to a couple clinics that I know and they said they've never heard of that but I guess out there in Decatur and they're having a lot of parvo cases and parvo usually usually hits the puppies and the senior dogs the hardest so with a puppy you know your veterinarian Mike I guess you know obviously recommend five you know so this year I told her be careful if you go somewhere that's having that much parvo case do you want to walk in there with your dog you know but it looks like we're doing good here I'm if she had parvo it may not be oak like right away that you see the symptoms not that she does but worm said I'm just saying just talking if she had parvo I think it would have already come about I'm gonna brush her armpit here I could feel some little snag right there throw shoulders forward so we see what we're working with now I told mom I said well you know because she didn't have an answer for me she was why I usually go like every four to six weeks and I said well I don't know what you I don't I'm not trying to say what you usually here's a big mat right here see how I can not do this what you usually do that's not what I'm asking what do you want to do do you want what's your budget these are questions you should care to ask your client right I don't really want to be Matt it but I don't really want to shave it like all the way out either I want to really leave our hearing as much intact here as possible a little bit and then brush brush through it I mean I'm pretty confident when I say like that your hair right there is so sensitive behind the ear so most people you know we would just shave it out most groomers I think would shave it out right but once you shave it out do you not notice like every time they come in they always have a mouth another thing on the screen awesome if you shave the Matt out then you likely will want to shave it every time because it'll always be there because the hair growing back will start to just curl as soon as it comes back to you the growing that makes sense at all okay I'm sorry I know it hurts I know it hurts okay I'm so sorry yeah I didn't want to upset you because this is like your first professional groom and just really don't want to make you upset okay so we just try to get this out of here so easy peasy I can shave it off but I'm not I'm not I broke through it a little bit and we can kind of see the effect right if it wasn't painful I don't think she would be pulling back and stuff like she was standing there just still a second ago the first impression is really going to do it's going to last a long time with the first impression of you at the groomer is going to be huge right room today is actually my real estate day so I actually came in to do these two uh I think there's three dogs I went ahead and schedule watching make sure you have a comb comb what I've told you this is all clumpy back here just to focus on this area a little bit here I can hear it can hear it just like it sounds like plasticy hopefully you don't have one on the other side I'm gonna definitely trim all that anyway so you do have something she's not liking it it's definitely painful can you tell can you tell painful she wasn't doing really good right until I started working something that caused pain please pick that one up I think I know who that is take it over there let me see the I'm not worried about it if that's the case little by little right little there she's doing really good for a puppy you know the Maltese puppies are jumping around on a flying on the table and stuff is different right different puppy attitude now all shits is don't have like that and all multis is don't act like that but you do see a lot of it here don't you pretty common and I think I saw someone saying well that's because the owners that bring them to you don't care about their pets or don't take care of their pets but that's inaccurate cuz Nancy Lopez I mean she really really really brushes and she has a routine she walks her pet several times a day especially because they were they live in an apartment so that's inaccurate I believe it has a lot behalf of it is more more than half of it might be because of the breed of the dog and I just look at the proof the proof is if you look at most of the Maltese as we groom they all have an issue like attitude problem they're all feisty jumping around and disobedient I mean I'm not judging them I'm telling you the fact that's what we get that's what we see in that and that's in that breed ok stay there ok we're gonna work on the face okay here look you I can't really see this screen here so I'm gonna work with it here you will see it later can't tell and I know you're all to go and let you shave let me shade all that off because eyelashes are soaking wet let's get those out of there yeah hey pretty girl thanks for not being wild look I can get in your face [Applause] we're gonna wet in there that means the eyes are kind of drooling I like to get this all cleaned out okay can you come over here David you're inhibiting my grooming here the groomer kind of helps in a cart it doesn't look at this eyelash right here look how long it is and how soppy wet it is this is why I don't like eyelashes okay look how its the thing you could just see it right it's absolutely drooled soppy and you see how there's a some eye boogers stuck to it this is what happens and they're really pretty and all that stuff and I think that there are nuisance and they really create that agua Verde situation here so we're gonna take that out get all that rinsed off okay you're right with you hey Lauren's are welcome here so early Lawrence steady steady looking cute okay just gonna try to keep this whole some of this puppy hair never it does come back once you take it off so I'm just gonna keep this here with puppy she's three months old so I would say she's still a puppy she's gonna grow but she's pretty small you can get them like that you might you may see some genetic problems I don't know why we never had a dog of that size so I don't know if generic problems really do happen your little squat if you have to I'm gonna check out the body after but I'm gonna do the pads real fast before tea wait okay I'm gonna show you guys real quick how to do the like that around the pads and all that if you didn't have your scissors or you don't want to use scissors just Jay get your 40 blade first you know David you have to flip these upside down okay so never do the pads here okay oh I hope this is not this is not full let's find out so I'm doing the pads here right you want to see off all the pads and then if you want to round it out here just what I mean like if you don't have your scissors and you don't want to use sitting here going round it out with it back to your hand okay what you can't we'll fix the rest later so so here same thing so we already did this pad you can see all four pads and they cut me around this out right on the bottom and then we'll do the top later with our template so take off all that hair going around okay same thing here these are really like flopping off ten I'm sorry fede 4440 take the pads down ways to go up as didn't come around use your hand as you're backing here go around create kind of around there thank like a little cute paw and then we'll fix up the rest out later you can see coming depending on the size of the dog you can come under here right and hold that father depending on the size of the dog and the temperament and then as a puppy you may or may not do a lot of your hair pulling because you don't want to cause that really like painful feeling so I'm just gonna look in here they're not that bad probably just gonna take a little bit okay there's not they're not that bad so thank goodness okay great sorry not that bad just take I'm just gonna take it all out it's not that bad but if I waited and I skipped it or I forgot to do it this time there will be pretty bad next time okay all right we'll be back okay so that'll be there yeah she's looking cute isn't she I'm gonna see how her hair looks after the bath I'm going to leave it as is alright guys looks like we're at 69 donate towards the stream keep us going alive subscribe to the channel it's like button video do your thing I'm gonna handle the Westie by myself all right so West what happened did he was he feisty with you yeah right yeah I know Westies are kind of like that aren't they russy's and Scotty's do you guys have a Westie or Scotty they are Scotty's especially so kind right now because I know about the Scotty scenario and the Westies I've done kind of am on the fence about getting close to the table so we'll see all right so now if you want to do the West you'll be able to see a little bit better with the West II later on when I get the other video loaded so if you guys are you know I'm saying you come over here since I moved my table it's not gonna be perfect but just keep in mind if you want to watch that the other video in more detail that'll come that'll be a little little bit later okay I'm ready for my break man I'm ready for a break finally there's nowhere to get face masks okay okay here we go okay oh right okay okay seriously did you get to work ma'am do you know what happened to the leave itself the yellow lead this way here come on over here come on this way already up up up up up there's no poof all righty nighty here we go so he his mom is right there and trying to get him to come to the back and he got a little not happy with it and just histamine are you you guys know what I'm talking about you ever got that some of that energy and you're like hmm you're not seeming very happy me see if I can turn this I can't hear you guys maybe that's what desktop audio is let's try this maybe we'll see something happens here if anybody hasn't subscribed please subscribe make sure you make it contribution today's goal those are you guys watching thanks for watching thanks for being a part of what we're doing here and we don't get Westie very often so this is should be a good watch right so a five blade Westie is really choppy and so I'm gonna do a seven blade Westie with half the skirt off whenever we talked about that so it ought to be clear so you have to once he hair is real and this is my way this is how I learned at Petsmart okay so if those of you guys don't like the way I'm doing the Westie cut and you do it better by all means open your own channel have fun with it but you don't have to watch me groom this dog right okay just so that that's loud and clear I would just come to tell you how to groom a dog if you nip a dog I'm gonna tell you I don't like it that you did that if you are really really choppy I'm gonna say hey that's real choppy this is how you can kind of fine tune it but at the end of the day you're running your own business and so am I so who's to say that you're allowed to do this or that it's what your clients are okay with it am i right your clients gonna be like I don't like that right and you're gonna be like okay I'll fix it or gonna be like well that's how it is it don't come back right y'all I heard those people okay so that's good you could use the straps I rarely ever use the straps but this is what it is so I'll probably do this side and probably do that side and you can see someone else has already have a line right there so most of the time you just follow it because it takes a couple grooms to do a new line to train a new line I'm gonna actually my teacher said didi it's easy to come in draw this line so you fade it down and I still have that in my head from my teacher from like 16 17 16 years ago so it's been a long time all right here we go we're gonna do 40 since I have a 40 on here already I'm gonna go ahead and use it get your face mask okay you need it I don't care what you look like just get it and once you get to work and you're so busy you're not going to worry about what you look like anymore you move this guy over here so the paws are really read which to me it probably is like an allergy situation really wrong probably allergies I'm gonna say allergies but I mean that in a couple different ways I guess you know it's been really rainy people are doing pesticides and stuff on their grass you know try to take care of the weeds see watch when I take this out here how this one's also tough shape oh my I'm gonna wear I know don't look at me like that I don't really want to dig they're not matter but they're very irritated don't like push it something bout it you just got to get the hair out I got that feeling like he might bite me like that this is just feeling that you get like he's not gonna like something you might correct me right now see how red it is in there it's real red a lot of looking going on okay so this is ghost forgot to mention that this is ghost and he's a new client and I wish I got all the facts right now but I don't because it's like that was a long a lot of wait two months to get in so I kind of can't remember the stories but I do want to glanced at her card and see how she heard about me so now we're coming you can do a seven down or a ten I'm gonna do the seven first and then you can also come back with a ten it's really your choice and the clients choice I mean you guys need to talk about it so we did it would be good since I'm having to do a like a lot of lying pattern here it would be good that he stands up but if I feel like he needs a rest or whatnot then I'll just a lot allow him to rest okay and he's doing really good with you guys are gonna love this view better on the other camera you guys later on you have to catch it but really thanks Lindsey okay all right here we go we're gonna lay this pattern down okay cameras can I get in here can you both back up so I can kind of grow here all these cameras look I got that camera and this camera and that's this light and all those cords down there I mean like all those cords I mean can I get some room here can you guys just back up praise God for a really amazing animal so far here we go so if I'm in your way here you guys have to come this way more ramen you're not gonna see nothing okay here we go all right so I got my summon blade and if you're not sure you're tested over here okay come here test it there and see how slim sit let's just move that let me move this let me go ahead and do the back see he's gonna sit that's what they do so not only know who he is okay it helps her in the Samba let's see okay let's just go with the seven if I want to go ten it's not like it's not it's it's shorter with the ten seven with my end of high speed here ghost is three years old and you cutting down and a scoop back up because they're kind of gonna I'm gonna fade it not – right so I'm gonna shave this off anyway I don't want to mess it up should I put both of you guys here little key cameras here and step back here he keeps doing that tighten the groom loop you really need him to stop looking around yes these are really hard to do in my opinion because your hair is so interesting so using a five blade I never do that I used to have to at Petsmart it's like you had to offer the five late you know cuz it cuz they got that little pad or whatever with hair on it that shows like the links it's not really taking a lot of is it okay do you see that it's not really taking a lot off here i'ma show you on this camera you can see my line right here but you can see I'm not it's not taking along so for me the template is going to be his coat is real thick right so I'm gonna come back with the template to do a template pattern and Maude was real cool she's like you know this and that it's cool so I told her if she doesn't like something next round she's gonna say DDA was too long or it was too short or whatever so now let's go back with the ten okay so let it down those of you guys are not happy with it don't watch we're into a 10 pattern-seeking bet you barely wish you guys I do my best to make sure so now we're seeing some hair come on right yeah this will be good because it's really hot here so I think it'll be a nice tighter and this plate is making some line so I know it needs to be in my sharpening file life maybe you guys watch that Westie that I did mobile and he was like really wild and really old and really scary jumping around and I even want to say he might have pooped everywhere did you go spinning around and the pet parent was like yes please keep going did you guys did you guys get to watch that one that was really hard to do and really hard to watch and I kept saying I'm ready to stop you guys did you guys remember that one how many guys saw that one look he wants to lay down man how many you guys saw that one so you can see how the line to start moving because he's sitting that's why it's really hard to I know man the more I talk the longer this is gonna take so let's just get to work all right let's get to work you guys so I gotta hustle before I lose time so you're doing pretty good okay you're good I'm gonna tighten you up here okay okay all right now I can go around your whole body here okay all right get your ten blade let's move all right so I actually need me hand off door well here put this dog up stand back on her there he's looking at himself he's looking at himself in the little camera right there all right here we go so now you can see where you need to pull the skin tight but if you sitting down you can't draw the line very well right I don't know that I want to go that low so I'm taking it nicely here ya have to come down here now remember I'm not show grooming here this is a home dog okay you show good moves out there me I'm gonna tell you right now I can't compete with you so keep doing what you do completely different situation completely different cost so a little buddy I'm over here inside this camera I'm trying to forgot about this no don't go nowhere yet no no so this small dog up there for him is like right at his tummy you know saying so you I almost said like wondering if the mini might work but I'll see her in a minute come on babe keep going I just wanted to make any moves here I'm trying to do a pattern you stand here and look at me it doesn't have to be perfect this is before the bat if some things we're gonna do some little tricks that we're gonna make sure and plus we're gonna take all that half off farming so it's like doesn't need to be perfect right now but get your pattern in there I've seen people come really low down here like even on a Schnauzer down here so you can find it I'm gonna keep it right right about there and then I'm gonna go go around and just kind of see where I wanna be you're only three buddy so I know he's not used to feeling old right so once you change blades at this point if the blade also might have a different cut so you want to be able to go maybe not want to change your blade if you can help it you know I mean like one blade might be duller than the other one in looking like oh man the cut looks different so doing pretty good like you take this off for a man never know we might put back on but now that dog came with him so they were in the same household and so some dogs will feed off to the other dog from the same house acting like that so if they were to continue I would say they would want to break up their appointment that's just what I want to do here okay but look how much buzz is on my clipper can you guys see it it's white it's like it's snow okay yeah wait wait wait wait right here virtue no I'm gonna switch blades here can you go up for me up so I like to do a tummy sit that tummy down his hair and technique is really hot they just the way down okay so we could do – thanks Beverly we could check this out on the tube bar but I need a double check definitely make sure you guys are panel training your dogs I think that that's the best way to go as they get older and there are senior issues happening then they'll be comfortable in a cage I think that's not why she's got Nana Creek change okay crate training takes two discipline for the cut owner and the pet tolerate it hey let's come back I know Kailen I'm over here and saying the same thing I was actually gonna say David his mom outside you see if the pet parrot mom is outside on that dog they can hang out nonsense so I'm gonna wants half off I'm going to test my guard here she is yeah bo I'm not gonna fix it here she has to fix that at home do a one-bar in here you don't have to be babying her but I mean this is very nuisance and so we'll just advise the pet parent you know she's gonna have to break it up or crate trainer dog at home and sometimes even crate training don't work it's not like 100% fix feet or different when it comes through this curtain here with the one guard Tim blade and a one-part if you're learning for me I appreciate you supporting us donations or shopping at my favorite rumor for the tool that you see me using okay it's a big circle out there we're back into it get your finger back there and use it as they go back into it dee dee put your finger but this won't stop here we go we're gonna do something different alike so don't don't even go don't even waste time there man they're jamming today remember I said don't keep going over it this is the rough-in so we have to come back you're after I'm going to touch up some stuff I want my line to look good but we're going to touch up some stuff here in a minute I mean after that we were legs I'm going to do something different so we don't worry about that okay so more can you check don't get upset I'm just touching your call buddy oh yeah that's what I think she said something about he hates his paws touch yeah all right so now let's get our Beauregard so ten blade floor guard and we're gonna go I got a brand new floor bar because my was Jack Vionnet the spring I don't know what happened but I've been using that for barber I don't know sorry about that Gudrun need this right now yeah I'll need one more time I think all right this is going back on rather be safe than sorry this is going back under there we got our four bar now we're gonna come and bring that four bar down the legs I know I know you don't like it don't worry I'm not moving it alright God sets up the head here just a minute make sure that's what we're doing right now real fast and then get my furminator out so make sure you get your furminator out it is going to help you a tad bit with some of this undertow okay and this is again before the bath so we're doing a bunch of prep you don't have a per minute or order at my favorite groomer Dom we got them on there by the way they're phasing out old styles and they're phasing in new styles this is an old style so you may be ordering a new style maybe a different color to Jenks always change right sometimes for the best sometimes for the better I prefer the old style so yeah if you want one like mine you better hurry you up I think I only got two of those left now they've changed it a little bit sitting down doesn't really help you lady powder I tell you what okay now we're gonna kind of check out this carrot tail I'm gonna take my one guard which others over my ten blade still and I come down the carrot towel like this you can do your carrot tail hi everyone I'm going to take some length off first right I'm not doing a carrot tell you I'm just taking some length off come back and do the carrot stuff I think David is really holding that's are you holding her I wonder if I have a used a front chest bag you could just wrap her up on your bag roll her up in that bag look at him man he's literally holding her so she does not white oh my goodness I'm over here holding her eyes look this is the only place okay small mom-and-pop place is the only place that something like this is happening okay there's no way he can afford to do that so he should be hired right now as the puppy holder no this is the only place me and him we can do that okay you guys should do her yeah look at him looking he's like what is she doing man why is she in your arms he's a big baby he's like you big baby did you see him look back at her he's like you big baby but I know you're getting only half work done but you you can't do that right if you work for somebody and they're like you're like I'll just hold your baby while you go shopping no your employer's gonna go not that he's not that I'm employing him but he's like your employer would likely be like no that no no okay the an automaker is not gonna be like yeah okay just hold their baby while they work all day no sure really automakers probably not gonna let you do that I try to look at big successful companies and go would they do that was they tolerate that okay right now I'm gonna come we'll do the tail stuff later let's move over here to the head a little bit so I'm gonna come you guys are seeing that I need the cord on this side will hear background thank you so much you guys for the donations I'm sorry I haven't really been looking at the screen and really saying thank you but I am very grateful thank you you got some really cool equipment coming in I think we already have it actually I just I just I'm not the ordering person for that so I got to move this camera now difficult to get everything right okay Sony if you're watching I need you to come help me with my court situation so that we can just get this right okay so we're gonna take this one guard and we're gonna go reverse here well we're not going to work okay now I'm gonna get my to guard we're gonna do it faith we're gonna fade all this down like there's a line right there right so I'm gonna fade it in and then well not want any work you may come back at your for guard and that's the last faith part here that oh yeah so the lines not there I move the line up some more I still need to fix it so back to the to guard so if you didn't buy a set this is where you go wrong right but at least you hope will you at least got a couple of those bars on my favorites and then honestly this kind of detail work is not a regular price right this is more work than a normal just let students get to work okay we're gonna come back and fix that later more to it because he's moving around just imagine if he's jumping around you guys worst case we wouldn't be doing all this if he was joking around you can already call it a day okay let's take a look at the ears and stuff so most of the time what do you do at 10:00 right to shave the ears and tip them so I'm gonna come in here and just turn this here first how's my time David this one's taking quite a while till my next groomer – uh-huh that's what I'm asking how long till my next room that way now don't bite me don't look at me like that don't you're good pushy right really thick do that inverted be here it's that base to for the next doorman you guys you're it a lot of you guys have the blending thinning shears that kind of thing this is where a good place up you can do that if you want to do that up in here don't let me down don't let me down it's not gonna work out for you this is real bushy here so we're going to take all that down it's real dirty too we're gonna take all that down and then I'm gonna come brush this out see where we're at and then I might do some deep bulking right here get all that hair no like he's had an ear infection like it's real waxy up in here look at your face yes look at is so thick don't lay down this is not a good place for you to lay down your face is so cute okay hey there okay its face you guys yeah yeah oh nice clean teeth yeah all right get your template out don't back up don't so Timm blade remember okay it doesn't have to be traditional but in this case I see what's going on what's kind of bothersome here and I'm just going in there and taking care of it a lot of my really waxy drainage or something like that which is what allergies also does to the dog you know that I can kind of hear people talking about it right now like um don't do this or don't do that well why can't you who said you can't do something right try it try it why not so people always say no can I do that no you go there no can you have that no can you mix this in this together no why not try it can't shave the ears like that why not just do it man here's gonna throw a bag in it I think sometimes in grooming like you make a mistake you actually make a mistake and it becomes history like it's like wow that's so cute yeah that was that started off as a mistake like that's changed that side of the nose off on purpose or on accident and this is what it looks like now I do it all the time this is so cute right it's like art man yeah I made that mistake but like man it came out nice whose just tell you what to do right or wrong if you're the paying client I think that they're the person that gets sick I don't want my pizza with mushrooms and you're gonna tell me I haven't put any peppers on it yeah no thanks I'm gonna go somewhere else all right I know I'm not just talking up a storm here I know you know what I'm talking about you're p-please let me see please he's your leave-in conditioner brush all this out we're almost ready for the bath here brush that debulk I just did you see that oh yeah look how nice that is already it's nice David it says the wet did you see what it says it can't be so it depends on the facemask there's like three different styles but we should not be sold out of facemask look at that debulk it's awesome look how much charity bolt you can't even tell they came out right not so wild anymore nice nice form here yeah it looks great clean up those ears right can you check on the facemask thing David I'm gonna I know you're busy holding a dog and all you can hear that thick waxy stuff right there still that'll that'll come out like in the bath here oh yeah this is a great place to use straights but I love my curbed anyway I don't even have any straights anymore I've sold them off look if this is really thick and waxy so I can't wait till that's clean so we won't take off too much here we'll go to the bath and everything first right we've got ear because at 8.5 can go all the way up you don't even know what you're cutting if you're not paying attention right can't stop look up look up remember come dew point tip here if you want to keep it jaggedy instead of like perfectly squaring all that stuff don't have to be perfect right yeah look up please look up look up don't all right let's go to the bath yeah looks great you asked me let me see her oh yeah that was great it's Friday people are you guys doing tonight I forgot what it's like to do something rats can't believe it when if you go look at my other channel you'd be like dang Dina you were taking a cruise and everything all the time not all the time but you know what I mean like I was having some fun we'll probably see you gaming tonight and what we'll probably do so here I'm gonna come back after the bath and we'll kind of Watley's it here you really want to get your ear shear in here for this stuff the little shear is seven point five or the six point five right cut that all out there oh yeah looking sexy okay youth night Church that sounds good that sounds really good still seeing stuff I don't want to leave yet but I need to we need to go to the back plus I could do the see while he's bathing I hope he let them babe so I'll bring him to the tub now it may be time to set it up for David and just sleep in there and do a bath excuse me the masks are good man I don't know what site you're on that there's no mass but we have a hundred masks right now on these the rectangle ones so hopefully maybe he put a bit he put a link okay he'll put the link there for you now you must be looking in the wrong place okay let's go guys don't forget to donate a few bucks that will help the stream out so much to like button share the video Dooney which come to you it's an aluminum comb but we got to sell this similar calmness like a metal comb okay may I wash my hands keep an eye on him in there we've bonded guys we've bonded yeah I would update it but it's supposed to update myself I'm not sure why it has not updated spirit what donation what about it do we meet it no then we meet the donation go here you go Archie rose on it man keep an eye on him Westies are really smart just take that back there and tell him you can take up ticket back back there and tell them then we'd stop this one yeah okay stop got even up your coat okay let's do this it's fair man you guys getting as many spam calls as we are let me tell you it the only way we can stop it is by voting voting and writing your senator and your Congressman now the day the Dave the the bath the baths are going onto a different what now baths are where though later you guys will see the bath later um not sure totally different different place so though grace thank you so much I appreciate that okay now we're just going to even everything up yeah we'll let you guys know Babs are we're saving God's up for something special for the 22 the hard all over for her can get everything I'm using right now at my favorite Gruber calm all right here we go we don't make our goal we will stop the feed after I fit into the to hear you really appreciate you guys we will post a video later Mobe today I'll be maybe later but we will put everything out there for you guys to see there is different videos on Facebook different videos on Instagram different videos on YouTube so we're gonna even it all up here and now if she was really wild then she probably would be a full cook full cost it too but she is really good and those are you guys so I like to try to be as fair as possible it is still only a one hour growth you know I mean but as she gets older she'll get two to grow into the full price groom so as she's younger and she's are really good to all kind of work with the client that's my opinion David Friday is like no a groom of the groom you know and I sometimes say that too but ma'am every dog tipper in every situation is different this comes case-by-case she's extremely enjoyable to watch groom right I am really really happy about her come on you guys help let's get to that donation goal you only have about 15 more minutes 15 more minutes you know I was watching another feed the other day and their donation goal was like 2 grand can you imagine he made like 2 grand how many hours damn it one hour they made 2 grand I mean I think they even did they make did they make the goal or go above their Bowl he went above the goal you guys that's how much his fans love him it's pretty cool man so you guys might not know everything about like the YouTube channels and stuff but let me tell you about I think makyo knows really well mikheil makyo knows a lot about a lot so I did my CL guard down the leg little bit you notice that the one car is not going to take those angles on bones and legs and joints and stuff like that very well okay now we're going to come back and I'm gonna use my ten blade woohoo Melissa P what Melissa P what why can't it be like ten bucks a person instead of lowest appease huge amounts must appeal thank you so much obviously she wants me to finish the West Eli who else don't just let Melissa P take the whole honor of you guys everyone should chip in and make it easy for everybody Melissa Pete cannot be the only one that always does these hundred dollars or Callie you know what I'm saying everybody should all pitch in that's what I would do I would want the weight to be on everybody not when one person wants the P you're amazing okay get your cool template out we'll come into the sanitary Thank You Melissa PA woohoo everyone say thank you to Melissa P move it down the leg there you know puppies everywhere got out of there everyone say thank you to Melissa P haters – so I know you're happy I'm still want to even watch me still on that time with a mess up something and it's all good if you want to be with me for the long haul go ahead I'm not perfect everyone's gonna mess up good in you maybe you already has – we are not perfect humans earlier if I really liked this all cleaned up really well here all right now let's go brush this hello head I'm gonna use my leave-in conditioner here just a tiny bit a little bit too much on that first spray let me brush this down see what the feet will looking like first that up if you want to turning this way there's no tiny little tricky thank you so much woohoo still say Melissa P thank you so much I cannot believe he always saves the day you guys if you guys want to send Melissa P a gift send it to me and I will send it to her because she is always always making the feed last longer for you guys if you guys want to send Melissa feed something something you can't do that $100 but you can do 25 and you want me to get that – Melissa P by all means she's always saving the day definitely super fans super fan girl huh Melissa peach and $100 $100 divided by 5 people how much five dollars per person is how many people that could have just done five dollars so I decided you know we're gonna do Melissa P her own private live one-on-one Melissa P gets her own private cuz she is just a huge contributor Alyssa P you get your own private session girl no one gets to know about it either well no one gets to know when it happens and what we get to do and all that stuff it might be face to face who does that you know I mean who goes face to face with your favorite song artist come here no they wanted if you bought every CD they still wouldn't come to your house I went okay wait let me save this side to show you guys how to deal with the 10 blade I'll come over here and finish off with scissors your elbow didi let's be better be gaming tonight I'm gonna pull you into our game fishy now that she's a gamer she's always gaming Oh No are you off right now it must be are your work Donna thank you so much for the donation whoo I didn't hear that one I guess okay I told you guys I was gonna do a template over here okay we'll come back with Tim blade in there we've done the tim blade thing before so it wouldn't be our first time I'm gonna come down the neck okay okay ten blade under the tub in here so let me come back I'm gonna tries to buy an angle to move around you stand up for me step out here what a cute you're so cute okay so we did a one guard so I'm gonna do one bar down the chest here a little bit so blessed to have you here man okay I'm gonna have you look up the whole thing oh great he's gonna blow God be careful I'm gonna get a four card here that's not here thanks dad I don't know why I'm not hearing aid that then you came over there turn off the sound again thanks dad woohoo yay did justice you guys okay we need to here we go you're just gonna come down real lightly we have to go up and down to create that this is if you you know forgot your scissors or you don't have any or you don't want it using my finger download back later in there okay we're gonna wrap it up here you know conditioner one more time here come check out this hilltop bit not a lot you know not a lot just a little bit FASS here when their nails are this small you could use your your own you see we don't really need that anymore for the Front's yeah what's he doing how's that your new favorite friend are you trying to kisses who you try to give him kisses you are really like him huh yeah okay one more brush down here this is a great first-time groom this is how the first time groom should be we didn't have to shave her we did use a clipper but it wasn't like she was matted she wasn't you want to mean like her experience was allowed to be a good experience it was not feces urine mats it wasn't all this other stuff happening and some folks have asked well when do I start grooming my puppy as soon as you can I'm pretty sure when she's only like three months old which is four hey twelve twelve weeks old she was definitely brushable right no no no don't do that come here come closer come closer let me see here appreciate that thank you now let me see one more thing here this piece right here yeah I got it and this one here who's that who's that your partner hmm who's that your partner real wet in here still you know man get those lashes down closing your eyes you're so smart they're so smart okay all done completion let's go three four school owned mm-hmm don't need them don't need a lot that will have a long time the bottle lasts a long time with a squirt last a long time too so because we didn't shave her like totally optimal price see her in two months maybe at six to eight weeks okay decades right back David's gonna have to thank Sam okay here we go in the back probably oh yeah that's right almost ready hold on goes if you leave her to that handle look on that okay all right thanks so much opinion those of you guys who contributed it we've got us over our donation here we go we are gonna stay finish up the entire room for ghosts for you guys are now and I do I need the hustle-bustle because I do have to get ready for my last room of the day so make sure you keep your station quick that static use a water bottle with somewhat water in it spray the floor just a little bit okay how many guys out they have a Westie they put Westie owners out there all right here we go final countdown for this feed wait do I see another hundred though dude guys are too much man you guys are amazing yeah we went oh wow I can't believe we went over what was our goal to 25 we went way over the goal man Jennifer Torres whoo-hoo Jennifer Torres did 100 SOT Melissa P whoo-hoo what amazing thank you so much whoo whoo Terry Cordell thank you so much whoo-hoo have to go back now right Jennifer Torres seriously like whoa whoa Oh Donna yeah Donna's back man Oh last night Mickey ru251 some uncle thanks Mickey Oh so makyo last night on the me and you gave me is that what you're talking about girl where you got to hear Melissa P Melissa P is so cute she's like hey you guys I love you Mel is a PE whoo okay let's go get our our pet here hmm there's a new emoji clippers I'm so sorry girl okay let me get the lead here where's that let me show them real something real fast okay so ghost comes in right and David's trying to get him actually to go to the back right because I'm still cleaning my tools which which he ended up cleaning my tools so make sure you get a face mask my favorite grimmer calm so he comes in with his own collar and leash and he what does he do he pulls right out of it why because the collar is too loose so instead of buying a collar that is one that you have to adjust consistently and stay on top of weight loss and hair just get what I call is a martingale collar okay this is what we sell you still need to take off the collar you still need to check the collar and make sure it's not choking your dog okay I don't leave any collar on my dog's overnight okay I sell these it's by a red dingo brand if you're gonna buy it away from me but you learned it from me please let me know and I'll send you an affiliate link so that I get the referral since you're learning it from me this is what I call a martingale collar this is a size small medium and then there's a size small that fits my dog socki faith and brownie the size small fits everybody and it's like a twelve mitla millimeter this is like a 15 millimeter millimeter is not the link 15 millimeters of thickness of the fabric so the 12 millimeter fits all our small dogs this one would be like this dog here like ghost the Westie this would fit him well you can adjust it all the way out so it fits him but when you put this on right and he's hanging out see how loose its hanging its hanging out he's attached to his leash right as soon as he goes to pull away from from the owner or me or whoever as soon as he pulls that leash corrects it and tightens it against his neck and he would have not pulled out of the collar so he has a collar right now which is a bone click collar like a click collar which is fine but if it's too loose your dog could go pulling out on this Highway out here and get hit whose fault is that so I always recommend a martingale collar it will do the work without doing the work full-time so once your dog your walking your dog your dog sees another dog he's going to take a hike and he's on a leash and boom it's gonna go all the way down right it's gonna lock in so go to our leash and collar section get a martingale collar if if you have your own leash great but this kind of collar is amazing if you don't check your collar I can't say that what's gonna happen if you don't check this collar and you leave it on your dog for six months your dog could gain enough weight and choke itself you need to check your collars you need to be able to pull it on and off of the head nice and easy and then it will still do its work for you it needs to be able to slip on to the head so make sure you do take your collars off and inspect them don't just leave a collar on and never look back okay we had that happen I had to cut it off of the dog okay so here's another thing that I want you to get it's a simple lead and I honestly I'm about to say I'm giving them to every dog that comes in here take the harnesses off take all this collar and stuff off for your grooming sessions when you walk in you take your dog in from the car to potty and straight into your veterinarian straight into your groomer with this slip lead this is this lead a regular lead it's just cheap it's 99 cents I think on our website you just put it in here create the pocket here right and you're this goes around the dog so I will grab one of these because I know the dog is not going to get out of it so I can grab the dog and then pull him to where and I don't mean like drag I mean like guide him get him walk into where we need to go the table the kennel wherever he's not gonna fight in all this stuff so then when you have an aggressive dog and your groomer is trying to take off a caller it really sucks that's why I'm like if you need a collar great but if you are in a situation where you're going to the groomer something like this works awesome and then it's just like thank gosh you know that they are totally just on the lead because then I'll have to try to take off a collar when the dogs aggressive okay at home you need a collar on the collar you know what you need half a dog tag the dog tag needs to have the dog's name right so if I pick him up off the street I at least know know his name is brownie right and I'm calling a brownie come on let's go you know brownie right okay hey I have your dog your dog's names brownie right or what's your dog's name because I have your dog you need to have on the collar the dog tag with the name a phone number and then there's one more thing that I think you should have on there and if you want to know what that is be sure to order an ID tag on our website so when you order an ID tag on our website I'm gonna guide you into what to put on your your dog collar and the ID tags are like 10 bucks engraved and mailed to your house so I mean they're really affordable I around 10 bucks and they are really thick so they you can get a small one which all my dogs have a small and they actually have the heart one with glitter it's so loud like it pops off their collar you want a collar and then you want a different color tag so if it's your dog's got it out of the fence which ours have twice because they're diggers then someone's seeing a collar with the tag will likely pick my dog up and then what I took what I write on my my tag they will call me back because there's a reason and so I get them to call me back right and thank goodness that has never happened they have always been right around the house and I've been able to get them right back inside the house but you never know when your dog might get out and it can happen and you don't want someone to take this shih tzu and keep it because it's so cute and that could totally happen couldn't it all right so we're gonna I really wanted to tell you about these things because the scenario just happened so you can pick up the martingale collars leashes all sets whatever under the leashes section of our website and my favorite groomer calm or you can pick up this simple leave and have these for your clients pick up a bunch and if I'm almost out I'm gonna have them almost back in because we sell these a lot they're really simple they're really cheap and I plan on all I believe I'm gonna be start giving them out because everyone should have a simple lead just a simple lead not something where the collar is loose enough for your dog to get it away from you you don't want to be running from a panic because someone's chasing you and your dog gets out of its collar that's not what you want to do you don't want to run run like that and okay let's get to work thanks for listening let's go around this way over here ready watch out watch her she's hanging out with David but I will likely split him up next time when we have him through so she gets she's here for like 45 50 minutes and she can go home she doesn't hang out here doesn't get more time something else I've done you've seen on different videos or pictures I've done is that if they're together and I'm okay with it depends on the demeanor obviously I'll have a second one looped up right next to us while we groom I've done that before you don't want to do it if it's a dangerous situation though okay okay yeah we're looking really good here touch up some stuff look really cleaned up do this okay see even your nails relax you just never know I was wondering about that Makino you said you had to do that last night and I was thinking about you like manis she can't work now she working right now what do you eat all night Haleh did you work girl so get your tin out remember we did attend now you're definitely greeting this stuff in okay you guys so make sure you have a mask now no no even just a little move on this kind of stuff will make it not a good picture of yourself No No don't do that yeah tell me No yeah I know you're ready to be done I get it you get it okay don't check over this side well well so on the carrot tail you want to come it out right and you want to make it literally look like a carrot so I don't want to forget to move that back still but we'll see what happens here okay you got to work with me here so we're coming here no you see what he's doing now ghost ghost ghost ghost go up with it then don't don't ghost ghost ghost ghost go up with the bank okay let's try let's try let you sit there go up with it always not having it no no all right big bass right come down kind of beat it up V it up and gets thinner all the way down to like a carrot tip right so this is a great place to use your straights if you have it I'm using my curves that's my favorite okay let's have you stand up now so if you have a dog and you just got the dog teach the dog to stand like the command stand up if especially if you have a dog that's a broom dog treat stand up treat stand up and you do that every day until the dull side you say stand up and your dog's hands up treat stand up love working on something else treat toenails touch love treat toenail touch love you know saying just like that for something else okay I'm going in to touch up the back of just attack don't do that don't do that don't do that can you guys see that hair flying around all right not because your angles not even up there I knew I was gonna do that course you're gonna sit down it's very annoying lose my patience here don't look at me like that so the thing is is that you could tell him and me both we're losing patience he's losing patience with me I'm about to lose patience and he keeps sitting down on me so I'm telling myself hustle then deviate I mean then get him off the table right he's just getting irritated and it's just gonna irritate you because he's just ready to be done so all you can do is just move it just speed up and just be trying to be safe but get done already it makes it dangerous I'm a scissors in my hand it's not a ball it's not a toy scissors I know I'm around your feet I know you're holding your or you're holding your breath don't hold your breath don't anticipate what I'm doing hey you guys we're almost wrapping it up I really have to say thank you for hanging out with me today thanks for being here I was actually gonna do a video instead but I decided to go wide cuz I just love you guys so much it's much easier to do a video you know this right cuz I could just record it and then post it is easy peasy and you keep Mikio and I talked you know I can talk less when I'm just doing a video I do tell you what I'm doing but I can just focus more so I do enjoy our friendships and ones that we have and the YouTube relationship we have it's pretty fun our I really love it so I really am glad and grateful for some of the relationships that I have been able to grow with you guys so it means a lot to me to still get a lot for you so I got a live so you can see me through these two dogs and you never know where she's gonna get cuz this is a new client we don't do Westies very often doing I don't know why you can move it back when you get really old you're gonna move a lot and it's gonna be really hard to groom you can tell you that right now because these little movements I know you want me to be done already I know it I'm working on it man if you stop moving then I don't have to keep coming back go hobby really no I mean I don't think I have one Westie client right now the one we did like in do I have a Westie right now I've done but when yeah but that he only did once I think he'd probably passed away like soon after he was really old and he's going through some stuff I never went back and groomed him he was too hard I think if I were the pet parent I was just an OP to not do it again I mean it was not worth it that one that aggressive one she should have got a shade down or was it a shake down she should have got a shaved down if anything just a quick shade out she wanted the pattern and all this stuff and he was home my goodness that was really hard you guys have no idea is so hard get this one in this battery's dying I can't believe it's still holding out look at the camera over here over this way you're not it's right there they've knockoff batteries man look at him carrying that that girl just got spoiled today man look he is not able to do work this won't happen again she can enjoy it today but this will not happen next time it takes two it's a whole day of his you know energy man oh my goodness David does ma know your key look at her oh my goodness this is not fair so I do the hard work and that pets are not happy with me and then he comes over here and does this whole you know what I mean you know the Grandma and Grandpa look the straps really helped him stay on that dog up stand didn't it yeah he's dead he is trying to step off and not very often do I work it's use it where do I use those straps but they do come in handy you just have to really need them every room gonna come right here with the 10 blade I'm gonna double-check it on the other side right there with it okay did you hurry up now this is too much you need to be done already you need to prep for the next room it's an aggressive dog coming in she might be outside already walking the dog I'm not sure so all the shears I use are on my website right now I'm using what I call the ear shear it's short enough to just stay right at where that your links are you know and nothing too long just kind of straight over and cut something you're not supposed to cut so these are I use them every dog every group so make sure you get some they're really important they're 2-point tip not bubble tip so Jim blaze really want to check underneath too it's hard to see right but it's there you need to come up and just go a little higher than the right at that crease where the neck bends just go a little higher than that because you wouldn't even be able to tell a difference skim that stuff right there Mike Imoh get my bubble tip and do just just this mouth stuff never I hate this mouth stuff see how wet it is all over here to help you pay attention to me okay let me see that ghost ghost I don't know why I say it so I go it's like so profound let me get you off of this man you don't need that anymore right just so good he's so good with that now let me get my brush spray all right let's check some stuff out here may I okay look forward sometimes I like to curl in there just move it around so you can kind of see if you need to trim anything just lingering oh you're so smart you see that down there so 10 10 blade back right and what is it one guard skirt this is gonna leave your half and then and where he was at it's gonna take two months to probably get to that link but this will ride out real nice and then for guard down the feet so they're nice and rounded off and everything but I won't pick up too much debris well you know until I see him again three months right likely probably see him about three months well look someone cut his tongue before you guys look I gotta ask I'm not gonna assume that his tongue was cut but did you guys see this no right cuz he hasn't really been um oh my goodness I'm freaking out like oh hey yeah can we see your tongue yeah hey you see his tongue oh poor guy something happened we're gonna find out we're gonna ask the pet parent what happened I look at your tongue baby what happened we'll ask never know maybe maybe we'll just check we'll just ask okay let's just not go there yet don't go there dd yeah I watched this one video where a dog's tongue dig our news and it was on news and I was just like what huh which part watching me maybe we'll have to ask and maybe mom is watching right now and she'll tell us maybe she's out there watching by no you see I don't know what happened to his tongue we'll ask them the first the first thing I saw when he smiled was that a square part of his tongue was cut off was off is off Missy may not be a cut at all might be something else right buddy mmm mr. Purdy you're so pretty yes you are you're so pretty don't let me forget to do your nails okay hey all right let's get her done there we go you stand up for me so I can sweep you're gonna stand up stand up okay here we go here we go gosh so much hair so much hair man oh you are so clean and we didn't use whitening shampoo or nothing like that we just use regular shampoo so those of you who think that only whitening shampoo could be only for white dogs man no you don't need to just know I don't okay you know what I mean I have whitening shampoo I don't find it any good better or worse god no maybe it's a sales tactic and they're still here around see here go over it get it again you might change after I do it yes – okay so just because I feel like it I love the caterpillar butterflies thank you girl just because I feel like it not you me I'm going to do the muzzle come at the nails up for me not for me use my shoulder to kind of give him some guidance here let me just take a look here we go little by little here good very good not much to take off here let me see this one please don't good ghost ghost ghost all right may I see this one here let's see how you do don't get mad don't get mad we've had such a great time don't get upset with me don't get upset ghost oh my foot started itching most very good ghost very good let me see let me see let me see easy-peasy one more here I just want to take a leave in Phoenix they say we baked off of that one great good job good job ghost has some hair okay let me see here very good ghost very good very very good manis do cars or something else bro good good boy good boy can I see this dude clogged one more time done yeah I need to a little bit more a little bit more more more MORE good good very good wow you did awesome bud you did awesome yes oh yeah he's got awesome didn't he he did so good you see here good did I see some hair that I needed to fix there tap it okay I need to feel a little line step there make a fix a couple lines here with fading okay so we can do I'm actually going to come in with my come over here grab a step and blade and you're gonna do a real lightly reverse easy peasy real lightly seven reverse and down some of this right here these lines that come from the collar okay a collar that's sitting there for a minute seven reverse real nice and watch the mirror how much is going into teeth so you can fade that line out okay seven reverse skim skim skim okay come back get your ten blade again I'm going to tell you all these things that you're gonna have to work with it in your in your house okay you're going to look at it play around with it play around with your own dog and stuff like that ten down down Oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah right now that's it go ahead man lay down I just quit here up okay can you stay there and let me change my part here for guard here actually yes five guard I never use it but it's back there hanging out first occasions just like this so if you don't have the guard set I recommend you get it and then just use your individual guards and spares to go find a bar reverse oh yeah just looking beautiful you guys real nice and light you know you don't want to make new lines so you want to be able to see like it's faded there was a bunch of mines here earlier but you don't want to see that there's a bunch of lines there right so then you have this coming forth or kind of something back like that that's fine but there's not a drastic cut like boom there's a line there so here you can go forward back oh yeah okay so let me lower this you want to stay there a second give me some gel no just let you guys see what I'm talking about so you don't want to have a bunch of lines up in here right so you take all that and you fade it real nice so he's got this his head here which is fine to see how it's faded in there like that it goes it actually has all those different links I did to take away the lines from the edge there so now we just need to put some gel in there right and they actually do have pet gel but I don't use it we sell it but I don't use it prefer just minimize that kind of stuff so here we go let's take it right yeah their cologne here so all right let's go we're out of here all done for the day we have one more but we're gonna do that one on the side there okay I'll be right back where I take my table all right man let's come off the table okay let's get your after picture here man I missed a lot of text messages and calls stop and you smell so good man that's what I'm talking about there you go I think you might be okay putting her off as a cage with him all right guys let me get mom on her way and then I'll be right back with you see you guys later right back here's a great job be with those clean lines she does a good job baby he's a pro fader you fade better than most barbers out here I know right so you what guys fades better than those barbers hey if it's him to live with the baby but these are so cute holding my Afghan puppies like that oh right Afghan puppies manner but they're pretty big baby husky hey guys thanks for those donations those donations help us out of laughs be sure to go check out our gaming channel you have checked out our gaming channel leave a like it's nice to like button subscribe we killed did you see Dee Dee's Afghan groom yet TV just did an Afghan groom Oh Afghan till nails Truman here clean I mean I don't think you guys can win this an Afghan shave down there my night would get like matted don't look like it had different type of hairs can't wait to watch it's already been uploaded it's only a thumbnail trim and you're cleaning you guys have checked out our products go check out our products we sell some Angie's cool care spray we also have some and it's clippers until at the website yes man you guys look at all this hair they saw the hair you're breathing in do y'all see that click watch that's just hair that's floating that's all I hear going inside your lungs focus bro focus all right here you see that focus it's too busy trying to focus up there goes it's all here you guys are breathing in if you guys are grooming without a face mask be sure to order your face mask we have some face masks that are like this kind of different design dog we design yeah more than an hour for grooving I bet them grads are like the size probably my size like the size of me but and I'll force a lady in town gets carried add four cocker here I'll be ordering Samantha's Clippers I think that said doggy dress is too cute we also have clothes on our website that's kind of like clearancing out so you guys want some super cheap clothes it's on our website you guys can go check it out but it's like clearing style so once is sales is sold and there's no holding or nothing you just buy it and that's probably it why you won't find it no more cuz he's been holding on to it for a while take three weeks of prep one for show Wow yeah we should go worldwide to do what to prep in Afghan for so you see how long that their hair is the hair is like probably like hmm I would say maybe their hair is about six to 12 inches and these visions are brought to you by David really without Dede we would not be able to do these videos so it's a team effort guys it's a team effort what are you guys what are you guys looking at over here product okay hey by the way so we've got this iPad it's an old generation an iPad 4 and it is on my use section it has a brand new screen on it if you are just starting your business and you need an iPad please go buy it you're getting a heck of a deal the only thing is is there's this minor because it fell it's got this minor in blood and blemish mint right here but hey once you get a case it's boom it's Booya so it's gonna come with this iPad and a court in the original box and let me think what else it has a brand new screen on it and do we put a screen protector on it yet I don't know if we put a new screen protector on it yet we're still using it I mean it's perfectly fine this is what we're gonna catch the client out on we've been using it for a little while but I've had it its entire life and I've kept taking really good care of it I just dropped it so if you need an iPad this would be the time to get one a used one something that you can watch videos on you can you-you-you're it's just so cool man you could put your apps on there and I'm just mentioning it it's been on the youth section of my website for about two weeks now I loaded it but I didn't put any pictures so you have no idea what it was looking like it's a fourth generation so if you got a case for it you could get one you know anywhere and get a old one old sow so they're cheap you know twelve bucks for a case and maybe a screen protector and then you'll have your secondary so you can watch all of our channels at the same time you can watch up what I don't know it's under my used section at my favorite groomer calm I forgot what the prices I don't want to say 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some let me know and then as we continue upgrading in our gaming as well you may see some of our gaming equipment on our use section until our gaming website is a fully functioning alright so thank you so much you are so welcome Morgan how much was it was it like how much did I put it out there for I it was two weeks ago so I can't remember but if you guys need something let me know I probably have it it I in it's not listed like Buffy said if you need something ask her first because she probably gonna hook you up I am not all about profiting I am all about not cluttered her so if I have something I sometimes will just give it to you if you need it and I don't need it because why I have a bunch of clutter if you can't walk through your house you are missing out on just clarity so how much was it 125 99 that is a steal that is a freakin steal man woohoo two and a half hours to do your Standard Poodle oh my gosh man did you record it for me okay where do you live who is your amazon Langford I used your oh thanks Melissa P if you use my Amazon link if you need it write me because it's on every email that I write it says do you shop on Amazon here's our affiliate link so you're able to you know give us credit for stuff that you're shopping for so thanks a lot for being here thank you for today's feed it was fun and look that the two dogs are together now right and they're all quiet so if they have each other they're quiet so they don't like being apart or I should say the puppy doesn't like being apart from ghosts so really great grooms I mean I'm really I'm muzzled just to be safe and I feel very confident they did really good so now I have to hustle I'm seeing I think I've seen someone pull up I have a very aggressive dog coming in Parana sis we're gonna record it which I need to make sure my batteries are charged this is what I do for a living but there's always aggressive dogs isn't there so you guys get ready to see that one later on I load up probably in a week and I just have to say thank you for reaching our donation goal today you guys are the best that supports the channel and it supports some of the equipment that we have to buy and again like look at that I was able to offer old equipment to somebody who needs it new and fame I offer it at a discount rate so thank you for helping me help you check out my favorite Kruger comm for all your tools your brushes your andis five-speed make sure you order it from me if you're learning from me why not invest in where you're getting all this information from if you're out there walking around saying the same phrases I say you're on Didi's teams get get on my team ok all right so let's see yeah my favourite guru calm and later tonight for our social life we will see you on me and you gaming so make sure you subscribe to that because we're almost out of thousand subscribers all right we love you thanks a lot for shopping thanks for watching please hit the like button on your way out and hit share talk to you later bye

13 thoughts on “Westie and shihtzu Live Dog Grooming

  1. That is the worst westie cut I have seen the pattern and head are so messed up the body is clipped way too short and is horribly blended.

  2. Sorry but I’d be pissed if I brought my dog to be groomed & the groomer was distracted every minute worrying about camera angles.

  3. he's so so so cute! he's looking around probably thinking who is she talking to? what's going on? why am I here? he's so good.

  4. I can't wait to see the condensed video… THANKS, DEDE! Sorry I missed the first half of the live… I WAS STILL TRANSPORTING! ~Mikio ❤

  5. Not funny making this video to were you have to watch the whole thing to see just part of it when you miss the live stream. Also it would freeze or not load at all.

  6. Westie has donkey ears now. But the beard is like Santa Claus.ShihTzU – did you cut his head at all? Do you know what these dogs look like?

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