We're making New kitty Friends at Kitten School

hi there and welcome back to kitten school well we're bursting at the seams with foster cats and kittens around here but happily everyone is healthy so that makes my job a lot easier our four fluffy cupcakes are almost ready for adoption we have brothers Claudius and Andi and sisters bonbon and marigold the cupcakes love hanging out with the slightly younger but just as rowdy spot crew Ralphie Archie and their sister Cosette these three babies came to kitten school the day after they were born and they're now about five weeks old their mom tally is very fearful but the kittens love being around people this demonstrates how kittens born to a feral or fearful mother can still grow up to be very friendly and loving pets as long as they're socialized when they're still young and speaking of socialization we have sassy who greeted you at the start of this video with her very distinctive meow Sassie is a feisty six week old little girl who came to kitten school hissing and spinning whenever we got close to her well that only lasted a few hours because after a couple of sessions in the social box to get her used to her new surroundings and to us sassy is now friendly playful and very much part of the group sassy has a huge personality for such a little thing and she's a force to be reckoned with Cola our 10 year old foster boy is still here recuperating from a bite wound he's one of the sweetest kitties I've ever met he has such a laid-back friendly cool personality he's almost more like a Labrador Retriever than a cat here he is calmly riding in the car with me on the way to an adoption event no carrier needed Cola also loves to stroll in the backyard and he walks on his leash just as well as a dog I recently took some of the kittens to an adoption event held at a local pet supply store there were lots of kitties to choose from and several were adopted that day unfortunately Cola wasn't one of them but he still had a great time relaxing on his cushion and babysitting foster kitten Ben bang we also have a special guest here at kitten school her name is Co D she's a kitty who's lived behind the local post office for the past ten years Co D got an abscess from a fight wound so she's being cared for here at kitten school until she's better Co d is not feral she'll allow me grudgingly to pet and brush her but she doesn't really love being touched and she really doesn't like being in a cage as soon as co d was done with her antibiotics and the wound is healed she'll go back to live her life as the post office mascot thanks for stopping by kitten school and we will see you soon if you like this video please hit that subscribe button now and join the kittens family kitten school is the place to be subscribe know

14 thoughts on “We're making New kitty Friends at Kitten School

  1. Caroline, what happened to the kitty that had the neurological issues? The one who was walking on his hind legs?

  2. I hand caught a free range kitten on a whim when I saw him scavenging for food on May 1 at the state park near my house where I volunteer to help out the local "crazy cat lady" feed the colonies.
    Got a bite on the thumb but nothing serious…and had been fostering the scrappy little guy since then…turns out he's super friendly, affectionate and loving. Named him Scraps…and wouldn't you know it…I foster failed. He's part of my family now!

  3. Congratulations lucky kittens and cats! ?? for getting into the prestigious Kitten School! The Cupcakes? are so beautiful. They already look quite majestic, esp. Claudius.

  4. I love your videos & am so glad I found your channel when I was looking for tips on introducing our new rescue kitten to our resident 7 yr old.
    I wish I could adopt Cola, he is my kind of cat. Bless you for all that you do for those precious felines.

  5. We just received three one week old kittens at Neonatal Kitten Kindergarten today. It's going to be another busy season of kittens. House cat Tobie 8 years, Snow 6 years Fosters kittens: Esmeralda 6 months, The three hellions 2 months and the newborns.

  6. Another lovely video. I enjoy them so much. Keep well all of you…… best wishes from Adrian in Rainy….. Sheffield South Yorkshire England ??

  7. Ohhhh I love the ten yr old kitty. Ah I hope he gets adopted soon. I would if I could. Beautiful kitties❤

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