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he's doing a really good job just sitting still this yes did you just eat psycho chair hey folks welcome back to our channel page you can see we're trying to help Dustin to get the haircut it's five days for dust you almost done make your flavors kick and let's see if their work and Debbie has a treat an artist work me a beard this is definitely the heart you can do it honey getting him the snakes the Cobra cooperates I can get him finished up straight and Chris is an amateur barber he cut hair all through high school not dog hair while I was in the military too so he has a steady hand lay down it's okay that's even better they have sensitive ears so you get away on the ears the vibration they don't he doesn't like the vibration so it's always a challenge getting in the skins field and what kind of puppy a Yorkie I guess yep we're getting some new shampoo it's doing a really good job just sitting still we are multitasking so we have some ribs and chicken on smoker thus said I am through with y'all Chris finished his hair and he he took off out into the yard and then there's miss busy mama gonna check on the job well we're not down with Gus yeah I've got to get it bad go ahead and tell him Eevee tell him to get his mind right they automate over bunny that's one advise right it's like an episode of The Office thank you for part 2 makeup kit for that so we're in the guest bathroom ready for the rest of Gus's spa treatment we have the deep moisturizing mane and tail shampoo because we want them to be nice and fresh and smelling good people you actually can use that one on people I can but I'm Matt I have a different shampoo thing you guys good job buddy he does fit with baths and his haircut he just didn't like me working on his face yeah trying to give him an old man cut with some book top something cool like that I think the chapter look good see how nice and calm he is yeah yeah okay you're using that to rinse him yep you don't like that cup up aren't you not big enough sorry you want to go get another one make sure you get it mixed with a wiener dog he doesn't like this power thanks yeah Jerry got cut out good so there's mr. Gus nice and clean hey out so he'll be drawing cover news yeah if it were cold we'd blow drying we offer in this house we don't good job buddy do you think we should what you said Gracie no feel dry it's 92 degrees right so Gus is nice and clean another successful spa day right guys so thanks for watching make sure you like comment down below hit that subscribe button and as always what they said

7 thoughts on “We're Getting A Puppy Pt. 4 | Our Pampered Pooch |

  1. Awwwwwwww cute vlog. You had me laughing when you told Evie to talk to Gus so he can get his mind right! He was so happy that he was clean. He took of running afterwards. Awwwwww him so cute. He seems to love the children.

  2. Hey honey your husband did a super job as always i think he loves being pampered who wouldn't lol and the girls are still adorable as ever sorry I've been out the loop been sick again but I'll catch up LOVE YOU ANDERSON'S

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