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U.A is the Number-one-ranked high school for heroics and is considered as the top hero Academy in Japan Students are separated based on their abilities into specific departments and classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K U.A executives a 6 school day school week with only sunday off “Go beyond plus ultra!” Our school motto we teach in U.A besides all the heroic stuff Japanese math science and foreign languages among with other subjects that are Accomplice, very subjects students in every department study. These core subjects and will change year by year departments of heroic stance learn everything they need to know to become excellent heroes in the starv is a community and work towards Qualification is necessary to be allowed to use their quick’s in public spaces They are they are trained in battle first-aid and all manner of heroic related lessons the department focuses on all Aspects of heroic business from founding and managing hero agency to exclude them producing heroes They do hands-on lessons in Venture capitalism these students belong in classes I, J and k Students who don’t make the cut for the hero department are included in this department the best non Nun-touch education with lineup of teachers the department of general studies department Supports students aiming for college and other pursuits They’re also possible for students with exceptional grades to be transferred into the hero department These students belong to classes C D and E Support department these students in this department will focus on developing Support equipment with the help of heroes out on the battle field with the workspace Stock to the brim with all sorts of exclusive tools the department provides an unmatched creative Environment these students belong to classes F G and H Thank you for listening Awww- come yasashi why don’t you wanna come to the park? Oh!~ yasashi you remember my name I’m so excited Why are you why are you with these fools yasashi? you should hang out with me. Just me Not to lie yasashi but these people are kind of what do you say name? boring Hey not to like this which is kind of annoying. Oh my god. I hate it Hey yasashi? Why do you want to be a hero so much. They don’t do anything Well heroes are weak. Yasashi You’re not weak You’re stronger than all of them. I don’t like doing this voice. I hate it. Wrong one yay. Strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry strawberry Make sure to subscribe to see the first episode please and thank you. Goodbye And also, I’m on tumblr because I post my comics there Thank you This is the last one. Thank you. I just wanted to test out my voice for the character. Yay Please participate part part typically If you want to raise a character, please go to an email, please. Thank you You don’t have to do anything gotcha But thank you if you go on the Gacha one cuz I’m most often there because I just post art there of my characters And I just kind of add it to them on got your life because they’re not allowed by do Say When I’m on my own Even though And I can’t And you ha to

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