Welcome to "It's Me or the Dog" (With Victoria Stilwell)

welcome to its meal the dogs YouTube channel join me victoria Stilwell as I travel to homes across the UK and the USA to train some of the most difficult dogs and their owners home you girl we've already got hundreds of videos to watch covering every doggie dilemma out there new videos are uploaded three times a week including full episodes this is insane so what are you waiting for subscribe now and hit the bell icon to avoid missing out you

49 thoughts on “Welcome to "It's Me or the Dog" (With Victoria Stilwell)

  1. Down in the comments here's a BIG THANKS to everyone who was already subscribed! Whats your favourite video been so far, so new people can get some recommendations?

  2. Grew up watching you Victoria! Now I’m an assistant dog trainer on the road to becoming a certified professional! You were and still are such an inspiration to me!

  3. Hello Victoria your videos are really interesting and i will watch every single video. Because i love them. And i love that you are helping the dogs and the owners to know how to treat their dogs. ❤️ I'm a big fan of your videos! ❤️
    I love every single video and they are all very exciting! ??


  5. Subscribed! You really do help dogs, and owners! Just by watching you I have seen the tips you have given and they have helped my Yorkie terrier!

  6. Already subscribed! I hope you will do an episode all about Victoria. I think that would be great because we love her!!!
    Also, I know this is kind of out of your theme but can you make a video on how to overcome cynophobia? And also a video on dealing with a very vicious dog.

  7. glad to see you guys embracing youtube unlike many other shows.

    i'm a first time dog owner and i love these videos because not only are they entertaining but also very informative, it has helped me to prevent bad behaviors from arising on my 3 month old pupper 🙂

  8. My fav episode was diesel the demon husky..I loved how you processed with bringing that husky to a better a reformed nice little husky.
    That's so nice of you.
    I bet your parents are proud of you!
    Thanks and keep bringing those cool episodes!

  9. I've got a dog called Shadow (She is a girl) she is a Sprocker Spaniel I have had her for about 2 to 3 months and she has been quite good so far but she does have a phew little-ish problems while walked but we have helped her quite a lot so far. She grew up with lots of dogs so she thinks every dog is her friend.

  10. Every dog deserves to be in a happy home, and Victoria makes that happen. It makes me happy to see dogs living they're best lives, thank you for working hard to help out our furry friends!

  11. Please I have 3 jugs and they r over protective and we can't even have company over in the last 5 years!!!!

  12. Hello! I haven't been subbed for very long, but I enjoy watching the dogs go from bad to completely obedient!

    I might try to do that 'thank you' trick with my grandma's dogs – trust me, they're well-behaved, but they bark whenever my mom gets home from work (she works on the weekends and is a vet!).

    By the way, I have a question. How is Ms. Stilwell able to train dogs that well? It's absolutely remarkable, and so amazing, too!

  13. I think the husky, diesel, is my favorite episode because at the end he turned into a perfect puppy and at the start it seems like there is no hope

  14. Aren’t these just reruns of the old show? I haven’t seen any new content on here. I have missed the show since it went off the air in the states like 7 years ago

  15. Yay!!! Hope for brand new episodes and a revival of this series! Please ❤️ I think the last episode was recorded 2008? We need more ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I’ve watched Victoria a lot when I was younger so I’m soooooo glad episodes are being uploaded here!

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