Welcome to Dog Paradise

– [Female Speaker] One
core trait in every dog is its ever-forgiving nature. That’s probably the most
valuable thing in a dog and it’s also its biggest pitfall because we have dogs here who’ve
been horribly hurt by human beings and yet all they want to do is find somebody else to love. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Around
the world strays, mutts and street dogs are victims of stigma. In Costa Rica, Lya Battle is
trying to change that story. She runs the Territorio de Zaguates It’s a lush haven for
stray dogs to either be adopted or live out
the rest of their days. – Territorio de Zaguates
stands for land of the mutts. My name’s Lya Battle, better
known as crazy dog lady, I guess. I started Territorio de
Zaguates partly because I’ve always loved animals, all animals. But it wasn’t in my plans,
it wasn’t like I set out to do this. The need for this, I think
all over the world is because there’s a huge stigma around a dog that doesn’t have a breed. They’ll let mutts wander on the streets or they’ll actually
toss them on the streets because they’re not breed dogs. The solution isn’t euthanizing a dog. The solution is make sure it’s
not born in the first place. Once it’s here, do something good for it. Find a home or if not at
least offer him a place where he can be in peace and happy. – [Narrator] Keeping
Territorio up and running is no easy feat. They eat $500 a day in food alone. Lya has to work a full time
job to keep all the dogs fed and healthy. – Territorio stays about
partly through miracles, I think. Keeping this afloat is a huge task. It’s a labor of love. You can’t pay someone to
care for an animal, truly, to remember their names,
to be gentle to them. – [Narrator] While this place
is a dog heaven, nothing beats getting adopted by a loving family. – [Lya] I say it’s like
kids at Kindergarten. They love their friends at school, but oh, they all want to go home to Mom and Dad. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Welcome to Dog Paradise

  1. Can I just go there and snuggle all the dogs and let them all know how much they're loved? Like I just really want to do that.

  2. Remember when your parents told you the dog went to a big farm in the country side…. Yeah buddy your dog didn't go somewhere like this it got killed a turned into ash

  3. Ya'll be ranting about what a heaven that is and it's great and all… but imagine the poop she has to pick up!!!?

  4. This is exactly what i have been dreaming to do since i was a child, i am 23 and this videou confirmed thats it is a good idea!

  5. I feel like she should make it welcome to visitors that can pay to come and see all of those cuties! Like an admission fee similar to water parks.

  6. MUTTS ARE BETTER MUTTS ARE BETTER MUTTS ARE BETTER MUTS ARE BETTER. It's like having chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice creme. Who would only want one of them?

  7. I love her sooo much for rescuing and giving all these unwanted and unloved dogs a place to live!! Bless you mucho! ????

  8. Im taking nursing school to be able to start something like this
    I cant wait to earn a good amount of money so i can open a foundation like this
    I just want to live my life in a paradise of dogs.nd educate people on how to love/live with dogs

  9. Os cachorros são fieis a ti até a morte, do contrario dos seres humanos que quando tu fica velho te mandam pro asilo !!! Não querem cuidar nem dos pais … canalhas mil vezes .

  10. AWWWESEME RITE ON..This Is NIIICE for the Dogs who Have Been MISTREATED/ABUSED to Run Free and Be HAPPY..After the LIVES that They Lead THEY Deserve to Be Happy…If My Lotto Numbers ever Hit I Would Luuuuuv to Do This Very Same THANG??????????✌✌

  11. This will be me when I can afford it. Except, all the dogs will be vegan. Since I'm not only a dog-lover but also an educated animal-lover. Who'd never sacrifice the life of a cow, or a smarter animal like a pig, just to feed someone who doesn't actually need meat to be healthy.

  12. This is better than peta ???? peta doesn't have solution for abandoned dog??
    God bless you for ever with all the happiness☺✨

  13. The total absence of public policies, added to the negligent way that the tico has to treat the animals generated an overpopulation of dogs. In Costa Rica there are no municipal kennels and there is no real awareness of animal welfare. This pseudo shelter the only thing that has are sick animals, some almost dying, smell of shit and urine everywhere. In his famous stampedes more than one dog dies crushed. Senana, the public institution in charge of animal health, among others, has tried to close that place and put an end to a disease focus for both humans and other animals. More than 1000 dogs is a pest and the only thing that can be done with that is pest control. This place is nothing more than a lie full of the smell of shit. I love the animals, but it is one thing to be reasonable and quite another to keep a place for the sake of profit.

  14. This is the real Paradise
    I just wish I have a own house so that I can adopt every suffering dog cat or any animal
    I already have 4 cats but my house owners r not happy with it
    But anyways
    Loads of love respect and prayers to all the angels in this video

  15. Imagine what will happen if one of the dogs are infected with rabies and it starts infecting other dogs


  16. You know you'd intern there for free if given the opportunity. I know I would. Dogs are just so incorruptible in nature compared to us, which is unfortunate.

  17. Someday I'll buy a very wide and big property that will serve as home for stray animals, it will be like this place where they can freely run. I will definitely take care of them. A place full of love and fun.

  18. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????☺️?☺️?☺️?????❤❤❤??????????????
    Nagyon rendes asszony mi szetetjük kutyával.

  19. 1:17 why cant we do this with human babies instead of aborting them? Make sure they aren't created in the first place but when they are and they're here give them love just like these poor dogs❤

  20. I live on a tropical country like this one and I can say the huge enviromental problem that this actitude can create. Studies on Brazilian protected areas discovered that the biggest predators were dogs, they killed wild animals and didn't even eat them. This woman should never be allowed to create dogs without a fence to keep them in.

  21. I love stray dogs ots so sad they dont try to attack you most of the time but they get scared and run even when they look like the biggest bully

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