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Hi! I’m Dr. Mark Burhenne of AsktheDentist.com Welcome to my YouTube channel! So, one thing I’m really still surprised at is when a new patient comes in, and this is after practicing for 30 plus years, is that there’s still some confusion on the patient’s part on what to do. What is the right thing to do for attaining good oral health? And in these videos, I’m going to explain to you how important oral health is. It’s not a trivial thing because it involves your systemic health. So, the purpose of this channel is to answer your questions. To cut through some of that confusion. I will be giving you honest advice on oral health for you and your family. So, hit the subscribe button below, you know what to do. And I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Ask the Dentist

  1. I had my first molar on the right side of my mouth removed no one told me about bone loss… should I be worried and will my face be effected?

  2. @Dr. Mark Burhenne. I went in for a check up the other day and I was told it will cost roughly about $3,000(after my insurance cover cost) for a single root canal/crown. I believe oral hygiene is important but $3,000 for a single tooth is over-priced don't you think? I'm starting to question whether my tooth is worth $3,000. I'm aware that dental costs varies but I just want your intake in regards to the typical cost for a single tooth canal/crown. If you can get back to me, I'd appreciate it. thank you in advance.

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