Welcome to Animal Technology | Waikato Institute of Technology | Wintec

Hi, I’m Anne Baldock and I work in the
Animal Technology department this is Maggie-May here you’ll see her in
anatomy and physiology classes I am the programme coordinator for R.A.T.s
now that’s Rural Animal Technician not not those little little hairy things and
the VNA I do programme coordination role in that one as well hope to see you next
semester. Hi everyone I’m Sally from Hi everyone I’m Sally from Animal Technology and this is my partner in crime BonBon. i teach behaviour and handling Bonnie would really love to see you next year she has another couple of friends that also come too, so come join us, Animal Technology Wintec Hello, I’m Jenny and I’m the student advisor with the Animal Technology programme. I’m here to support you with all your
non-academic needs so any financial support, relationships, housing I’m here
to help you with all of those things and I look forward to seeing you in 2020

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