Weirdest Animal Jobs (GAME)

-There’s some interesting jobs out there
that get interesting-er when animals do ’em.
-Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Gooooood Mythical Morning!
– There are an estimated eight and a half million species.
– What? – Different ones on this planet.
I know because I counted. And what do human animals do with
such a wide variety and amazing pool of potential?
We put them animals to work, y’all! – Oh, wow.
– So, today, I’m going to put Rhett to work testing his animal work force
knowledge in a game I’m calling: ♪ (game show music) ♪
– (Link, singing) These Animals Work Hard for the Money!
Hard for the Money! They Work Hard for the Money!
What’s Their Job and You Better get it Right?!
(normal voice) Okay, Rhett and Mythical Beasts, I am gonna present
an animal from the animal kingdom… – Ah, love animals.
– …and then I’m gonna give you some multiple choices as to what his–or
her–interesting job is, okay? – Okay.
– If you get four out of six of these right,
then I have to clean up the Mythical Poop Zone where the dogs poop
outside. – Oh.
– If you don’t get four… – I don’t go out there.
– …you have to clean up the Mythical Poop Zone. Okay?
– Y’all haven’t been cleaning up after yourselves out there?
– They have not. I’m gonna give you three lifelines. Okay?
The first one is… – Thank you.
– …”Fluffy Gets Fired,” where two of the answers are fired.
– Got it. – Taken away.
Fifty-fifty chance at that point. – Yup.
– The second one is “Ask A Real Working Animal.”
– Oh! – A real working animal that talks…
– We have a real working animal? – …and will give you his or her input.
– Okay. – And then the third one is,
“A Bird’s Got The Word,” where a bird’s gonna fly in and tweet a little hint in
your ear. Are you ready? Let’s play.
– Wow. I can’t wait to see that. – In the Phillippines, people are putting
snakes to work by A, crushing grapes in wine production;
B, squeeze-massaging people in health spas; C, serving as living vaults
by eating people’s valuables; or D, responding to Parseltongue and divulging
the secrets of Hogwarts. – I’m assuming I would think that that
Parseltongue thing was funny if I understood what it was.
– It’s not funny; it’s just very intriguing if that’s what
it is. – Okay.
– Very intriguing. – Logic is what I’m about to employ.
– What do snakes in the Philippines do, Rhett?
– Snakes can’t crush grapes. That’s not gonna happen.
I don’t think you can put a valuable item into a snake because it would then
digest it. You don’t want that to happen. It would be no longer valuable.
– It would be when it came out. – I think I’ve actually seen internet videos
of people with snakes on their backs. Seeming naked people with snakes on their
backs, and it was an appropriate site, and it was a massage,
so I’m gonna go with B! (dinging sound)
– That’s right! You’re about to see another one too!
Here it is! Look at these people getting massaged by
pythons! – (Rhett) Oh.
– (Link) They’re not scared at all! (People in video speaking in foreign language) – (Rhett) Oh.
– (Link) Look at her, she’s happy! – (Rhett) Well– She doesn’t even look like–
That isn’t, like, a massage. – (Link) Oh, that’s a massage.
She’s loosening up. Good job, Rhett.
(ding sound) – You’re off to a good start.
– Yes, I’m a natural! – Pigeons are great from getting to point A
to point B… – They are.
– …so people in Columbia make them A, smuggle contraband into prisons; B,
race each other in illegal gambling matches; C, measure long distances for
highway construction; or D, carry other pigeons as carrier pigeon
carriers. – (Rhett, laughs) Wouldn’t that be fun?
– Well, it depends on which pigeon you are. – Well, as a fan of the Netflix
original show, Narcos, I know that pigeons have been used to send
messages from prisons in Colombia, so I can only assume that they are also
used to smuggle contraband back into prisons, I’m going with A!
– Ooh! I haven’t seen that. I didn’t know that you’d seen it…
– Yeah! – …and that that was part of it,
but you’re right! (dinging sound)
– Yes! I’m an animal genius! (ding sound)
– But this happened in real life, not just in Netflix series.
A block away from a prison in Bucaramanga, Colombia, cops busted a
carrier pigeon with drugs strapped to its back because he flopped to the
ground due to overloading. – (Rhett) Oh.
– Can’t get over-zealous… – (Rhett) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– …when you’re trying to get the pigeon back into prison.
– You need less than half a kilo. – I’m not gonna– I have no expertise…
– Less than half a kilo of coke. – …and neither do you…
– Big pigeon. – …so chill out on the specific
drug references. – Okay. Alright.
– When Twiggy the squirrel isn’t collecting whatever nuts she can find in
Florida for the winter, she is A, foraging for rare acorns used at a local
gourmet restaurant; B, staring in movies water-skiing behind
a tiny motor boat; C, selling used cars in local commercials
dressed as a leprechaun; or D, singing in an all squirrel acapella
group called “Roadentatonix.” – (laughs) Give them a Grammy.
(Link laughs) – You earn a Grammy; they are not given.
– Okay, I have–You know what? I have my suspicions of what squirrels
would be capable of, but in order to confirm my suspicions,
I would like to Fire the Furry…? What is it? Fluffy Fires. What is it?
(crew laughs) – Fluffy gets Fired.
– I would like, yeah, that one. – So we are removing D and A…
(barking) – DNA?
– …and leaving B and C. – Okay.
– Water skiing or local commercials? – I know for a factoid…
– Twiggy’s in show business one form or another.
– I know for a factoid that there are water skiing squirrels.
Also, I have witnessed this because I spend a lot of time on the internet.
I’m going with B! – Then why did you use a lifeline?
– Because I wanted to make sure! – Oh! “I know for a fact,
but I want to make sure.” (dinging sound)
– You’re right, man! (claps)
– You know all about putting animals… – I’ve found my calling, man!
– …to work, man! (ding sound)
– I’ve found my freaking calling! – Imma be cleaning up some poop.
– Yeah, see? – (Link) Check out this motionless
squirrel. She’s like, “As long as I stay still,
everything’s gonna be okay.” – (Rhett) You think that squirrel knows what’s
going on? – (Link) No!
And that squirrel is several trained squirrels that actually play the role of
Twiggy. – Don’t ruin it for me!
– Featuring… – Don’t ruin it!
– …Dodgeball and Anchorman. – Yeah, also those movies.
I’ve seen both of them. – Ferrets, because of their agiley– Agile…
(laughs) – …body shape and intelligence–
My father in law likes to mispronounce words to be funny, but we just think he
doesn’t have a good vocabulary. – Oh.
(crew laughs) – Maybe–Okay.
Who’s right and who’s wrong on that one? – [A] The ferrets make great hostage
negotiators, delivering messages in hostage situations; B, space electricians pulling
wires through pipes for the U.S. Space Command; C, physicist janitors, cleaning
the inside of particle accelerators; or D, doctors, climbing inside patients to
perform low-budget colonoscopies. – Eugh. Oh gosh.
(Link groans) – Did you just burp over there?
– No I just– (groans) That’s the sound I make when I think about
a squirrel colonoscopy. – Gassy!
(Link groans) – (Link laughs) I’ve never made that noise in
my life. – I feel like I just have a logical
approach to this, but, you know what?
I really want to get a hint from a little birdie. What do you call that?
Bird is the Word? Bird’s Got the Word? That’s the one I wanna use.
– Alright. – I wanna hear a bird give me a hint.
– Let’s bring in the bird! (Link makes tweeting sounds)
– Oh, it’s a stuffed cockatrice! (makes tweeting sounds)
– You gotta get over there and give a hint. (makes tweeting sounds)
– (Link, using high voice) I’m not a hostage! (normal voice) I don’t know.
What did the bird say to you? I didn’t hear him.
– He said, “I’m not a hostage.” – Oh, okay. Not a hostage. Okay.
– What? That has no bearing on anything, other than it would mean that he wasn’t A. – He could be tricking you.
– I could see, because they can get into lots of spaces and they’re smart,
I can see them going into pipes and pulling things through,
and so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna say B. Final answer!
– You’re correct again! (dinging sound)
– I’m cleaning up poop, but you know what?
This was a double answer. I’ve been way too easy on you today, man.
It’s B, space electrician; and C, physicist janitor.
Check this out. – I could’ve had two chances.
– Yeah. I just wanted to be able to talk about
this. – Oh.
– The fact that the U.S. Space Command uses a ferret named Misty to feed
thousands of cables through 40 foot of piping. The ferret goes through a pipe,
and in 1971, Firmalab– We all know about Firmalab.
They use a ferret named Felecia to clean the inside of their particle
accelerator by giving her a specially made collar and having her run through 300 feet
of pipe. – You know what they say to Felecia as she
goes into the pipe? (crew laughs)
– Probably not “Bye, Felecia.” For several years, the United States Navy
has been teaching… – I gotta run the table.
My mission now is to run the table. -Okay, The United States Navy has been
teaching sea lions to A, distract enemies during amphibious
attacks; B, disable motors on enemy ships; C,
attack and handcuff enemy divers; or D, bark the song
(sings) “In The Navy” (normal voice) by the Village People.
– Wow. I know they’re smart. – (sings) In the Navy.
– Distract enemies during amphibious attacks? I don’t–
I want another life line. I want to take Ask A Working Animal.
– Bring in the working animal! ♪ (bouncy music) ♪
– Been waitin’ in the wings for years! Oh, look, it’s Chasey the life-guarding
giraffe. – (Chase, noncommittally) Yeah, no running.
(laughs) – (Rhett) Okay, thanks for that Chasey.
– You’re welcome. – Alright, Chasey the life-guarding giraffe.
– I don’t get the juxtaposition, but I appreciate it.
(Chase laughs) – (Link) Just give me your answer.
You heard him. – I think that it’s probably gonna be,
I don’t know, handcuffing sounds crazy. – (Rhett) Yeah.
– I think if that’s the answer, I’m gonna be real happy.
– You’re gonna be real happy? – Yeah, ’cause that sounds really cool.
I want to see that. – You know what?
I bet you they can handcuff. You know what?
You’re not just a great lifeguard. You’re a great clue-giver.
I’m gonna say C. Handcuff. – Everybody’s happy today!
(dinging sound) – They do attack and handcuff
enemy divers. (ding sound)
– Ok, You can take off, Chase. You probably got a kid to save,
or like a baby giraffe or something. I don’t have a video to show.
I’m sorry I can’t show that. – Five for five.
– Sea lions attach leg cuffs to enemy divers, so it’s technically leg cuffs.
– But you didn’t give me that option. – (Link) Feet are just hands down below.
Immobilizing them and allowing human sailors on the surface to pull in the
intruders. – Huh.
– Let’s round it out. See if you can get this one right.
– Yeah, let’s see. – Clean slate. Clean sweep.
– (laughs) Yes. – Clean sweep. That’s what it’s called.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – A small restaurant in Japan manages a
myriad of monkeys that A, dress like woman and serve drinks
to patrons; B, perform a cute break-dance every hour
on the hour; C, hand knead dough to be made into
ramen noodles; or D, work the door as security,
flinging their poo at the rowdy guests. Monkeys.
– Okay. Monkeys dressing up and serving people–
That would be fun. I’d go to that restaurant.
Japan is into that kind of thing. They also would be very likely to
break dance, but that’s not very helpful.
– Helpful? At a restaurant? Why they gotta be helpful if they
can be entertaining? – I think that they actually bring the
drinks to the patrons. For the six for six win!
– That’s your final answer? – (nervous) Yes!
– I’m sorry, Rhett, you’re right! – (screams) Yes!
(dinging sound) – Clean sweep!
– Woo! (ding sound)
– Let’s take a look at that monkey! – (Link) Check it out. Oh, look at that.
– (Rhett) Holy moly. That is the freakiest–
– (Link) Yeah, that’s pretty scary. – (Rhett) Why do they have to have a–
(screams) It’s like a horror movie!
I don’t want a drink from that lady. – (Link) Monkey lady giving fives.
– Oh, gosh. – Kinda creepy. Do you still want to
go to that restaurant? – No.
– Alright, if you’re curious what’s going in inside the hearts and minds of
these hard-working animals, “What are they thinking?
What are they feeling?” There’s actually an interesting audio
book all about that. It’s calledAnimal Wise:
The Thoughts And Feelings of Our
Fellow Creatures.
– (Rhett) You can listen to that on Audible along with 180,000 other
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– Oh, get that dog to work. – It’s a sore subject. – (Rhett, reading) Link is piñata at
a children’s party. – (nervously groans) Oh no…oh no.
Here it comes. I know it’s gonna–uhmm… Forget this!
– (Rhett) Mom!? (punch sound FX) [Captioned By Hayleigh & Mich4jc:
GMM Captioning Team]

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