WEIRD Things Everyone Ignores About The Royal Family

there are so many things we love about the royal family the incredible fashion the meaningful traditions and of course the lavish weddings but just like with every family there are a lot of strange things going on that most people don't talk about in polite company stay up-to-date on your favorite Royals by subscribing to the taco let's get started morbid many of us have a family member of advanced age they are usually happy to remind us that they could shuffle off the mortal coil at any moment but for members of the royal family they need to be prepared to attend a funeral with very little notice while the rest of us try to remember our toothbrush when we go on vacation royal family members need to pack an all-black outfit to bring along even the children need to have an appropriate morning outfit at all times just in case something happens and they lose a family member if the unthinkable happens they'll need to wear their mourning clothes upon returning home because obviously we all would judge them if they stepped off the plane still in their vacation clothes we can't tell whether this rule is more practical or depressing because it's kind of both but it did happen once in 1952 when the Queen visited Kenya and her father George the sixth passed away she actually had to wait on the plane until a suitable outfit could be brought for her to change into in addition to this bummer of a tradition royal heirs aren't supposed to travel together in the same vehicle or airplane this ensures that if something goes wrong and a tragedy occurs there will still be a family member in succession for the throne however in recent years this rule seems to have relaxed a little bit colorful considering so many of the things the royal family does can be called lavish you might be surprised that there is one area in which they go really cheap their nail polish in fact the Queen swears by Essie 8 dollar nail polish in the color ballet slippers it's the only polish deemed good enough to grace her royal fingernails Kate Middleton also loves Essie polish in the color allure there are actually fashion rules that members of the royal family have to follow and there is even one about nail polish they need to choose simple light natural shades you won't see any of the royal women wearing bright red nails however when it comes to her clothing that's where the Queen prefers to go bright she's even remarked that if she went out wearing beige colors nobody would recognize her somehow we highly doubt that but we do love her brightly colored outfits members of the royal family prefer to dress in vivid colors so they stand out in the crowd which means their outfits have to be bright but their nails must be muted strange rules but whatever works we suppose cake let them eat cake is a quote wrongfully attributed to Marie Antoinette but apparently it's queen elizabeth ii who has a frankly weird thing about cake we all love a nice slice of cake but none of us more so than the Queen apparently her former personal chef has dished that Her Majesty is absolutely obsessed with chocolate biscuit cake and she isn't content with just a slice once a cake is baked she has to have the whole thing over a period of time of course in addition to packing up a morning outfit she also makes sure to bring a slice of cake with her when she travels even if she's only going out for the day she packs a slice of her favorite cake to take with her kitchen staff are forbidden from tossing even the tiniest sliver as the Queen wants to make sure she gets every last bite of it she's been known to have the senior chef accompany her on trips along with a slice of her favorite cake there are some other foods the Queen is very particular about as well she enjoys bananas but cuts them up into tiny bites and eats them with a fork and she consumes her pears by cutting off the top and scooping out the insides with a spoon last name quick what is Prince William's last name don't worry it was a trick question since the royal family doesn't have surnames it's one of those things that seems obvious when you think about it but most of us never noticed so when Prince George registered for school what did they write his name as well technically his family is of the House mountbatten-windsor but they don't actually ever call themselves that when Prince William and Prince Harry attended school they went by the names William Wales and Harry Wales the last name of a royal child comes from the title of his or her father and their father Charles is the Prince of Wales because William is now the Duke of Cambridge that is the last name that George uses at school George Cambridge and if you think that's confusing we have bad news that's only a brief history of the complex and strange history of royal surnames in 1917 King George the fifth decided that the official family surname would be Windsor after Windsor Castle but when Queen Elizabeth the second married Prince Philip she decided to give her offspring the name mountbatten-windsor however none of them use it because they don't have to instead many favor their family's territorial designation drinks if one of us commoners confess to having four alcoholic drinks per day it might raise a few eyebrows however when the Queen does so it just sounds so classy according to former employees the Queen enjoys a total of four cocktails throughout the day her first drink of the day is a mixture of gin and Devon a which is a type of sweet wine based aperitif she has this with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice this classy concoction is served to her shortly before she sits down to take her royal lunch then along with her lunch is when she will have her second drink of the day for this cocktail she enjoys a gin martini that's prepared on the dry side and of course no meal served to the Queen would be complete without a slice of her favorite chocolate cake and a glass of wine to pair it with she waits awhile for her final glass of alcohol for the day before she heads to bed she grabs a glass of champagne as a nightcap since the Queen is so particular about her food it's no surprise that she's picky about her drinks as well first names we already discussed the strangeness of royal surnames but even their first names are weird in many cases are you ready to have your mind blown the loveable Prince Harry's first name is actually Henry that's right his full name is Henry Charles Albert David so few people were aware of this that when his engagement announcement made its rounds many people thought someone had made a royal mistake but apparently Harry is just a nickname that he earned in his childhood that just really stuck which is especially strange considering that it's so similar to his actual first name apparently the royal family has a history of nicknaming royal Henry's Harry no matter how strange it may seem to us commoners it seems that the lovely Megan Markel will fit right in since her name isn't actually Megan we're not joking about that either her real first name is Rachel her full name is Rachel Megan Markel but she prefers to go by her middle name it's strange that these two would prefer to swap out they're perfectly normal first names for other perfectly normal first names corgis having a relative who dotes a bit too much on their pets is something most families have to deal with however if you have the resources to spell their four-legged friends the way that the Queen does it's no secret that the Queen loves corgis she's had over 30 since becoming Queen in 1952 her breed of choice is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she clearly believes that they deserve a pampered lifestyle she got her first Corgi when she was 18 years old and named the dog Susan she was so precious to the Queen that she even accompanied her on her honeymoon with Prince Phillip at one point she experienced a tumultuous time when her beloved dogs just couldn't get along with one another the Queen consulted a dog psychologist yes apparently those are a thing who was thankfully able to tame the wild beasts while servants feed the Queen no one but queen elizabeth ii herself can feed her precious pups and they eat from silver trays instead of doggie bowls their menu changes so that the dogs get to enjoy a variety of different proteins including beef duck and chicken at times the dogs were even treated to freshly caught rabbits courtesy of the mighty hunters Prince William and Prince Harry clothing we know the royal family has to wear certain colors but what about their other clothing related rules former Buckingham Palace employee Brian Howey wrote a book called not in front of the corgis exposing some of the strange things the royal family does behind closed doors in particular he couldn't help but notice that Prince Charles doesn't bother himself with such common things as tending to his own clothing he has three valets to attend to his clothes and has never even bothered to undress himself also he prefers to wear the tie of the organization or military establishment that he's visiting so if he's going for a day out he brings along a valet with several ties so he can change if you thought being a personalised tie chauffeur was a lame job his valets also have to iron his shoelaces when the Prince removes his shoes have you ever wondered what the royal family does with their clothes when they're done wearing them the Queen generously gives it to her staff members who may wear it themselves or sell it for profit the only catch is that they must remove all of the labels so it can't be identified as once belonging to the Queen party-planning it's no secret the royal family loves entertaining guests but they go to quite some lengths to please their company in 2011 Barack and Michelle Obama visited Buckingham Palace saying the staff paid attention to detail was an understatement although the former president and his wife only stayed for two days palace officials wanted to make sure they were as comfortable as possible they even found out what type of toilet paper the Obamas preferred taking into consideration thickness consistency and color they also made sure to have their favorite flowers on hand and learn how they like to have their beds made the royal family also has their own rather bizarre party trick there is a corner of the white drawing-room at Buckingham Palace where there is a full-size mirror at parties an employee stands by it and when given a signal he presses a button as soon as it's pressed the mirror swings open revealing the royal family who has just been standing there waiting for just the right time because that's not at all creepy or weird apparently the royal family just hangs out in the Royal closet pre-gaming with their favorite drinks until it's time to arrive fashionably late to their own party identification you would think that one of the perks of being a member of the royal family would be not having to drive yourself around but queen elizabeth ii can and does drive on occasion despite not having a driver's license it might sound strange to picture the Queen driving around but she has been doing so since she was a teen during World War two she trained as a driver and mechanic and had to rebuild and drive many ambulances and trucks now she is the only person in the UK who doesn't need a driver's license to get around and her car doesn't require a license plate when King Abdullah from Saudi Arabia visited in 1998 she shocked him by insisting on driving him around since women in Saudi Arabia aren't allowed to drive this seemed incredibly scandalous in addition to not needing a license the Queen also doesn't need a passport to travel after all passports are issued in her name so it seems strange to issue yourself a passport oh and she's also immune from being prosecuted under UK law not having to stand in line at the DMV or worry about breaking laws are some pretty big perks of being a queen which of these family traditions do you find the strangest let us know in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe for more from the taco thanks for watching

45 thoughts on “WEIRD Things Everyone Ignores About The Royal Family

  1. EVERYONE knows in the UK that Harry’s name is Henry + loads of people commoners and the lot nickname Henry to Harry all across the UK smh

  2. There is no "Kate Middleton". And you DON'T pronounce it "VALAY". It's VALETT. A valet is a wood stand you hang shirts on.

  3. I have read so much about her, I totally admire her work , she cares about her people! She really does!!!! I salute her.

  4. There is something very dark about her and I don't find the royal family all that … they are certainly nothing to scream about…

  5. Gosh.. had I to wake up from my sleep looking into the queens face would give me a heart attack instantly… that woman is scary..

  6. The Royals only wear neutral nail polish on Royal engagements representing the QUEEN and state dinners. They have worn other color nail polish!

  7. Sorry why is it strange that Harry is a nickname of Henry? Harry or Hal have been nicknames for Henry for centuries.

  8. The Queen drinks ZERO alcohol on a daily basis, this is holiday referrances, even her chef who leaked this unfortunate personal info admitted so
    He said he was sorry that the info seemed to indicate that Her Majesty was a daily user of alcohol/alcoholic

  9. The queen isn’t gluttonous, she doesn’t like wastage, and the royals do have a surname, also out in public with his maternal grandparents who are normal folk, George actually goes by the name Alfie, lots of children around George’s age look similar so he can go around mostly unnoticed in their village, x

  10. Iv always called him prince Henry. The royal family has lost its elegance, it stopped with Diana. Now it’s just news.

  11. What’s so good about being royal they are the same as all of us except moto and Chungs

  12. The royals clothes person (each one has one) does the packing! not them…William doesn't have to remember to pack anything!

  13. i like how the Queen rolls, BUT Henry marring an actress low class, and why did he marry a half breed ? no doubt to piss off his grandmother Queen ..i wonder if this is a payback because of Princess Di …

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  15. I am Myers Queen Elizabeth needs a beauty queen yeah I'm and I love her she's remarkable and ain't ya I wish I was royalty but I'm not oral tongue size but I'm ijaz every girl was that bombs every girl with day was royalty I'm a peasant yeah really Market balls when did yeah splendid what do you mean I'm single but yeah but if royalty happened to me LOL yeah dial would happened to like the storage girl blood not to me LOL

  16. That’s nothing the name of the king of the Netherlands is “Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, Koning der Nederlanden, Prins van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg” (I kopied pasted that) the middle names comes from his dad, granddad etc. His ‘real’ name is Willen-Alexander Van Amsberg ????

  17. I think it’s so cool that the queen drives when she wants. She should be able to do whatever she wants & it looks like she does!

  18. i don't think standing behind a mirror and waiting for a butler to announce you is at all weird, it's actually a smart thing. that way if someone were going to attack one of the royal family, the police could get there and apprehend the person.

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