Weird Things Couples Do With Their Dogs

– Come on, good boy, good boy. – Did he poop? – He did. – Once or twice? – Twice. – Good, what was it like? – Low odor, standard
consistency, highly viscus. – What color? – Carmel. – Darker than yesterday? – Darker than yesterday. – Good boy! That’s a good poop! – I am the poop master! – Oh the poop master! – Let’s make a risotto. – How about a stir fry? – Banjo, risotto or stir fry? – That’s a stir fry look. – Damn, that is a stir fry look. – How was your day Banjo? – It was good. I went outside. – Banjo, what happened to your voice? – It was good, I went outside and then I – Can you do the voice please? – It was very good. I went outside. – Banjo Waddlebutt, Banjo Wattlebutt! Banjo! Banjo! Banjo!
Banjo! Banjo Wattlebutt! – I make a Wattlebutt! – Oh, show him the Hawaii photo with like – [Both] The cliff! – Totally. – Super cool. – It’s beautiful. – Like beautiful picture. – Oh my God. That’s so cute. – Anyway, okay. It’s this like. – [Both] Aw. – Where’s Banjo? (beeping) – Hello? Hello! – [Voiceover] Hello there papa. – Hey little Wattlebutt. Banjo, no! Banjo, no, go! Get out, get out of here! – Happy birthday papa. Love Banjo. Oh I thought we weren’t
going to become these people. – Oh, we are those people. – We are those people. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Where’s Banjo? – Hold on, I’m sorry. – Derpy face. – [Both] Aw. – Hold on, it’s super cool. Aw! – I’m very impressed that you
learned how to use a computer. – [Voiceover] Yes, my tiny tiny
paws can reach every button. – Where’s Banjo? All right, time to go to the dog park. – I wish we had a dog to
go to the dog park with us. – I’ll have to find some other dog to give all the belly rubs to. – Some other dog to give all the loves to. – Oh well. – You’ll just have to go all alone. (bark) Don’t you eat my shoe! – [Both] You’re a rotten beast! Rotten! – Okay, come on. – Banjo! – Come to me. – No, Banjo. – Look at, look at me. – No, look at me. – No Banjo! – I am the one you love. – No Banjo, look at dada. – I hope your dada’s
giving you lots of love. – [Voiceover] Oh yes, much
more love than my papa give me. – That’s not funny, put your dad on. – Hey, thanks so much for having us. We just, we got to go. – Banjo’s been alone all day. Like we got to let him out. – We got to let him out. Have a good night. – Did we take Banjo out? (nonsensical singing)

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