Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

I mean when we bought our bed oh my god wait are you two a couple yeah yes I thought you were brothers nope no are you sure you're not brothers yep pretty pretty sure yeah not brothers which one's the guy in which one's a girl we're both guys all right right okay but like you know do you two just check out guys together all the time yes oh my god you guys are getting married I've never been to a gay wedding can I come we just met you oh I don't mind we were thinking of starting by painting the living room first Oh what color do you guys think we should go with who I don't know what colors do you like oh well we had talked about pewter yeah yeah is that a good color why are you at you know my cousin's gay Terry you know Terry yeah gay Terry everyone you guys I need to pick out no for the company Christmas party will you help why are you asking I just check in on your room to Queens he's talking about the beds oh so when you guys are on a date like this who pays so when you guys slow dance who leads who plans the brunch place do you guys take turns we own a brunch restaurant I should show you yeah of course but you guys just wear each others clothes right actually that we do we do do that one yes that's that's great I need a new gay best friend will you be my new gay best friend we just met now you guys don't watch Real Housewives are you sure you're gay we're pretty sure you didn't have babies I'm sorry what gay babies okay can I be your surrogate oh are our babies would looks we just met you so if you guys have kids you can let them play sports why would we not let our kids play sports all right darling like musical theater and stuff gonna place dances who's the twink and who's the leather daddy Wow Wow North weiners you guys right Oh will you be my escort to the gay pride parade I mean you need a gay to get into one of those things you do you need a gay to get in and yes we will go with you oh you're gonna be my gay keeper Cena who T Garland you know he's actually Harland are you sure you're gay I'm pretty sure are you gay that's a really sensible

31 thoughts on “Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

  1. "Like musical theater or something…"
    That is so sexiest! There is N O T H I N G unmasculine about theatre…???

  2. I’m gay….do you care….probably not….I’m pretty sure I’m gay I like the same gender….I like my best friend

  3. In Islamic countries gays are tortured and killed in the name of religion.
    In Hindu countries gays are mocked upon and no one gives them job, because according to the people who are Religious gay's are not good.
    so they just group together and keep begging on roads, trains etc….

    Western and far eastern countries have better beliefs, while Indians and Islamic & Arabic people are still with those backward beliefs.

  4. Why do they ask them to decide which color to paint or which outfit to choose????
    Why do they want a gays perspective.

  5. But the thing is… When one of these typical lines r actually said to me, I laugh out loud!!!???… Mentally I think – ' U person! U can't even fathom how much fun we have'???

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