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“Hey friends! I’m sure you all
know what that is! It’s a unicorn! Sadly, Unicorns may not be real. But there are some really weird animals in
the real world that you may not know existed. Well, then let’s find out. Zooom in! Mantis Shrimp is a colorful ocean creature. Which is much deadlier than it looks! The clubs on its arms can shoot out with
the force of a gunshot! The punch of this little one is so fast,.. causes a bubble of light and
heat when it hits. Which is called Cavitation! Yikes! They can not only see color,
but also UV and Polarised Light! Furthermore, they’re eyes can even
move separately from each other! We may not have a super-man, but
we certainly have a super-SHRIMP! Tardigrades! Also known as Water Bears,
are even stronger! Boil them, deep-freeze them, crush them,
dry them out or blast them into space… Tardigrades will survive it all and
come back for more! Tardigrades have been around for
500 Million years! Even longer than the Dinosaurs! Glaucus Atlanticus! Wow! Isn’t it pretty? This beautiful creature called
Glaucus Atlanticus is a tricky ocean being. That likes to go with the flow, literally. It moves where the wind and
the waves take it… Which is why they can be found
all over the world. But don’t go on its looks, it carries
a deadly poison in its limbs. Which it steals from its prey, such as
the Portuguese Man O War. Its trickery doesn’t end there. This Blue Sea Slug, floats on the
water upside down to camouflage itself.. ..from predators both above and below. This is because the colors on
both its sides are different. Even if they get flipped, they will
flip back in order to camouflage themselves. Pacu Fish! This fish is known for its teeth. Which look like none other than Human teeth! But you don’t worry, because they
usually eat plants. And are mostly harmless to humans. Narwhal! So what if there are no
real unicorns on land? There are Narwhales, also
called Unicorns of the Sea! That’s right! Well, the males generally have a tusk. Which is an enlarged tooth with up to
10 million nerve endings inside. Oh, and the tusk can grow up to 10 feet long! TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that there are about
8.7 million species on Earth? Out of which only 1-2 million
species are animals! The blue whale’s tongue weighs
as much as an adult elephant. So friends, always be inquisitive
and keep exploring. Who knows you might discover a new animal! On this note, this is me, Zooming out! Tune in next time for more fun facts. Hey Kids, you liked my videos didn’t you? Before you go don’t forget to click on
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  1. I love Dr Binocs shows.
    It's awesome.
    Helped me in my studies a lot.
    Made my portions easier.
    So I subscribed it???☺.
    Thanks a bunch.?

  2. I know a animal called ganga foring and Dr binocs????㊙㊗??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Unicorns are real scientist found unicorns bones approved unicorns are real sadly they can’t do that they can’t remake them back that’s kind of sad I wish unicorns are real but girls put pictures on unicorn down the rooms girls really like unicorns were in the boys the other hand boys or motes cooler how are the words are getting mixed up with our kind a much cooler girls in the other hand there Chyna Chyna like unicorns they really like unicorns oh no idea why do girls like unicorns things don’t exist do exist in the extinct sadly we can’t see them like dinosaurs sister??????

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