Weekly Rabbit Care

hey guys this is Haley from 101rabbits.com and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking all about weekly rabbit
care so something you’re gonna have to do on a weekly basis is buy fresh
veggies for your bunny I personally go one to two times a week because
sometimes my veggies just don’t stay fresh for a week long so I kind of find
myself going every like five days versus like every seven days but it really
depends on like what veggies you’re buying and how long they stay fresh and
how much your rabbit eats the next thing you’re gonna have to do is clean up
after your bunny so a lot of the times once a week I’ll do a major clean where
I vacuum everything I change the litter boxes I clean the litter boxes I refill
all of their hay boxes I basically take everything and just clean it all rabbits
can be quite messy but a lot of the times it’s like the hay that is the
messiest so vacuuming at least once a week is definitely a must
I also spot clean throughout the week I don’t have a set day on like how often I
do this I literally just go by how messy the bunnies are and when I feel like it
needs to be spot cleaned for spot cleaning I kind of just vacuum up any
hay that’s around and then like spot clean their litter boxes which for that
I just take out the wet stuff and all the hay out of the litter box and mix it
around and that’s basically all I do another good thing to do about once a
week is to switch out your rabbit toys this just helps your rabbit not get
bored with the toys they have and it creates a lot more enrichment for them
by swapping the toys out it makes the old toys seem like they’re new because
they haven’t seen them in a while you guys are ever looking for new or fun
toys don’t forget that I do have a shop on 101 rabbits.com so you can go ahead
and check that out if you guys are interested so another thing you might have to do on
a weekly basis depending on your bunny is groom them now with my younger
rabbits I honestly don’t have to groom them once a week if it’s not during a
molting season so like when they’re shedding really bad but with my older
rabbit Lulu who’s about ten and a half years
old I do have to groom her at least once a week if not more just because she
cannot groom herself at all which means her fur always looks like she’s molting
it’s very unsettled very odd-looking and that’s simply because she has such bad
arthritis that she cannot lick herself and groom herself like younger rabbits
can so for that reason I do groom Lulu about once a week sometimes more
sometimes its daily it really depends on you know how she’s doing and what her
fur looks like and some of you guys might have to groom more often depending
on the breed of rabbit you have I know Angora’s take a lot more work than
short-haired rabbits so it definitely depends on your breed their age their
health conditions all of this stuff so that’s basically it for today’s video I
really hope you guys enjoyed and learn something leave a comment down below if
you guys want to see a monthly care routine as I would be happy to do that
as well thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you very soon
on a new video bye

81 thoughts on “Weekly Rabbit Care

  1. Thank you for everything you have done for me I have learned so much from you and my past rabbit benefited so much from you and my soon to be bunny will also. Again I love your channel

  2. Can you do a vid on your rabbits and how on earth you got them to be so calm and used to a vacuum? Mine freaks out if he is anywhere near it when it is on

  3. I absolutely love these kind of videos from your channel! <3 Seeing you do the day to day stuff inspires me to do them even when I'm really tired, thank you so much for that!

  4. I’m a little early. when I grow up and move from my family what type of bunny do you think I should get first?? And Should he/she be a baby or adult bunny??

  5. I love these videos, I just put them on and me and my bunny watch! Thank you for being able to share your expertise with us ?❤

  6. Great video, and the new bunny room looks awesome. I prefer to clean up the hay as often as possible (more than once a week) because cleaning when the mess is smaller and more often just works best for me. Your bunnies are so blessed to have you as there bunny mum ☺️??

  7. Here I am questioning how on Earth you are walking on all the hay barefoot and not getting hay splinters in your feet! Teach me your ways, because I'm never that lucky lol loved the video!

  8. How often do you refill and change out any "old" hey from those large Hey boxes?
    How on earth does your veggies keep fresh for 5 days? 😛 Mine litterally turns into mush after 3 days in the fridge. lol
    Would love a monthly video too 😉

  9. Bit of advice. Cutting your veggies with a metal knife cuts the life of the veggies by 30%. But a plastic butcher knife or tear your items down. Nice site we really enjoy it. ☺

  10. Hi Haley! I was wondering if you were thinking about getting another bunny soon? I’m thinking about getting another myself and I was wondering

  11. I love Ebony Sterling and Lulu.l look forward to your videos. The bunnies make me smile. I hope Lulu's arthritis is doing better?❤️♥️

  12. Hehe it’s so cute to watch sterling and ebony while your cleaning. They have to hop around and sniff everything ??❤️❤️❤️

  13. Always happy to see your videos! Monthly rabbit care is a great video idea.

    I love that you post even while dealing with personal health issues. Still, know that your health and sanity is most important! Your bun family (and of course Milo and the rest of your family) is lucky to have you. ?

  14. The way you take care of them,the respect you have for them and the love and caring that you put it….its something you don’t really see very often so you have all my respect Haley♥️ ?

  15. Are you happy with your shop vac? It seems to pick up all the hay very nicely. Would you agree? Thinking about purchasing one but it’s pricey. Which is the one you have?

  16. This was great because I just got my 2 rabbits today, they are my first rabbits and yeah, we can start slowly introducing veggies soon we were told they are ready. We are booking their first vaccinations in the next week and when they are a bit older we are going to get them neutered. They are called Tinsel and Storm ❤️

    Tinsel is a black Male and we don’t know the breed of him and Storm is a black and white rabbit that is mixed but he’s mostly Netherland dwarf and they are both so cute ?

  17. Hi, I was just wondering if your shop ships to Australia? Really hard to find reasonably priced, good quality rabbit supplies that ship here. I can't even order a hair buster without it being upwards of $25 (US)!

  18. So disclaimer before you guys hate on me for being a horrible person! I was only like 8 or 9 when this happened! also these bunnies were kept outside… so my parents thought it would be a good idea to get me bunnies to teach me responsibility I was surprisingly really good at taking care of them, I gave them fresh water, and brought them inside multiple times a day, put a fan outside with them if I thought it was to hot… everything was going smoothly until the first really cold night of the year? so me and my mom had done some research and thought that the bunnies would be okay to be left outside in the cold because the internet said that they could easily withstand low temperatures.. it got down to 30 degrees that night and the internet said that a bunny could withstand that but what we didn’t think about was the fact that the wind was blowing directly into the doorway of the portion of the cage that was closed off so basically the cold air was just circulating in the bunnies little bedroom… needless to say I went outside the next morning to check on them and saw them laying together all cuddled up (I thought they were asleep) and I thought they just looked so adorable! so I went inside and got my mom so that she could take a picture of them for me, and I guess she realized that they weren’t just sleeping so she told me to go inside. let’s just say that when she finally told me that they weren’t just sleeping I had the worst mental breakdown of my life! All I could think of was my little babies just huddled together to stay warm while I was inside under my warm blanket dreaming of rainbow and unicorns! Also the fact that i almost took a picture of the haunts me to this day. Learned many life lessons that day?

  19. You make it seem so easy when cleaning but when I clean, my bunnies are always bothering me because they’re curious ?❤️ Glad we got to see how Lulu was doing! It’s sad that she can’t do much because of her arthritis but she has a great bunny mom & she’s lucky for that! Also, where did you buy the cardboard maze?

  20. I liked to see your weekly care!
    What was the vaccuum you're using again? I once saw it in a video, but I forgot which one. 🙁

  21. Great video! You spend so much time and dedication to your rabbits and they are so lucky. Be careful with the vacuum cord while you clean though?. You don't want your rabbit chewing on it.

  22. What are you doing with the soiled bedding and litter waste? It is a sin against the earth to "throw it away" as it unnecessarily goes to the landfill. It must be composted either by you or someone else. If you don't want to do it, I'm sure there is a gardener near you that would be happy to take care of the waste for you. If you did it yourself, you could use it to grow food for your bunnies and know you had no pesticides or herbicides in their veggies.

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