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(gentle music) – Waking up this morning, I smile. 24 brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and look at all beings
with eyes of compassion. Ah, gosh, good morning. This quote helps me be
mindful throughout my day, and one of the first things
I do is look in this mirror to remind myself that I'm
still here, and I still got it, still got it. (laughs) my philosophy for skin is that
good skin starts from within, so I like to start my day
with this sparking water, 9.5, really keeps me hydrated. This is my favorite glass to drink out of. It's actually a wine glass, but I'm more of a water girl, and it's pretty funny because it's like while I'm drinking it, I'm actually flicking people off. I love you though, so it's okay. (upbeat music) These are my babies. We have Buddha, Mijon,
he's like the model. Buddha is like the chill cat, and Grammy is somewhere around here. She's my baby, she's the
girl, this is Grammy. I love that they purr. I've heard that purring
is actually like healing, a healing vibration. All three of my cats were
from fosters that I've had, and I just fell in love with them, so I was like I have to
keep a few of them. (laughs) (kettle whistling) Okay my
tea is ready, yes it is. I like to start my day
with a nice hot cup of tea. I like to collect mugs. Let's see, I think I'm
gonna go with cup of happy because I wanna be happy today. I also collect teas, gonna
go with this Stress Relief, Yogi's my favorite tea
because of the little sayings that they have on, compassion
will make you beautiful, that's very sweet. I try to stick to teas more than coffee or anything that has a
lot of caffeine in it, especially when I'm singing. Throat Coat is my favorite
tea for when I'm singing. My Menuka honey, I can't
have my tea without it. (gentle music) Okay, this is my studio, and
these are my instruments. It took me a while to understand that one of my purposes as an artist is to help aid people
in the healing process, and so I've just been studying how sound can be a form of a healing, and I'm incorporating
these healing instruments into the music so that I can really put that intention into my music to heal. This is one of my favorites, this is a crystal singing
bowl in the key of C, which helps balance the root chakra, okay, you can only play this
if you have a pure heart, so let's see if my heart is pure today. (bowl hissing) It's not pure today, hora. (bowl humming) Yeah, you feel that. (gentle music) A few months ago, I started
doing readings on myself and others, ooh, okay, I've
never gotten this card before. I don't know the cards by heart yet. I'm still in training. This book, Tarot Made Easy,
will help me understand why I got this card
for the month of March. My question had to do with love (laughs) like they usually do every month. Okay, "You wish things weren't so hard "and/or you want to become
less emotional or reactive." Wow, that's very true. "And to be able to cut off or throw off "anyone and anything that could elicit "a negative emotional response. "You will experience a lot of vacillation "in matters of the heart
and will be looking "for the right approach or the right mate, "or you will have so
many things on your mind "that love will be the
furthest thing from it." Wow, okay, alright, I
hear you, I hear you. Really it's just like
guidance for the month. I have five decks, I have a tarot deck, a goddess deck, an animal
deck, an angel deck, and affirmations that I do daily. I sort of just speak my
questions directly into the deck as I'm shuffling them. I just sort of put that
energy into the deck. Well that reading was pretty intense. I have a lot to think about, but right now I'm gonna wake
up Nami, I let her sleep in, we're gonna get her day started. Thank you, Elle, so much
for waking up with me today. (gentle music)

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  1. @ConjureQueen , idk if you seen this but it reminded me of your post and to know that she tries to heal us through the actual vibrations in depth through her instruments touched me ?

  2. Damn, she had me at the intro! That was so positive! I'm going to start waking up like that instead of hitting 'Snooze' & being like, "Ughhh, I wish I didn't have to go to work". She's so inspiring!

  3. She is so beautiful and such a good spirited person so humble and so balanced I've been in love and this video made me fall in love harder lol

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