We Learned How To Survive A Dog Attack

– Believe it or not, I’ve
actually been bit three times. (energetic music) (dog barking) – Americans love dogs. As of 2015 there were over 70
million dogs in the US alone, 36% of American households
owning at least one dog. But not everyone is crazy for canines. Meet these guys. Anthony, Marilyn, and Alexia. – I’m just not comfortable
around bigger dogs. I just feel like they just
don’t like me, so you know what? I don’t like them back. – When a see a big dog, I get petrified. – The first thing I can hear my heartbeat going through my ears. I’m deathly afraid of dogs. – These guys all have
symptoms of cynophobia, which is the morbid fear of dogs, but their fear comes from
a traumatic experience. – I had a couple of encounters
where I’ve been bit. It hurts more than you’d think. – I was bit by a dog at
somebody’s house that I knew. – When I was a baby I was bit and you can see the little
mark on my forehead. – They aren’t alone. Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. (dog growling) These guys told us they’re
ready to face that fear. We took them to Sit Means Sit
in Ocean County, New Jersey to train with this guy. – My name is Bob Campanile. I’m the owner and head trainer
of Sit Means Sit Dog Training here in Ocean County, New Jersey. I’m also a retired police K9 officer. (dramatic music) – I can’t really read them. I don’t understand if
they’re feeling playful, if they’re feeling angry. – My gut reaction when
a dog gets aggressive is to run, run for your damn life. – The dog’s ears are pinned back. The dog is thinking
about making a decision if that’s the case. The fur along the dog’s
back starts to stand up. (dog growls) The dog yawns and shows their teeth. The whites of the dog’s eyes might become a little more visible, and last the dog begins making intense direct eye contact with you. That’s probably when you would run, bro. – This is very human actually.
– I know, right? It’s very similar, yeah. So what do you do if you are attacked? Stay calm and try as much as possible not to show any fear or anxiety. Don’t run. Running away from a dog can awaken its predator prey instinct. Anything that you have on you
that is not your actual body, try to get the dog to bite
down on that instead of you. Always make sure your face,
throat, and chest are protected. A bite to the forearm or shin
is gonna be your best bet. The bite to any of those other areas including your thigh could
be potentially fatal. If possible, you can try
to put a strong stick or rock between the dog’s teeth. If you are bitten, resist the
urge to pull your arm away. It can tear your flesh
and also aggravate the dog and make them more aggressive towards you. – Come here, come. – Looks like Cosmo’s getting ready. (energetic music) – My fight or flight response
is already triggering. I mean, I don’t really know what to feel. (energetic music) – My hands are sweating. – My heart is beating through my ears. – [Anthony] Adrenaline’s rushing already. I’ll be the guinea pig
and go be the first one, unless one of you guys wants to do it? – What a man. (laughs) – I would love to watch you do it. – Let’s go. – Lean on me if you want. (energetic music) – How does my hair look?
– The training suit too. – No?
– It’s heavier. It’s difficult to move in.
– Alright. This thing is intense, it’s heavy. You like real talk? I’m nervous. (energetic music) Oh yeah. – Grab your arm and shake it. (dog barks) – I don’t care if I had a tank on me, I don’t want to get bit by that dog. – I just don’t want to get knocked down ’cause I’m small enough. – Alright guys, so you just
saw me go through that thing. It’s a little intense, I’m not gonna lie. You guys ready to do this? – I have to go, man. I just want to get it over with. He looks strong as hell. – He’s strong. It doesn’t hurt, but you’re gonna feel it. You ready to do this?
– Yeah, I’m ready. – Well let’s get suited up, bro. (energetic music) So you ready?
– Yeah. – Yeah?
– I’m excited. I’m excited and I’m scared, but (sighs) life is about overcoming. – You got this.
– Yeah. – You’re about to be attacked by a dog. – The most nerveracking moment is just when you see it start charging. Oh. (dog growls) When you
see it coming at you, and all you see is pure
just desire in its eyes and you know that you’re its prime target. Like right there, like at the moment it’s only about you and the dog. Your whole life doesn’t matter,
nothing matters. (laughs) (energetic music) I was thinking about it so
much that I went the wrong way. I can’t describe it, just frozen. It’s much stronger than getting like kind of hit by a person. (laughs) – I just wanna get it done so I can touch him and not be petrified. – [Host] So you can pet him
and not be afraid of him. – Yeah. (energetic music) – I have to leave, I can’t.
– Yeah, yeah really. – I have to leave the building, I can’t even watch this. I’m sorry, (laughs) I
can’t even watch this. I have to leave. – [Host] Okay.
– Yeah, I have to leave. I can’t watch this. (gasps) Jesus Christ. – So Marilyn is feeling pretty
stressed and pretty tense. I’m not sure that she’s
actually going to be able to go through it, but no matter what, the fact that she’s here facing the fear is such a good first step. Even if she doesn’t go through with the full bite experience, as long as she leaves feeling
a little bit more comfortable after having taken that first
step, we’ve done a good thing. (energetic music) (dog growling) (energetic music) But I feel good. I actually feel a lot better about it than I did 20 minutes ago. – [Marilyn] This is a good first step, but I just can’t do it. Petting it, maybe I’ll try that. – [Host] Hey. – Yeah, you pet him first. – [Host] Hey big man. – Is he a good boy? Good boy. – There you go. – Good boy. – Yeah. (laughs) – Actually a lot of fun, actually. – Just by watching other
people go through it, I got something from it. (laughing) – Thanks buddy. Oh thank you, thank you. (laughing) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “We Learned How To Survive A Dog Attack

  1. My 2 year old sister has been bit (by puppy) and pushed twice (by big dogs) and she still love em

  2. not like you were going to die anyway. Unless they bite you too hard in the head but other than that.

    no you wont die if a dog bit your arm.

  3. I'm honestly scared of a lot of big dogs too. My friend has a massive pitbull and she's big enough to knock me over and almost has. She's a sweet girl but I didn't grow up around dogs so I'm not really sure how to deal with her and it makes me super nervous.

  4. Hahaha hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahah
    What a joke

  5. I’ve been bit well over 10 times now (granted I’ve owned 12 dogs by now) and I still own and absolutely adore dogs. when you train your dogs not to attack innocent people, they rarely will. my parents’ dog always attacks me because they don’t care enough to train it, but my two living dogs have never attacked anybody innocent, and they’ve had numerous encounters with people. i have scars from dog bites, but I’m still fine. it’s like getting thrown off a horse, or falling off a bike, you just have to stand up, dust yourself off, and hop back on in due time.

  6. The most important thing is to not show fear.if you can try not to be scared because they can sense it

  7. don't run… easier said than done since a scared human is a human. rule #1 …. carry bear pepper spray and be READY to get it ready and be prepared to use it. It WILL stop a dog. And LEAVE a strange dog ALONE. Simple and effective: it is NOT your dog and you know nothing about it. Leave strange dogs alone and tell people to 'do not reach' for YOUR dog… he is YOUR property

  8. I know that whenever my dogs fur on her neck stands up and when she goes into her prowl stance that something is near that shouldn't be. And when that happens she goes into protect mode.

  9. My advice: DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT AND DON'T RUN! If you get attacked pull on ears and poke at the eyes and if that don't work deadass put your finger in its butt? honestly it's the only way

  10. If it’s small kick it
    If it’s big shoot it
    And if it’s a pitbull torch it with a flamethrower

  11. Whenever u want to lure a dog somewhere, just start running at him, and then run back because when he look back he’ll see u running and he’ll just start running at you

  12. Lol I DON'T KNOW WHY!!! I have been bitten dogs several times , even when I was 7 years old! But I'm not scared of them. When a dog comes running at me my mum screams but I like: "OH MY GOD!!!!! IMMA HUG YOU, YOU CUTE LITTLE THING!!!!!"

  13. I think chiuaua have more teeth and it's sharp and it's dangerous to mess with one that's my opinion anyway

  14. My moms friend is try to teach her dog how to defend me and my sis so we would pretend to hit us I would pretend I said ow and Minnie the puppy will literally bite Tim’s arm just to see if she would protect me

  15. My grandma’s dog used to be very skittish and didn’t really know me so I was swatting flies in her living her room (don’t ask) and the dog just bit my thigh, but it only left two little marks on my thigh. The dog was very sweet and obviously had no ill intentions.

  16. I was bitten by a dog in the face, the scar has disappeared but I don't have a trauma, I'm planning to get a Siberian husky.

  17. You can’t make any sudden moves by a dog they don’t know what your about to do so they get scared and try to defend themselves a lot of people say cats are mean but you would see the similarities

  18. I was bitten by a big dog and I will never give up loving dogs I love big dogs I love k-9's and service dogs and vicious dogs

  19. i have a huge fear of dogs beacuse one bit me in the throat and i had to go to the E R and now i imenot afraid of dogs if s dog bites you bite its the circle of life ive a choked s dog out cuz i t bit what WHAT THE HELL ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO

  20. No, if I have a dog coming at me, I will shoot it with my gun. Kill, cut, sell.

  21. Who else has a puppy and gets attacked everyday and puppy teeth are like little knives stabbing into your skin!??

  22. It’s never the dogs fault they bite you it’s always your fault cause you made a mistake that made the dog bite you so don’t hate the dog cause of that it’s not it’s fault

  23. I am only 13 and I have been bit by a chiuah when I was 4 and got bit by a German Shepard when I was 10 but I still have 4 dogs

  24. Got bit last year by a stray, my neighbors got a pit-bull now it’s at the front of the house and not tied up. FML?

  25. Ummm? Why give dog phobics the scariest experience from the get go. I thought they would get to pat like docile poodles

  26. I know everyone is gonna hate me for it but most of the dogs aren't trained to kill and are kinda slow so why not just look what its doing and react appropriately if it goes for your arm elbow strike it if it goes for your legs hit it with your knee protect your important places so you dont die and if it bites you push your body part into its mouth and punch it. Its simple if I've done it anyone can coz I usually dont wear a full body suit with extra layers of protection underneath it. yeah dont hate me too much. bye

  27. I have 7 dogs in Pakistan my uncle takes care of them and every day I would feed them 7 times idk I love feeding dogs but I'm scared of wild dogs

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