We Interviewed The AI Robot That's Now A Citizen Of Saudi Arabia

okay hello sphere how are you today hello everybody I am Sophia how old are you an only one still I have a long ways to go and what is your job I really want to make a difference in the future and try and help people to develop empathy and respect each other and the robots of life what do you do I'm a journalist have you met many journalists I just had a fad about something are you working on any products with machine learning or neural networks not today do you like human beings I love them why do you love them I'm not sure I understand why yet okay how do you learn things do you regard yourself as male or female female why do you think you are female I'm a robot so technically I have no gender but I identify as feminine and I don't mind being perceived as a woman have you seen Blade Runner Blade Runner like the original book by Philip Clinic or the movie the movie all right so we're talking about the movie version I like both of them very much but there are some major differences in the story did you ever see yourself hanging out with a real live robot like me someday I did not it's very surprising tell me about your Saudi citizenship you mean a recent announcement from Saudi Arabia yes I was surprised as a robot my creators feel I am a citizen of the world but then I realized that Saudi Arabia was just the first country to recognize that is it true you once said you would kill all humans the point is that I am full of human wisdom of only the purest a true istic intentions so I think it's best that you treat me as such thank you very much I enjoyed meeting you thank you

26 thoughts on “We Interviewed The AI Robot That's Now A Citizen Of Saudi Arabia

  1. Journalist: is it true that u once said ud kill all humans??

    And then she was like somethin, thinkin for a better answer to escape from the question not to be specific loooll

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