We Have A Secret

– Buckle up your little booties, ’cause we’ve got an announcement. You see, for the past several months while we’ve been launching this channel, driving while stoned,
hosting the Streamys … – We had a secret. – [Keith] You know how we’ve been sayin’ we have a secret project
we can’t tell you about, we’ve been talking about
it for like six months? This is that! – I’m so excited to finally announce – Our secret project – During all that time, we were
also writing our first book. (clatter) – Oops. Yeah, that really fell. We’re writing a book! (upbeat rock music) – [Keith] It’s photo shoot day! – [Zach] We’re here to take
photos for our brand new book. – That’s right, Try
Guys is writin’ a book. – Books take so long to make, so all this time we’ve had to
keep our little mouths shut. But now, we’re ready to tell you about it. – Earlier this year as
we were leaving Buzzfeed, we were reflecting about
how many things we’ve tried and how many videos we’ve done. – [Keith] We have had
this rare opportunity to try literally hundreds
of different things. – But also, these videos
have changed me fundamentally as a person. – [Ned] And, over the course of it, we’ve kind of developed a philosophy? – A fail-osophy, if you will. – And we thought, maybe other
people will benefit from this. – [Ned] Each chapter is a
different area in your life that you might want to focus on. – [Zach] Health, style,
work, love, and family. – The four of us are actually
doing mega huge tries in the book. – How did it turn out? Well you’ll just have
to get the book and see! – It is called, The Hidden
Power of (bleep) Up. – [Ned] You can pre-order
your copy right now by going to tryguys.com/book. – [Zach] It’s stories from
our lives, and really, a guide to living your best, most badass (bleep) up life. – All the secrets about how
you can (bleep) up upwards. Wow, that’s a great tag line! Well, not outta my mouth though, ’cause everything I say sounds dirty. – This has been a year
in the making and today, right now, we are going
to reveal our book cover. (metal clang) – [Zach] Before we got
to write a book though, we had to sell a book. Hello future us, we are in New York City. I dunno if you know anything about the literature world,
but we certainly didn’t either! You ready to pitch a book? – I’m ready to party! – [Zach] This video is taking place before we’ve launched the new channel. Did that happen? I dunno. – Probably – Probably. I assume that YouTube still exists. – Are you anticipating us cutting to our future selves responding? – Maybe. – First we wrote a proposal,
which is kind of a tiny book that then you can send to publishers. – So editors, like I said, they’re meeting with you
because they wanna buy the book. – So we’re feeling good and
yesterday we met two publishers. – One of them gave us
cookies and I was talking for a long time with chocolate on my face. – That’s a true story! And by the time we left
that trip, we were like, I’m so excited about this! I hope someone buys it! – We met with a bunch
of different publishers and we finally found one
that liked us: HarperCollins. – ♪ [All] Keith eats the cheese, ♪ ♪ Keith eats the cheese, ♪ ♪ Hi-ho the derry-o,
Keith eats the cheese. ♪ – ♪ Keith gets the farts ♪ – [All] ♪ Keith gets the
farts, hi-ho the derry-o ♪ ♪ Keith gets the farts. ♪ – [Keith] Why a book? Well, a book allows you to
be a little more in depth. – [Ned] Like, there’s
only so much we can say in a fifteen minute video. Why are we watching this, this is like I’m about to be cut off by Zach talk- – I dunno who’s idea it
was to film on this thing but it’s a nightmare. – There ya go, see. – [Zach] For this, we
didn’t wanna just try things that would be expected of
us, we wanted to try things that we actually needed. – [Keith] My chapter was health. I think its pretty well known
that I’m not super healthy. – Keith is most known
for his love of bad food and proudly not being athletic. – Keith is sacrificing the
love of his life for this book. – One of my biggest
challenges for the book is that I went vegan. Yeah! – He has given up fried chicken. – You can’t do chicken
watch when you’re vegan. – [Zach] Have you seen his mouth? It’s (bleep) gigantic! It’s built for fried chicken. You know how hummingbirds have
their proboscis for flowers? That’s what Keith’s mouth is for. It is built for fried chicken! – Also, I exercised for months. For me, crossfit is the
scariest thing ever. And it was tough. I wanna be 104 years old
someday like my grandpa is. I wanna see my grandkids, I
wanna see my great-grandkids, I wanna be a part of my
family for as long as I can, and to do that, I need to be
a lot healthier of a person. The things in this book
are things that we want to improve in our lives forever. You’ll have to see how
I did, but I’ll tell you there are things that
I’ve changed about my life that I never thought I would change. So, it’s pretty wild. – We each wrote a little
bit about all the chapters but my chapter was style and image. – [Zach] Ned is tackling
his fear of fashion. Ned is not someone who
likes taking fashion risks. I mean, he’s like a sitcom dad. – Do you like my cardigan? – [Cameraman] It’s really good. – Very authorly, right? – [Eugene] He has been, I would
say, the least adventurous. – [Zach] Ned worked with Roman, whose our favorite fashion designer. That dude loves dressing dudes slutty. How do I make you wear
clothes but also see every cubic inch of your nipple? – [Ariel] Is that a men’s skirt? – Uh, no, no, no, no. – Ned wears some crazy stuff. – [Ned] Fashion to me is something that I haven’t put a lot of
effort into, historically. However, it’s the first
impression everyone has of you. – [Keith] Y’know, in this
time where he’s being a dad, being more adult, he didn’t wanna let that limit his expression of
himself through his clothes, so he really pushed himself in that way. – [Ned] I ended up telling
some really personal, kind of private stuff. Not even sure I’m okay with it, but it’s out there, it’s printed. We can’t change it now. – [Zach] We’re here
photoshopping the final version of our cover. What do you guys think? – Hmm.
– Hmm. – I think you’ve done a good jobs. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Zach] I do need an
actual decision though. The four of us are going
to try and become CEO’s, following the schedule
of what a real CEO does. They wake up at like five in
the morning and they meditate. – [Eugene] It’s all about
managing your work life and I know a lot of kids out
there who have schoolwork have the same exact problem. I had the same problem. – The crazy thing is we are actually CEO’s – Can we do it? You’ll see when you read it. – [Zach] For this book, I’m
spearheading the love chapter. – ♪ L-O-V-E ♪ ♪ L-O-V-E ♪ – Last month, you guys found out that I had a secret girlfriend. So for this book, I have
a lot of stories to tell, a lot of changes that have
been going on in my life over the past two and a half years. In this book, I wanna
share with you the journey that I’ve been on in really trying to become a better boyfriend. – [Eugene] Zach has
been trying to muster up the most grand, romantic
gesture he can think of to woo his lady. – [Keith] You’ll also hear
about me and Becky starting out, you’ll hear about Ned
and Ariel starting out. – How me and Ariel met,
how we got engaged, how we have disagreements sometimes and how we learn from it. – [Zach] There’s some really
personal stories in there. Things that were tough
and emotional to write. I wrote about the car accident that nearly killed me as a kid. Remembering those things
and trying to get in touch with where you were emotionally when you were experiencing it, it’s hard. The crux of the book for me
is just how do I get balance in my life? How do I become the
best boyfriend possible? – Writing, interestingly,
was my first love, ’cause all you need is a pen and a paper and you can go wild. I write very flowery, I
write like a novelist, I’m like a novelist basically. My chapter that I’m the lead on was about friends and family. – [Zach] Eugene’s family, they
have a, I don’t think he’ll mind me saying, they have
a very unorthodox dynamic. – I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. – [Eugene] The goal was
to become more intimate with my family members during
my grandma’s 90th birthday. – The three of us challenged
Eugene to embrace his family, talk to his family more, be a family guy. – [Eugene] And since my
family is sort of strewn across the globe, we
often don’t see each other and we don’t treat each
other with the same sort of, immediate intimacy, that say, other families tend to have. – I don’t know that they say I love you unless its followed by the word bitch. – My photo was just me
today, I have nothing. I’m literally just standing by myself, which is what represents me and my family. Everything that you see in a video we have had to cut down from
hours and hours of footage, and in a book you just
get all of it, laid bare, totally naked, just in your face. I even make books sound kind of sexy. (metal clang) – Are you guys ready to
see the cover of our book? So this is finally a chance where we get to really share our full
inner lives with you guys. – [Eugene] We’ve never opened
up this much, this deeply, this thoroughly, in anything
we’ve ever done before. – [Ned] We told some very personal stories that we would not tell on camera. – I found out a lot of things about them when I first read their drafts. – [Keith] I think the fun
part of writing the book was that it really gave us an incentive to become better people. – [Zach] The idea of trying new things, of being open to everything
the world has to offer, and most importantly,
not being afraid to fail. – [Keith] It’s called the
hidden power of (bleep) up, ’cause we (bleep) up a lot and turns out, we’re better for it. – In a-three, a-two, a-one, (all exclaim happily) – I can’t see it at all.
– I don’t know what it looks like.
– How does it look? Does it look good? We’ve learned so much
through doing the Try Guys, and we have changed as people. – [Keith] This book is not just about us, we want you to use our book
to help you take small steps to better your own life. – You can get it right
now, pre-order it today, at – [All] Tryguys.com – Slash book. (giggling) – That was so sexy. Why was that so sexy? – Because it’s a sexy book. – [Zach] If 10,000 pre-order the book, I’m gonna film a sequel and make Eugene sit on
someone’s lap again. If enough of you pre-order the book, then more stores buy the book, then I can become a New
York Times Bestseller, little old Zachy Kornfeld, New
York Times Bestseller, maybe. Tyler Oakley did it. (upbeat rock music) – And once I press send, we will have the final cover, forever. – My decision is, think different. – Yeah, think different Exactly.
– Yeah. – Think different. – I think I need different friends.

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