We have a Kitten and a Puppy (Sims 2)

hey guys James here today and welcome back to the sims 2 everyone is alive everyone is well back with the family oh they want to get you know what we should get puppies get a puppy or kitten get a puppy get a kitten what if we get all three a puppy anakin they'll be so happy oh my god you whatever you want a puppy or a kitten you want a puppy you want a kitten and you want a pet dude we give them so many points for this how do we even do it and I actually don't know how to do it let's you know let's find out um it's gonna be like an adopt thing in here or something right now maybe like this maybe it's like house size a household or no that's Sims 2 or 3 I don't know how do I do it real estate chat with fire in place maybe it's on the phone actually might be like a service call sim service work delivery service I'm not really sure or maybe we have to go somewhere I don't know what do you want okay customer gains are stuck here but we're not really doing it maybe we should go back to doing business a home business now let's see adoption service here we go there we go that's what we want now can I get more than one in here so we want what's this large dog small dog cat well any really are we good so we've got Leroy max Bennie Buffy so doesn't tell me we're just telling what they are Leroy I don't know it doesn't actually say the breed not learning any behaviors yet not learn any behaviors yeah also you've got a cool what is this what does this one commands uh okay so it shows you if they know any commands yet okay clearly they are puppies the kids wanted puppies I guess we need to do that who else we have but I guess you're not how do you know how old they are because it doesn't actually say it just has them with a bunch of behaviors I mean clearly the little ones were puppies clearly would be a little dog we got Scout Jake Suzy I do like Suzy's he's he's kind of cute Suzy's not allowed any behaviors yet okay well should we get Susie oh let's use that excuse the baby names book that I was going to use now I think how does this work cuz I think okay okay yeah so the first half of this book that I have is girls names and then the second half is boys names but oh yeah Susie because Susie is a female dog also known as a sorry I just wanted to press that button that I have let's have a look let's see okay here so this first section here now this this lot is the names here we go oh hang on I hope I pass it nope too far okay this page Haley okay Haley to wise is what we're going with so you are Haley Haley the dot oh okay that's nice smell Haley there we go Haley welcome yes and now when I go call service now we need a cat as well because the kids also want a cat so oh I have to wait okay hang on I want to keep cuz they get so well I want to keep the kitten in there cuz we're gonna get a kitten anyway so might as well get extra aspiration for keeping a kitten there ya go I'll come by right away drop of your new pet sweet oh the bad MA or not we should also probably fix this house we should probably we need a pet area we need yeah you know he could probably use some gym equipment just to you know it doesn't there's nothing wrong oh I already named you there's nothing wrong you know with having a little bit of extra lovin around the size you know I'm not no stranger that myself but this is the Sims and when in the sims why not get some exercise equipment the cops are here oh god I assume that it's just why why the cops delivering the dog here's your dog ma'am be greeted okay hello are you coming to arrest me well hang on isn't this like a surely this is a thumbnail the cops have come you know let's wait till he gets back down to the car because everything get like a shot up no what did he just teleport into the car okay well he's you know he's gonna have to come back again anyway so alright well there might be something usable there we'll see I've got to get that sweet sweet clickbait right so we're gonna have to get another pet now we also have nothing for this puppy so we'll sort that out in a minute let's go call service come on I forget come on come on okay yet come on egg didn't get up okay all right so pet adoption service give up pet no no a new pet someone a cat and okay kitten so we can get Allegra we can get well she had a boy cat cuz I got a girl girl dog bonkers bet I do you like bonk the name bonkers is kind of fun you know what we didn't even look at their their personality of the dog I have no idea what the dog is but this dog is a dog this cat is a genius cut and they're normal they're not look particularly active or lazy the independent not aggressive or cowardly and they're finicky okay it's kind of annoying cowardly finicky and then those are all adult cats which probably would be easier than a kitten but I think they specifically wanted a kitten so I'd rather get a genius cat to be honest so let's do that we're gonna get bonkers yes come by right away okay so now get a kid get a kid why are there two kittens in there well it's free points you also have two for some reason I know why anyway cool okay I don't know why this keeps – I haven't entered any cheats I don't know why this is always here now bonkers oh yeah let me let's do it let's do a boy's name ah here we go Neal or Nathan I did actually land on Nathan I don't like that do it let's see the problem with random baby name books is I don't like this I'm gonna do it again anyway okay here we get this page Quinton actually be quite like that a nice fellow Quint Quinn turn alright Quinton the cat Oh God we're being arrested now we got a good one of them like by the car okay it D here's here's a thumbnail right here mmm good I don't know if it will be but it's got potential man I must have so many points now wait what get a puppy we have a puppy right there we're not gonna get another poppy you jerks got these kids everything always want more more more take take take grab grab grab oh no a little Haley okay let's get a build mode because we need to we need to adjust the house we need to what we need to adjust the bedroom since we have an extra bedroom now how these kids still sleep okay they need to get out of that room so I need to use these rooms they don't even tie your needs are like perfect get out of there they're here the funny thing is in the time that Brent Knoll actually died and we resurrected him they've been sleeping the entire time so if we were basing this whole thing on a timeline like a parent like if they're a what do you call it in the same universe which they are the samar what is it what we call it a semaj cinematic universe also a semi-matte ik universe so the SSU they slept through the night we're breton all died and was resurrected in the same night and also their sister dunno went to university so that too you know a lot has changed overnight oh I'm really I'm gonna get rid of the UM get rid of this we need the money so I'm in it actually don't we have to pay for the for that resort that we stayed in at some point it doesn't isn't that gonna come up at some point I don't know if we need to should be I guess we should see if we can redesign a little bit of this maybe we like shift the master bedroom over here yeah if we do this right knock down this wall knock down this wall carpet this room walls up just paint the room just make sure it's all the same then we actually turned this you say into an ensuite mm-hmm let me keep that as the bathroom that it is okay mm-hmm mm-hmm I didn't say I was gonna be oh god what is this sometimes things just like flip out and just almost going off of that what damn it okay oh well okay I don't understand sometimes there's walls in this game where the sinks just freak out okay that wall they're just not like okay well we can do oh this is copper in here we should really change that let's look at that and then really I need to change guys spend more money to change the color right now la I definitely wait how much is this how much am i spending on these things okay hold up let's let's dial it back a bit 1,500 or 2,000 I guess I'm gonna say if I'm in a box so I'm gonna put this in the corner don't think they can still access that I don't know why I got this I got well I got this thing because I thought it would be better I think I thought it'd be cheaper and and not nationally I thought it would work sorry it's what I should say I thought it was gonna work on the wall this is this room doesn't have a lab room doesn't have light either actually hang on this room needs a light and this room needs a light there we go okay so now we have an ensuite bathroom for now the master bedroom here we go and then that's technically the dresser which I will actually keep as like a bedside table why not and then we have one larger room here and I guess one smaller room here I mean I guess we could expand a little bit but we're not going to all right so that's gonna go there I guess I probably should've kept that other bed that I sold like the good one I can't so he approached you to get that cuz I'm gonna rebuy it now and I'm splitting because me more money oh well let's have a look so this color this so who are the kids we have Sneden beetle – their names keep it that and then we'll go for a that's classic kids bad although I said we're not gonna be kids much longer are they and then we can do I don't know just this it's kind of boring isn't it sure whatever alright so gonna do that yeah Wow good makeover upstairs her but he looks great it's not really supposed to be some massive makeover downstairs really this really needs the most work because it's just a room okay come here can we change these now we've lived with these long enough that well there's a thing in it we've lived with these stupid incorrect cabinets for so long can this join to the condo yet and I'm gonna move this sink oh my god you know it's delete this thing this thing sucks too so that's fine these are so expensive 755 it's actually nuts how much these cost I'm trying to move that I'm trying to move this stupid I guess we don't need this anymore do we so much for using that we don't think we use it once okay oh let's still the stupid VARs actually it's four thousand dollars it's like four thousand dollars just sitting there that's something what like one of our dates gave it to us okay so we need stuff for the pets we got a stupid chest have on the middle you can we expand this house somewhere let's have a look we can come out the front we can go a little bit to the side here that's probably to the side is gonna look the least distracting I think if it just get like yeah sorry if I could build properly feel like this all that's wrong yeah you can just say to oh hang on I just lost a bunch of money doing that just say two tiles from the edge that's right so come down there slave this too much room that I'm adding on I'm adding this is a big extension this is just like this whole section there like that don't and then I guess I'll do like a half wall kind of set up like we did over there what did I use today is black no use white okay you know we'll do like the glass fence on the front there caught I quite like that and then we'll do half all all down the side and there may be glass reps on the back to that because yeah we did that over there that'll be good yeah that'll be nice and then if we ever need to expand the upstairs we can and we can expand it into this area it should be good all right so did I what did I use a yeah he's the same tiles everywhere okay so I'll go oh okay can I not oh I didn't do fencing outside yep how much money do we have 4,000 okay it's alright okay yeah this would be nice much more balcony now too which is quite good we're not windows one was a white paint there we go down the bottom pretty simple yeah look at that seamless integration beautiful good obviously now figure out how the downstairs works with all this so we got the kitchen here which I guess we should really just shift along move that window there I'll move this door I guess maybe around the corner here instead like that and then this could be I think we've seen another window here really keep that old glass is quite nice but I may be missing on the stuff it's got the front ah no stops big enough you're gonna side somewhere maybe we could you know what what if we did it here like this there's a sort of corner windows kind of like we were gonna do over there but I mean you know around our way that looks done with those no might it looks really done with that fence there and we'll put it in the same spot as that one and then maybe just another one here so it's kind of light in line with that it's all we'd really need on the side I mean how often are we looking at let's be real let's be real how often are we looking at anything in this house okay so the kitchen I guess then is gonna shift good how we doing this so well we should probably just make a secondary living room or something well maybe we should shove the bathroom in this section oh hang on we'll keep the bathroom at the front of the house because I think that's fine that'll go around here keeping we'll just keep all the same stuff now just to try and keep the cost of renovation down now how do we how do we want to do the window here because we'll keep that one just cuz it's good I guess if it's gonna go down we probably want to just paint a lot falls down please probably want to move this maybe don't hang on here like this this is such an ugly bathroom does this come in white these these pieces are so ugly like oh these are sink the toilet the tub so bad alright so we're gonna do that that's fine and then maybe we could put the kitchen in now with the walls or mess that would be way too hard okay well the kitchen can just shift back I think we make this open up into a room at least for now like this I probably should have removed all the stuff individually right oh well no what's you know on dinner which way does it go that way no it's the other way that way yeah okay so that is gonna be opened up and you know what it's actually not gonna be like that because I'm gonna move this wall forward a bit so this is gonna come further into the room okay so cuz the whole thing we're gonna move all this out of the way yeah didn't tune good thing the music is just so good mmm yeah oh yeah this is good this is good yeah that's really good I guess it should really be a whole way up to here then somewhere yeah oh damn the chairs that move with this okay gets over here okay cool oh cool then this is gonna go like this right okay so now this is so we're gonna be an open-plan living space out the back with the kitchen and the the sofa and all that and then we're gonna put this this mishmash of walls going on here is a real mess so let's just get rid of all that all the wallpaper and we'll get those out I don't know if I actually want the bathroom there now cuz it's gonna be a little far away I think I need to move the bathroom again so I think I might actually put the bathroom off of okay it's the doors to go boys right yeah there there's nothing at all there's a newspaper that say there's nothing there oh yeah there's a newspaper maybe the bathroom and go here in the middle and it'll be a lot better actually like a dare mm-hmm and then the desk kids gonna go somewhere else I don't know over here for now there you go this this is gonna look way worse before it starts looking better I can tell you that much I mean already years and didn't but this down is hand yeah this bathroom yeah we need more money we just need to go to work for a few days you know like actually do a job for a few days you know what it might be what should we have a whole pie here maybe because otherwise the entrance to this room is gonna be over this side which I don't think I really like maybe this should go here no it's got kind of annoying hang on okay don't do the stupid diagonal thing please why why want to do this I we had a wall there because we the banisters on the stairs are really dumb didn't they this is this is becoming a problem let's have a look so what here's what I'm saying this is gonna be open plan living in the back and I'm gonna have a secondary living space here I guess just another sitting room to study that kind of thing access was gonna be here just fine but the banisters on the banisters on the stairs gonna look really dumb it's the problem and if we keep the wall there it looks really bulky so forget the door guys they're actually here give me that money back first there we go all right so then this is this is all just this room now okay you know what this room has the worst shape ever I've ever seen in any room ever what what is this okay this is gonna go here no she's gonna get here so we'll square off the bathroom okay that's gonna come back in here welcome to let's renovate in The Sims 2 with James that's right you heard me sure whatever so like that for now okay then this is a living room slash home office which is now where we can put the chess table so it makes more sense in this room anyway in a room that makes that's designed for it okay can I not be oops no I don't want to copy it which way does this go I think it's this way it's a clock I thinks it's on the side of the table oh look we'll put in the window so everyone walking but I can see this room is incredibly empty but will will all that stuff there we go okay so the stairs have no banister that's fine I guess I don't want to do a door to this room here because I don't want people using it I was like a hallway kind of room we have a fridge here kitchen is now sort of gonna stretch along the back cuz it will look nicer I think maybe hello thank you this a man man they self a 302 oh no this one sells okay that's a new one I'll sell the new ones kiss oh okay 7:55 cool because I don't I decided we don't need those because we'll do this and we'll get some island cows instead where did that go oh there it is give me that back I don't look anyone okay they want to get rid of it so it's gonna go that no we need a kitchen sink – oh thank you can I go to an island I see him so right we'll find out to that and then is it just that color yeah because I skin and then do it little island here then have like bar stools dining table and then living room can basically stay where it is that will go over here can we get it we'll get a better table I'll get a custom content table oh so this is what I was doing my sims to like looking my sims to Lots who made this Moon easy if you want this google it what if you could still find this – small dots modern dining set dining table let's see if we can find it well yeah you can still download it son mode the sim save you just search that name you can find all about the sims there you go hey guys sweet okay can I get the mother color because it's like a white officer black legs white legs yeah I don't know if I actually like it for this build but I'm gonna use it cuz why not dammit no one on the floor got taking up bowls in this game is really hard I'm really tear that I had it give me that okay get out of yet I get rid of that put this back up here okay and then we're gonna move the Oh actually yeah can we get better dining chairs come away how much money to have I can't see 1000 okay you know what let's keep these for now oh I just bought any one whoops yes keep these ones for now and then we'll sort out the rest later wait a second they said oh this table look moon easy from 2005 he originally posted these well she it doesn't line up very well with these chairs wait did we get that oh hang on mate my face cams in the way oh we got the chair oh yes oh by the way because you don't know I actually record this with my that's why I never saw actually record this with my face camp over it as I'm playing it and I'm like previewing it through OBS with my face camp on it so I can't I basically I'm seeing what you see so doing this reveals all ah okay here we go I love that I was in the way this entire time that's pretty funny do these fitted I think just I think that clearly they're designed to go with this you know oh okay no no no we'll have to give them a Miss they're $1,000 we'll get a cheaper ones will go black though because they look more modern and it matches the kitchen a bit better okay we need actually we need why did I place the table you can we need to hang on I mean either fix this the other way okay let's go this way it's kind of it doesn't really god damn stop rotating okay that these guys here like this kind of which had quarter tile placement so I could shuffle it down smidge more cuz I want to do bar stools but we don't have a lot of room so you really have like a modern bar so that looks good that looks good sorry that does not look good oh that's not too bad I mean it's a bit much kind of just this thing but does it come in like sensible colors black and then is it like a normal like a white it doesn't really suit this style though or lack thereof oh my god and it's $600 Jesus hmm man these are expensive we're at this diner one that's alright all right look I'm assuming this slide in right they better do otherwise that looks ridiculous I'm not I'm look I'm not sold on that I'm definitely not sold on that but I think for now it's probably gonna be okay whoopsie daisies hang on sorry just trying to go top-down and sort of re Bri position all the lights we have okay the the center in that room maybe one of the bathroom got to here which we don't need to there wait how much other he's put on that expensive la how much 75 can we get some you make classic ones hanging down over the work tops because that'll be cool like what would it need to be not that not that mmm they've night like they just even like a nice pendant light yes this is quite a night oh no it looked nicer in the catalog and in mind Oh kind of cool it seemed more like a dining table light though doesn't have like a less detener doesn't again in mind really this is there like a there's a big good if you like styling and to use that button mm-hmm saying like a modern pendant light which surprisingly is hard to find a game from this era I guess actually not too bad there's the actual fixture of it like the why isn't got like weird detailing on the top yeah it's like old curly if it wasn't curly it look way better all right let's forget the pendant lighting it's clearly not gonna work because there's nothing that looks good there and then we'll get some we've got all these giant glass windows but we don't have any room for a garden so the windows are looking at – nothing alright so this is now a rec room hang on we need some dogs there's another whole point of it well we don't have a kitchen sink yet either hang on okay hold up let's get rid of these cuz the example good anyway let's get rid of those could we need the money okay let's move hang on no move that over here come on so we need a kitchen sink which we can put get this oh no they don't go there well that's kind of annoying can't put them in the pile encounters okay well that's fine I'll put it I don't want to hey let me move this said I don't want it right next to the stove and I don't want it right next to the fridge so we'll put it over here I showed you pretty good-sized kitchen sink this one does it have a nice color and white sticks out a little bit don't tenten tenten I love that you could change the taps on days like the swatch system in this game is fantastic yeah black sink very nice very antsy white fridge alum it seems out of place now black seems like too too much so I guess believe it okay we're getting somewhere it's still look it's still a little messy it's still not great with the layout like I mean it's also this room is empty let's get those gonna pet bowls and everything we need for those now so I'm gonna go to miscellaneous saying and then pets here we go so we need a bowl I guess this is for either I don't really know what I do get well is get a scratching post or a cat and we know we need that scratching post and I like a litter box the same as this hopefully dude in the bathroom was really enough for room now what is with this diagonal thing stop place normally no it's actually really annoying this is like now okay guess it's going out in the living room there goes yes it's going there do we need to pet bowls or is one gonna be enough or should we get two we should get two I want to move this so it's not right next to where they eat cuz that's kind of sad well man we could put it in the garage sure why not all right so there makes the transfer facing the correct way we get red and will get blue I can get some pet pets they have like small ones everything ha that's right that's right did we put the toddlers on these tip if we had kept them if we could use these oh yeah well get one of these and we'll get hello chew toy and we'll get a little mouse which I assume is for the cat I don't really know I don't really know what we need so we'll figure it out alright here we go so that took most of the episode sorry but it's just the way it is let's go fill the bowl fill the bowl oh they don't like the bone why did you turn these how do I don't get these things to eat I tell them to eat no well it's thinking like a look at their needs in this game I don't know I can't do that since 4 so strange ok that's right we didn't look at this dog this dogs a doofus it's lazy its friendly though and it's not aggressive or cowardly and it's Pigpen it doesn't care what I eat or whatever and it's pretty messy it's it's like a little lovable doofus dog those are some of the best dogs they don't care that it's like happen having fun play praised for staying off same beds good dog give love feed treat yay get it get him give love snuggle if you got a little kitten over here I do what are you doing with a kitten set down oh okay there you go what can we do with you hello give love feed treat play finger wiggle yay where to the puppy go yeah there guys didn't go can I can I follow Hayley I like right click hang on can I um like this yeah cameras a little higher but listen to their feet oh my god it world's biggest ball ever school bus will arrive sing are you getting food yay oh my god it's adorable look at it trying to eat out of the bowl okay look we're gonna go for the cops as a thumbnail but I mean that's pretty cute too right this whole face is just get it oh god we need more fruit okay sorry what how dare you yell out my dog I think he's reading it to the phone no I think it's the issue oh I can't move it who's got the phone who does have them no one no one's got the phone are you on the phone our phone is oh wait you can't hang on maybe now I can move it there we go yeah I think it was in the way all right we also need to know what a groceries yeah real quick so we don't forget for the next time service I guess I don't know oh hang on call Oh is she thinking about okay remember the wall sound – so I can see what's going on all right egg ten where you at here we go what what is the never to go to the bar she's already in the bar why are you thinking about the kid as well call what are you shocked by this you're what okay this phone is like bugged then I was like I was like I'm pretty sure the handset is missing but I don't know what's going on with it so we'll get rid of it let's get a fancy new phone yeah it is one oh wait let's get a fancy new phone and I sell it now we have no money for groceries okay never mind well what is your obsession with the bathtub scope says have a shower guts sake yes shall we oh we can't okay well well okay fine yeah maybe that will do me oops can just go here then there's gonna be a position it can fear if it doesn't go that way if I put it that way does he have to come in this side I'm not really sure which side he is to get in oh I didn't paint that wall there whoops okay well this also doesn't stop going diagonal what is with that diagonal bug it's actually so annoying but there's a window there I don't want the thing against the window because it looks really stupid hmm oh I also put an extra window there you know let's get rid of window put it there cuz I thought we needed it but I guess not hmm okay toilet there okay yep shower there so then yeah pretty if I can get it to place on the okay get it to place in this wall come on why does how do I fix this bug the dumbest thing just let me place it the bathroom almost works but it's just that well where did the toilet go it's just disappeared you've got psychic does that's something about this spot ah it's sorry okay fine have it there some of this we put that there move the door here flip I can try to flip the door flip the door I said flip the damn door there we go I'm up to here with seems to honestly okay then this guy's here and I mean I think we have the same issue because it's here I think they need too much room does it need to enter this thing as they put on that wall put this this way put that there because that's not touching the walls so let's say it okay up promise him damn it you get over here take out into the room first wait what you can't get into the room you mean you can't get into the room what's wrong with the ways it's still locked oh you know I'm gonna get through let me just get through it unlock of these damn doors cuz I don't know whoever locked them for okay that's not much okay damn it so the whole top oh okay but now he definitely caught okay so he's in the room buddy Clark okay let's swap him what about like this was that is that in the game's eyes the same thing oh no kid that okay the whole time it did work that way damn it okay thanks for watching Sims 2 everybody have you enjoyed the renovation episode it was a little rough around the edges but look had to be done means when we get some more money we can oh I think we need so with these do we like train them I guess we probably train them to use it like the kitten to use this or something quicken I don't know oh it's on the bed alright thank you guys I'll see you next time and have an awesome day

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  1. duuuuude setquartertileplacement on and then ctrl-f to, well, set quarter tile placement on. also you could/should probably download some mods and cc!

  2. Loving the renovation freak-outs, lol. i have the Sims2 complete game pack from the app store on my macbook, and I've basically given up on placing objects diagonally b/c I know it will eff my game up.

  3. You can do quarter tile placement in Sims 2! ctrl+shift+c to open the cheat window, then type in "setQuarterTilePlacement on" (minus the quotes) then once that's in, to turn it on and off, it's ctrl-f

  4. I couldn't breathe because I was laughing so hard when you found out about the locked door … love to watch your videos, I'm always cracked up afterwards!

    EDIT: Just watched that short part again, and now I'm hopelessly crying from laughter all alone …….

  5. Oh my god ? I don’t think I’ve cried so much through an episode since the whole butler fiasco in sims 3 ?

  6. Hey James! Could you build a Tiny House as in Base Game mod. I just have gotten the Base Game for the Sims 4 and need some GREAT Tiny Houses. Ty ty ty if you do this!!! HUGS Maggie in Sweden !! 😀 😀 😀


  8. I spied Semaj and his friend with the Turkish hat in the front row of the EA Island Living announcement video.

  9. Semaj is trying to figure out diagonal sinks and I’m over here crying about the Seasons buy/build more music in the background.

  10. Help! I bought a small already built house. I added a floor but floor has holes. I can’t cover them. Can anyone help?

  11. depending ir u install the sims 2 hy dvd u may need to apple sims 2 patch updates. also theres a mod to give support for your graphics card for sims 3 eo i can play on any pc no matter how new it is

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