We Cried Tears of Joy Watching Reunion Between Boy & Dog After Tornado – Hope For Dogs

what’s the other dog that’s rebuilt
there there’s a moon that’s not hot to number 82 hard one number 70 hello buddy
do you have pictures of your dogs we got one we have on the phone okay
where they was actually that was doing having a cage like this in their house
we looks like repoing or donut we’re trying to get some secondary information
you know to make sure we don’t know the wrong throat I’m done but his house on
me we went to yesterday start cleaning up in the cage was sitting in their
driveway and we couldn’t figure out how come the cages in the club during her
from but in this morning my sister-in-law was looking on internet I
found a picture of them well that going down which dogs are they
this one right here I was taking that dog’s picture really side and that’s my
other pitbull her name darkening was it a hard search we’ve
been up there for other places that’s where they were delivered getting them
out of the house after the tornado and they were still in their cage yeah
caging we got back to the house 15 Kate was sitting in the driveway we thought
well maybe they knocked the door open and the first time we got seen daylight
away they went you know over then the lady Custer II told him that he had seen
Dexter to Home Depot there we’ve just been calling and kind of find out with
your ass drive around and shouting much across your finger that’s to come along
got one more place to go after this which was in more we go Bogota
well let me get the paperwork for you and we’ll verify everything and then God
will give it thank you that morning just boiling that dog goes
up together and this was the second one now when I’m right here within that here
his mom and daddy was getting divorced I went over one day daddy Cody said I’m
gonna probably able to keep him or not and Donna I’ve seen the dark times which
is those kids at the end I tell him I finish getting we’re taking mom with us
and adding little chintzy little puppy we have bleep up to two years and retain
teachers Fred Johnson sake okay but that’s the almond I know we wouldn’t drove up there
yesterday when I finally start a little thing for you
Janna where were you my neighbor’s house across the street I had to take six kids
in three neighbors disband in his driveway looking at his house that’s
okay that’s okay I think it is this one you’re not that’s what they come at it
jumper Jonas wait he just she might put her in she’s six you got out of here
everything we don’t know they are don’t start with this little girl is a male or
a female okay checking overall his vet staff when he
got here make sure we don’t have anything that we need to tell you about
and this next fella number 82 male or female
female did it have a collar on it yes ma’am it did okay who do you know what
kind it had a pink one and a shirt like this is gonna get skate farness yes you
are so it’s going is tough I can’t order all right really I think I am gonna take
you back oh yeah and make sure okay if I can get
you to fill these out here and then good grandpa that’s okay you just know you
know the name it out you know this is just whomever we get in contact with if
we need any other information or you know we can deliver all available yeah
yeah who we released the dart and since you’re the adult
okay so if you will you’ll get it and then I court board awesome okay I will
take these two pictures it has a lipstick but let you have an extra line
you better keep them well yeah I really like it here
Oh little boy of the dog goes into this rather than end up in bars
you know gotta start fighting I’m so hot thank you leave me I am happy for him
all right even sadder yeah okay first we got to
put some boots on and this way we’ll make sure that we don’t get any dog sick I know I never a lot faster than I am I’m good thank you
okay ah Oh let’s go take this guy out your
grandfather very thirsty extra bullets ever he’ll not only son a group of dogs
attacked him and they got into the vet one nap
and the vet one putting to sleep his mama wouldn’t let him they brought him
back in dr. ting yo Dexter Oh Dexter boy please cuz I want to see right here you no no come on ever you want to give in
you won’t go nowhere it got hit but now he won’t go no oh he’s awake at every
poker so what are you doing girl huh thank you John yarmulke we have we have
here maybe you should take repo view we have the trailer out here full of
supplies we have frontline we have dog food we have dog des we have broader
water bowls and food bowls and I’ll take out there and you guys can take whatever
you need okay all righty come on oh yeah you think he likes to Sunday get a warning through that’s gold
not blankets yes they’re sitting on the backseat the way everything is awesome dude your friend
again they come in together they were not house t9 debating royal all right
let’s take this and then I’ll go get you the front line which is inside all right go ahead see somebody’s you know huh
somebody you want to go ahead and pull up to the front I’ll run you okay buddy you

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  2. What a wonderful group of people! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the lil souls in need of help. And so so happy for this family who lost everything except love and hope! And those are indeed the most precious gifts of all.?????

  3. Ty god for saving theses dog's and reuniting with their owners and thank you for the people who took care of them thank you

  4. That young man is wise beyond his years. You knew he couldn't wait to see his dogs yet he didn't think twice about holding the door open for whoever was behind him with the camera. Good job mom & dad.

  5. In India(iam telling about small towns and cities)there are lot of street dogs and cats specially kittens and puppies are unsafe.
    Please do save them?

  6. Thank you and blessings to this boy's family for instilling the capacity for compassion and loving kindness for the animals to the boy. Instilling a love of animals in your kids means showing respect for all animals and to the whole universe. His family is very successful in raising a fine young man and they are teaching him to be a very kind, loving, and an amazing decent human being!
    These 2 dogs were so happy they have found each other again. Dogs are our family too. <3 <3

  7. This has got to be one of the best videos. The facility is so clean. The workers are real kind. Happy for this family.

  8. Me and my two dogs are a three-headed six-legged Hydra. There's no hurricane earthquake World disaster that would ever tear me apart from my dogs. I will burn this Earth down and everyone in it to get to my two little babies. Organizers like this are pure ANGELS

  9. What a great mannered child. For them people to take in the dogs is wonderful. I been in a tornado and trying to grab dogs is really hard because everyone is scared. I have 4 dogs and our expirence was we grabbed 2 but couldnt find the others before we got hit. Thank god people do this cause the next day we got our other 2 babies back. Gratitude is beyond what I could say.

  10. 10:42 those dogs were "It's our boy! Our boy is ok!"
    that small dog was barking up a storm though, he was like "I get to go home"

  11. Wow, that hits you in the “feels”, the little dog made me cry! You could see how much the boy loves his babies!! So happy he found them!!

  12. What a sweet, composed, and polite kid. I could absolutely see the anxiety in his eyes. My heart breaks hearing all the other dogs. No doubt all these dogs in this pod were brought in at about the same time, and are so confused and scared.

  13. What an uplifting video. So wonderful to see them come together that little worm with so happy I only wish I could understand them

  14. Do you guys also see the Chinese title? I just want to know if that is translated by YouTube to me…since I am in China now.

  15. That young guy is an absolute credit to his family. So well mannered and patient. His home was completely flattened, did they rebuild ok? Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️

  16. Am very impres, cause i saw that cage is very clean… Wow.. U are great guys, very care about all thinks, not even animals must clear so the gace to…
    I cant say any more…. I love you guys, ?????

  17. That young boy had such good manners. Thank you for sharing this story. Those dogs love that that young boy! Love happy endings.

  18. This boy proved the same faithfulness which dogs are so well known to have towards their owners too.

  19. Great reunion but the dogs should have never been removed by who ever removed them and this video would have never taken place

  20. I am so pleased that this boy got his buddies back. His tears of joy brought tears of my own. To know that Americans are helping one another during the worst storm in Houston history is heart warming. I can't imagine not knowing where my dog was, and he thought his were dead! I would be a total wreck.

  21. That first little dog was sure vocal! "Oh human! It was so awful! You can't imagine what I went through! I was so scared! It was so loud! It was so awful! Oh, human I'm so happy to see you!" etc., etc., etc. My male cat is the same way. Meow, meow, meow, meow! What is it with the males? So glad these great people are doing their best to reunite families like this.

  22. ONE of the MOST HEART WARMING video's I've ever seen!!! I literally CRIED TEARS OF JOY with & FOR this family!!

  23. This is me right now ?????????????? it’s to sad to watch and sad to hear this happened to my dog I cried so badly I would not leave his Sid before and I still don’t ????????????????????????????


  25. Poor dogs. They were sad to be left behind when the boy took his first dog and were probably crying for their owners to get them out too 🙁

  26. What a sweet lil boy and his pappy! Wow nice supplies awesome they gave them away considering the disaster they just went thru! Thanks for sharing! ????

  27. Glad the boy got his dogs back he is a well mannered young man good family brought up right it seemsafter the storm people lost so much the dogs will help them so much

  28. What a great bunch of peeps running that shelter clean and warm caring so good to be back with your dog people amazing how they met up were the doggies chiped?seems a better way to find lost dogs

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