We Built The World’s Greatest Cat Fort

– Honestly, building a
cat fort with someone is one of the most intimate experiences that two or three humans can share together. (upbeat techno music) – Hi, my name is Jack and
we’re at my apartment. What we’re doin’ today
is we’re gonna build the world’s greatest cat fort. For my cat Jenkins. This is Jenkins’ current cat fort. This little tree in no way
represents what Jenkins deserves. Jenkins gives and gives and
gives, and all he does is give. I feel like a cat with a heart that big, deserves a home to match. We’re all prepped, everyone is here. We’ve got all the stuff and
it’s just the right time because every day at this time, Jenkins takes a long nap. We’re gonna have to be very, very quiet so we don’t wake him up. But I think we’re gonna get this done before cat nap time is over. I’m excited, guys let’s do this! ♫ Pull, rack and roll ♫ – Hi, I’m Tanner. I’m helping Jack build the cat fort. – (laughs) My name is Summer and I’m
here to make sure that any cat involved in this
fort has a good time. – [Jack] Do we have enough boxes? – Yeah. You got a lot of cardboard to work with. – Jenkins has one lifelong passion, and that is a passion for cardboard. I think he’s gonna be
really, really excited. (box dropping) – [Jack] Shh. You wanna have a periscope
coming out of here, so he can get in and
poke his little head out. – You wanna pull the
knife towards yourself. So, here’s what I’m doing
is I’m making a shelf that’s gonna sit on the inside of a box so that he can jump up and jump out the roof of the box. – I’ve got two triangle-shaped pieces, they’ve both got slits cut in them to kind of slide in there to get (box banging) right here.
(bird singing) It’s a cat toy that’s in there. – I am slightly worried because
we have a huge amount to do, including building a courtyard and putting crenellations and decorations on all of this stuff. Crenellation is what
you see on battlements of a castle that goes like this. So, I’m creating a little
crenellation station here, so that we can have some of this stuff all around the side of the fort. – We need one more here
to match that side. – Oh right, but you’re
gonna have it go up. – No.
– [Jack] No? – [Jack] Tensions are a little bit high. My main thing is I hope that Tanner’s not displeased with me. He said I was gonna be bad at this and he didn’t wanna trust
me with the job, so… – Jack, how’s that crenellation goin’? – Good man! Oh Jesus. Well, this is the best I can do. If he doesn’t like it… (drum roll) – Good! Well, I kinda lost my wind
there for a little bit, I thought we weren’t gonna
get this thing done but, I think we’re gonna do this. Pque-pque, pque. Okay, the cat is about to wake up. We’ve got five, maybe 10
more minutes if we’re lucky, and we have so much more to do. I don’t know if we’re gonna
be able to make it in time before he gets out of bed. (energetic drum beat) – Wooo! (upbeat guitar music) – Okay, so we’re finally finished. This is the completed
structure, here’s what we have. We have a big skull right in the entrance, which is to intimidate Jenkins’s enemies, but will not intimidate Jenkins
cuz he’s a very brave boy. Everything in the courtyard here is centralized around this one pole. It’s wrapped with rope so Jenkins can really scratch on it if he needs to. But it’s also got a
lotta string hanging down so he can play and bat at the string. He can get inside onto a big
step that’s built up in there. Get onto the top where he
can look at his drawbridge. He can go inside one of these boxes and look out of his periscope. Or he can relax in this
lovely Fort Jenkins right on the far east
side of the building. This is the finished cat fort. – I’m gonna get out of here. – (laughs) – It may be time to wake Jenkins up and see what he thinks of it. – Let’s get Jenkins! Let’s get Jenkins! – We’re about to bring him in. This is gonna be his first
reaction to the fort. I don’t know what to expect. (suspenseful music) (laughing) (whimsical music)

100 thoughts on “We Built The World’s Greatest Cat Fort

  1. Omg this melted my heart!! ???
    So cute!!! ??

    I think I might make something like this for my cat if I can! ?

  2. "We have a big skull right in the entrance which is to intimidate Jenkins's enemies but will not intimidate Jenkins 'cause he's a very brave boy." bahahahahaahah ????

  3. I feel like I'm watching a game show like , we only have 5 more minutes I don't think we're gonna get this done.

  4. Me: meh the cat fort is alright but it could use some more colors other than brown
    Jenkins: 5:16 TRIGGERED

  5. Oh my cat loves me she sleeps on my bed with me she purrs on me her name is delight and she a kitten we ligit just or he last week and she is so attracted to me I love it ????

  6. Like jekins❤️like the project but nit the rope that cn be dangerous if eaten and no mettallic parts

  7. We have four cats and they would LOVE something like this. Crenelations! A draw bridge!
    Let us know if this is ever going on the market. I'll take two.
    And … I guarantee that any man who builds his cat a fort is a KEEPER!
    Lucky Jenkins ?

  8. me: SADIE IS MY ONLY HAPPINESS WHY WONT U LET ME GET ANYTHING FOR HER DAD ( lets pretend theres 600 mores reasons why my cat should get some nice stuff)
    dad: honey we are poor and u know that
    dad: uh we got some stuff for her yesterday
    me:u got her a collar yesterday

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