We bought a parakeet

It’s December 23rd I’m at the mall I’m out of my mind. How are we thinking? God help us okay, so that wasn’t so bad. We’ve went into JCPenney Found what we wanted. We just needed a little bit more for for female offspring Age 17 so we Got in we got out we found what we needed Process was awesome so now we need to go get cat litter and Something else And I’m not proud of this what we’re supposed to get Because a couple weeks ago. I made a video about This particular subject God help me you’ll get it straight from her mouth. What are we getting? We’re getting a bird My god we’re getting a bird We’re getting it where the cage has already set up. I let her open that on-on-on You’ll which is December 21st? Which is the first day of winter which is winter solstice so there? You’ve got your whole coverage there for you It’s Sparkly, I mean it’s cool that it’s sparkly because glitter makes everything better. It’s Cold Gross, but we are going to pet smart now To go get cat litter because cat litter is kind of important we have an automatic cat thing. Oh my god I’m gonna throw links to that that little sucker below because oh my god I love the automatic cat thing that thing is so amazing and you get these little boxes and it’s crystals And it just does it all all you gotta do is after like two or three weeks Box it up. Take it out. It’s done. It’s wonderful. Oh my god I love it, but and then we’re going holy cow I suppose be falling off of things uh this is why I need to move I Need to move but yeah, the mall wasn’t so bad because we didn’t actually go into the mall proper. We just went into JCPenney Got in got out done. It was awesome 60% sale by the way, so there you go. There’s your knowledge for the day oh? Lord help me we found a bird we have found shamera. I got that one that was Doing hangout God we’ve picked it out. I’m ninety-four percent sure that is a male. Oh, it’s socially Its social grooming. I’m oh God we can always taste. Okay, you better pay attention cuz there’s another one that kind of looks like chamois So I will tell you definitely that one is a male to yellow-headed one, but yeah I’m pretty sure a shamrock shit right there that is definitely a young male, and we should be very easy to train hello Bertie hello Oh, they’re cute, and you know it now wanna be banana alright. Let’s go find an associate hold on the papers have been signed We’re getting a bird That’s him The bird is internet, and it’s gonna be in a box And it’s gonna in my truck. It’s wings, and they are going to clip his wings Yeah, we’re not hurt in the bird I’ve been paying too much first fly from Bernard. No you’re not It’s a cute. We’re getting a bird Responsibility I get to be an adult now There is a bird in the box in the backseat What is wrong with me seriously Now we’re gonna get home Good Parylene four-year-old has other options, but Opinions, whatever We’re gonna get home we are going to Get the bird in its cage I’m 94% sure we got a male, it’s a young male, I think I know it’s young We’ll find out but for now we’re just going to get it home get get it situated Shopping on December 23rd What was I thinking and this is shamrock shamrocks kind of chilling out right now We’ve got this is the cage, sup you can see down below, we’ve got some paper There’s the food treat water bottle millet treat cup toy thing and a disco ball because well disco ball That’s the kind of people we are I don’t think it looks too crowded I mean we got the two perches there that can I mean it is a one bird cage So so I mean if you guys are smarter at this whole bird thing than I am I would greatly appreciate Yeah, yeah we think he’s a young bird We think he’s a boy because it looks very oh hello pretty bird. I didn’t just say that It looks like a purple ciri to me We can tell he’s young cuz his eyes don’t really have rings around them yet Okay, I’m gonna back up cuz you look like you want to try to eat my face So Huh this is what we did with our Christmas Eve Eve. What is wrong with me you? Know what’s wrong with me later face? That face, how could I tell that face now she? Knows it. Too. Little weasel – she does He is he is a pretty bird though So now that’s my adventure we went shopping at JC Penney at the mall this Saturday before the crisp before Christmas Eve Then we went to Pet Smart and we got a bird What’s wrong with me I’d love to know how you guys are spending your yes December 23rd and Go ahead leave me some comments give me a like share comment subscribe when you subscribe hit the bell so you get to see this on a regular basis and Who knows you might be seeing whoo? I’ll be seeing that on a regular basis too, so oh Lord help me That’s all I’ve got for today train wreck so novel aboard

6 thoughts on “We bought a parakeet

  1. "Just a little bit more. Just a little bit more" LOL
    We ventured out today because we needed toilet paper. AAARGH! But I am baking some things today and prepping dishes ahead of time for Christmas Eve dinner.
    We loved our automatic cat litter box.
    Look at little T-Rex back there in the back seat. 🙂 He's so cute.
    Your parakeet is CUTE!!!!!

  2. Do they need cuttlebones for calcium or was that just a thing of the past? I had parakeets years ago like 35 or something but I wouldn’t want to give away how old I am ?

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