hey guys it's Karina and Ronald and were from Sis Vs Bro And today were in Spain! next to a beautiful pool!Since were so close to a pool We've been thinking about this Turning ronald into a merrman :OO Im gonna be joining him with my beautiful blue mermaid tail Ronalds got a black one. Im so ready to cool off in the pool this is like a dream come true to turn into a mermaid So lets get started *music* *Music* *music *music *talking* It's so cold in here right now So first This flipper on Very Difficult some times *Random noice* 😀 The second flipper is always the hardest? Thats just hard. it's like the second flipper on the shoe Yeah Alright there we go 😀 We got this on. So we got the tail on next we got to put this thing on *Music* *Music* This is the hardest part AGHHH getting inside ronald's almost done Still kinda scruby Ok got my fin on There we go I think it's going in side ways That's ok As long as it's going in getting the colours added as merrs… How am i supposed to put this on So hard children at background calling them both are trying hard to suit up fast This is spanish almost there Can't get this thing out Yes i finally did it Alright here we go Alright were gonna Put this thing on Yeah this thing There we go I did it You okay there? You put this on then this Put this on and then this Come on ronald stick your feet through There you go Alright jump up and down and put it on Eh i don't need to jump there we go this is ronalds Style Yes Rule number one second foot then first Heels up There you go Second one Straight There we go finally Look at meeee Alright it's time to get in the water Ahh so cold The waters so cold Come on ronald Ahh it's going to my armpits ok I can swim like a merman! guys that was so fun My legs will feel so free when i take these off I feel one leg I just can't wait till i take these off Ronalds a really good mermaid Oh my god i feel so free already My legs I haven't seen them in ages We hope you liked this video if you did smash that like button And we'll see you all next time Good byeeeeee

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