we're super excited to announce that we are officially getting three brand-new Scots family members Nicole's pregnant but truthfully a lot of you guys have been asking why I don't write to blow and she like [Applause] thank you so that's right the title is true but before that I want address that today is not the best hair day for me to comment for me that's why I ever had on why don't want a hat off that's how you cut the size of my head again okay like every like two weeks that because my side of my hair his hair grows like a chia pet we also have to read I both of our hairs yeah their maintenance day hair maintenance tonight Bruce anyways the title is true we are getting not one not two but three brand new skies family members three three three hi sweetie oh my god that's the vein just kidding so on skype families Instagram our pets Instagram go follow it on skies family follow J JD's guys follow me and the coast guys so I have been teasing you guys with still blurred out pictures and I've been wanting you guys to guess well unfortunately we only have a small percentage of this guy's family on Instagram so I wanted to teach you guys as well my subscribers you tell me that that Lizzie you're not supposed to tell them about that tree lizard don't tell bring the thirty three giant Liz oh so you're gonna see on the screen three two one boom these are some blurred out pictures we want you guys to guess in the comment section down below what type of animal it is you got again and then get out of the zoo I'm sorry gonna get out of it they're not lizards oh yeah big giant you guys know what losers I don't wanna lose you today runs around T goose okay you to use obvious a is no way break the desert he doesn't want it thankfully specifically ask me sit mom I don't we were super super excited to welcome these new family members into our home maybe into our home are they going to be in our house oh no beautifu our life is literally about to change in a very awesome great way and we're so excited Nicole's pregnant but true we're super excited to announce that we are officially getting three you can't reveal it only with his farts so guys we're gonna leave you with this in the comments section down below read all the comments like the comments that you are guessing so I'm sure people will guess the same animal as you just go go on through like the comments super excited anyways we actually are going to finish off this video with a Q&A that way you guys get to know all the details know so much more about us no no okay sorry guys we're not gonna do that yeah that was good all right guys first question is from Alexis McGee underscore and she asks how many hands are your horses if you guys don't know what hands mean it's a type of measurement on how tall the horses and it usually goes to the withers of the horse which means the shoulder alright I think Jay can answer this question how many games is tupelo aka girl like like 17 – 17 water heat energy play is very tall he's a very big boy I can't believe II didn't know that I was I was saying like 17 1 he's not you said 17 yeah like 1731 there so ok he probably really is – he's like 17 – sent between three fun house being I was respecting the fact that girl like a tupelo is definitely just about sixteen hands she's like 15 she's like just on my cut she's a small girl she looks like a quarter horse she does Kassandra million asks what are your tattoos day and how many do you have I know a lot of people have been wanting to know what Jays tattoos mean and never know this young all right this young good my wife knows me tell him so Jay used to always have these weird lucid dreams oh one time he had a dream about a robot that's bleeding and then he also had dream about Frankenstein kami Creek this Frankenstein right there he dreams about a skeleton with guts hanging out in a hat hey who's that good that you'd be driving all right so I have my hands tattooed in my wrist that's huge and I also have my face back so yeah maybe we'll do a few video in the future maybe it'll be like a little Q&A on that will go more in depth on enemy tattoos maybe it won't be titled tattoos so you're gonna have to watch all our videos if you're interested in that believe it not this is kind of funny just quick like quick insight I was gonna get a checkmark feather oh and a feather oh yeah the joint feather on this side so you're not getting a baby very pets another meeting in life but that we've heard another time and it was just funny Nicole's like you're not getting that not getting that I know did Sophia letting asked how old were you so I think I was like 45 46 I was 16 when I met Jade 16 and it knows the weather 16 and pregnant we do have a random kid but why are you telling you he'll be a forest in a year Kaylie priest 7 asks who's your favorite pet I already know J means it's so easy oh all right Dan against mine I'll get your J actually has a favorite how you do know hot heat I know he's like he's a god you have a favorite knowing I love every ball bsp I can tell you guys right now for your favorite is besides you know no guy right here named angel okay so Nicole's favorite is definitely Franklin without a doubt without a doubt without a doubt I love all my dogs equal Franklin is the same place ain't you I'm just gonna put a couple clips right there no no all my dogs do different things all my animals they have different angel is always there for me there is when we're taking a shower when we're in bed with anything angel is always right theater always right there with Nicole and Franklin I love you so much you my angel he never says that to anybody else I do too they all okay so I think you guys know – no not all your pets are going to do things they all have different personalities you know like guppy is so goofy and I think he's so funny I believe so sweet she loves everybody that was your favorite Willy Willy it's a great and beautiful favorite let's turn the tables but Jays favorite is by me hands down Willy no all right guys my favorite is really it really is true I love all the pets but I have to say like my main man is Willy I love Willy but Jay loves Willy's no I love I love Willie because we should take and now well will it take him nowhere Willie was our first pet really in 2010 and believe it or not Lillian marbles are the same age which is guys got jenna Marbles on there they're about 10 11 years old but will it looks like a puppy still Willie Willie's in such good shape he's so athletic he's so funny yeah every morning so to end that answer that question I love every single one of my pets differently but anyone where you looked at him doesn't use my favorite okay got bunny Oh snakes asks what angel any cat or the other cats you guys didn't know you'd hear another video no no I'm not gonna do that Oh all iPads are doing great there live there well the reason why you guys don't see the cats great often because cats live their best lives so money cat euro they're exploring the outdoors they have fun they come in they now they pee on our clothes I make it hold it out it's great they're making homes in Ireland nice and like Georgia Molly actually if you guys watch throughout my whole videos I usually always include clips of the cats so you guys got to stay there watch the whole video and you'll see the rats because they really are in the video they just like the catch for us they just like you said they kind of just live in their life doing whatever they want to do we don't really want to tattoo in their own thing yeah they're independent and they love you know to come and go they love to eat food and then leave and just have fun they always stay on our property but they just cruise and catch lizards and pnd clothes fiamma clothes oh they do be out of clothes rather know why we just caught euro peeing on our clothes the other day like red-handed or pee handed all right next question Kristen crazy 45 would you get another bird for Amelia to have a friend we thought about this one long and hard and I say it's like always the final thing it's kind of like a scenario with moving back to California we're always like 50/50 q we stay in Florida we moved account back to California and it's like the same thing with the bird should we get a bird because we feel bad the bird doesn't have like a companion every minute of the day because like we work from home whatever we do whatever we're doing and the birds not with us she's kind of just like stays in their own big little lanai but you know I don't know I think the question is of the experts I think that birds are have so many variables there's so many different variables and to already have established bird in a household I'm the only one here for a year now she grew up without any companions birds can be aggressive towards each other like each other it would be or she would love the bird it would have to be a bird with a very specific personality now with that being said I don't think I want another macaw so I want a different breed now crossbreeding not crossbreeding but having as two different breeds you know well if I get a smaller bird it puts a burden danger if I want to have them in like a aviary setting so if the right bird were to come along I don't think that we would say no but we're not actively looking for a companion for her at this moment she needs help through me she's a bad grooming she's a bad crews of all the dirty face she likes you guys like like like we were talking to people yet the other day and she's like a federal contractor she's with that beat all she likes to do is rearrange your house like if a beams in the way she's like it just take it out a fun toy Febreze all right next question Christina would do we want kids do we want kids I've never been up honestly guys I know it sounds kind of selfish but I've never been a kid person when I was a teenager I didn't not like kids at all they were like you know they don't they didn't like you just do you could don't like it sounds like terrible I'm like I don't like it now that you don't like it I just think it's that you I physically didn't like to be around kids they just you know they scream and they hate you and you shouldn't you just overjoyed kids different showing me not like me but now it's kind of same thing anyways hate our because we need to make the decision fully before I turn 30 which we have like five four years to go so we have long time only reason why I would want a kid it's so I could show them and have them experience like animals and farm life and you know teach them compassion and stuff but there's a lot of parts about a kids that I don't want and I think what usually happens is it happens when people aren't expecting it so if it were to happen without us expecting it then obviously we'd love to have it but we're not actively trying to have a kid if that answers your question yeah all right rosemary Blitzen do you plan on getting more horses and if so when no we plan on actually turn this farm into a camel park Campbell no cause we're looking I mean we're not actively looking right now but we're always kind of it takes so long if you guys noticed by the perfect boys betrayus etc so like we kind of always browse just to see what's in the market or see was overseas whatever but we have a pony yeah I can't we haven't been actively searching right now so flights a jumper and I like to jump a lot of you guys have been asking why I don't ride Tupelo and she like she doesn't enjoy jumping that's not what she likes to do and my main focus right now is that so I can't just beat up on flight I don't want to you know beat up on his body we need to find another athletic jumper you know to help train me someone who's been there and done that so that's gonna take a long time to find another flight because flight is an incredible works we love them so much we love to flow so much as well I'm thinking about turning it or trying our Western in the future which might be fun oh yeah in the future I think maybe around October maybe a little bit in the wintertime we will be actively searching for another her ports a third horse it takes kind of those things those types of purchases like at that caliber take like a good two six seven months eight yeah like you have to try like 50 horses qoi Ali asks do you have a mission or long-term goal for your channel you've got to feed out like our trials at Toobin you know and doing something the one thing I love about us is we don't fear anything we just kind of go out and we always talk about what we want to do and we've always just kind of wanted to make something that like makes you guys happy but also gives us an archive back to what we can look back on and also look forward to to expand and I think we're really excited to keep expanding on like this kind of life like homesteading farming not not farming but like rescuing etc so I think we have a lot of plans ahead of us we are we have so many plans like we all like we have another goal boys like I always knew property's bigger barns more animals you know no HOAs that allow you to have any type of pets that you want no boundaries though rules like we definitely have a lot of goals in mind as for a mission for the channel I just want you guys to have an awesome place where you can kind of forget about the day enjoy yourself a safe place all the sky's family the sky squad you guys are the best fans ever it is so sweet to each other I literally think that I have the best fans in all of YouTube you guys are just so amazing so supportive of us and each other and I can't thank you guys enough for that and you know I'm just we're physically looking forward to producing more content and then also being able to look back on the content and enjoy it you know years after this yeah I think the hundreds like I think you know positivity is everything on this little community we're trying to build and just try to expand upon that message and I would be a dreamer keep dreaming achieve your goals because okay Caitlyn Pickering for please answer me what breed is girl in flight to this one girl is a thoroughbred and I'm starting to believe that I want to do a DNA test on my horse because I feel like a girl is court order but she's really not because we know in this die at hand but I mean I don't know I'm I'm saying quit over like if we put weathers up on her I think you guys are good yeah and we're gonna we're gonna but flight is the tree of being Hanoverian I mean here barians always have good at you know a good athletic run background so I mean thoroughbred a very TV and a ham oh yeah Sahara zero five – what's your favorite part about vlogging I think we kind of touched upon it yeah like two questions ago I think I think I've just favorite flick again it's just really positive stuff back to you guys you guys can be in this positive setting where we are we're just expanding on that being able to share our lives with you guys through the good in bed it's not always positive I mean my room of runs through a typical New Wave n if you could undo something what would it be love your videos shout out please there's a lock in the garage that I can't get off this box okay back to undo it you guys should never want to undo anything in life because everything is only to look forward well there was there's a reason why you make decisions at the time you made a decision like the only thing I wish I couldn't do is like cally be like getting sick if I did undo that and have him be healthy that would be awesome but that's probably like the only thing Jade may see photography I love you so much do you have merchants will you ever yeah we are coming out with March and we're super excited we're not coming up Franklin's a creative director but he's taking forever to come up with anything look at it right now he's sleeping right now if you guys could see him wait every day were asking him what should we do and this is what he gives us you know it's good to camera off me I told you I'm working on it famous right lazy llama low so this is a this is a really hard question because dreams like I was said like now like like three you know questions back like dreaming dreams continue you continue to have dreams so like my dream life would just be to continue well have just continue expanding upon new ventures new land you know etc yeah just rescuing more lives and Mike do we love I mean like I'm already doing my dream life I just want to keep expand upon it because dreams you out every night you have a dream continues I think James peak Tiger 25 Teague its Taylor are you gonna compete in jumping I think we'll do a couple shows this year Jackie Rodriguez what's your ethnicity JS Italian I know Norwegian and Swedish I want a DNA test for humans and J won't let me do it because he thinks take our DNA oh hello Morgan Pete have you ever written Western that goes on to the girl question I started out writing Western when I was learning how to ride when I was like 10 11 I would take lessons on Western horse learning western saddle and then I switched over the English pretty quick I do love Western eyes the girth is so different so so weird but it's really comfortable and it's a lot of fun I love this ride you know be versatile ride Western as well I want Jay to start off Western I maybe you can start off a girl hit a thing I like English just because I like the manner of it I like the condition of it and I feel comfortable too satellite enjoy this little Q&A if you guys want more of these give us a big thumbs up that way we know to do more of these I think they're super fun and it gives you guys a lot of insight upon things that are currently happening in our lives Stella gives you two thumbs up I love you guys so much if you're not subscribed be sure to hit that subscribe button right now turn on those notifications that way you've never miss another video like this one we love you guys so much and thank you so much for watching peace out now what what hey me Franklin you didn't actually watch this video down below uh it'll make my mom happy so this click type down there and I promise you're gonna see me because I'm so famous I will be in the video saying you don't need to click that video right there thanks bye

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  1. I couldn't really tell what that animal could have been in the first on but for the second picture I'm guessing maybe a horse and calf I'm not sure but yeah btw I luv your videos

  2. Its a cow but not just anyxow a calf.and a gpat but full grown goat.and its a donkey or a miniture horse but im pretty sure a donkey cause of the long ears.

  3. Wow cnt believe u guys are 26? u act soo mature? Definently couple goals?. Love ur vids and all your pets….still missing cali.???

  4. Two deer and a horse?
    This is absolutely random lol I would have never guessed these random animals if it wasn’t for those photos

  5. My fave is baby bird and franklin. They are equal.

    I have two dogs… Meadow the one with me in my photo, she is my seizure alert dog. She was my first and she was bottle fed because her mom died giving birth. Meadow is without a doubt my favorite. But it doesn’t mean I love Timber any less.. I just have a better connection with Meadow!

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