hi guys so please ignore how I look it is like 8:30 in the morning I just got to the gym and I'm gonna do an hour of fasted cardio on the bike I've been doing that recently on my days off of work I come in the morning after I dropped Curtis off at work and I really like it and then we'll probably come later today I also I'm going to Walmart after this Curtis mentioned that he really liked like how we have I have like pictures up around the house and like stuff and he mentioned that he wants like one of those photo albums that says like family or home or something on it that I think is a dumb but whatever I'm gonna go to Walmart and I'm gonna print some pictures and get one of those and I wanted to get like a card for him and maybe like flowers there's no occasion I just wanted to do this we like some cookie dough that we can make tonight oh I wanted to get like a movie gift card to so that we could go see a movie and stuff so that's what I'm doing and then later we've got some stuff so yeah I'm just at the gym and I'm gonna go do an hour of cardio really now I didn't think this through because I am so sweaty like the whole time sweats like dripping down me and dripping off my arms onto the floor whatever I did an hour and the bike said 420 calories which is not my best but not my worst I know those machines aren't accurate but as long as I it says that I burn more calories than I did last time then I know I don't know the number but I know I worked harder if that makes sense this is like a big mole that it has a Walmart and a Starbucks so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna tell Curtis I'm going to Starbucks I don't really want it that bad but I'm gonna get it and tell them that I'm sitting in there could I actually go to Walmart because I always text him when I'm like driving and stuff so if I'm like not leaving this mall for a long time he's gonna be like what but I'm really going to Walmart to get all this stuff also we have our location turned on for each other it's just it's not like a trust thing it just makes life so much easier instead of having to say where are you you can just look at his location or he can look at mine when I'm driving like sometimes I get stuck in traffic so he just checks to see like how far away I am from home anyway if he checks and sees that I'm here in case I'm not answering or something Starbucks is right beside Walmart so it'll like I can just say oh the locations a little bit off because sometimes it does that I didn't explain that it's not like a weird thing like my sister and I are gonna do it because like it's just easier than saying where are you right now you could just check anyway I didn't think this through because I'm so sweaty and gross and now I'm going into Walmart so I like I'm gonna shower when I get home but I should have brought my shower stuff and my change of clothes so I could do it at the gym okay so so much to update you on in such a little time so I actually started a vlog last week when I had my days off and it got interrupted with us getting an email that a kitten was available we're looking for a male kitten cuz we want another cat but that's all we think will really work with our current cat because she's one and a female anyway but then we got there like a couple minutes too late and somebody else already got the cat so I was just sad and just didn't want to finish the vlog anyway I just got into Walmart and Curtis was like can I call you and I was so scared cuz he never does that especially about work and he said that a kitten list that we're on called and said they have two male kittens and it's like right across the street from me so I was like okay like I'll go there in like 45 minutes so he thought I was just sitting in Starbucks but I had to buy all this stuff so I bought all the stuff also such an embarrassing moment so I was in the photo Center when he called me and I'm like trying to do the pictures and I hang up the phone and I like order my pictures and I start walking away the girls like oh you have to pay for them and I was like oh my god I normally what I do when I get photos from Walmart i order them online like the night before and pay for them online and then pick them up so that's what I was thinking so I explained her I was like I was not trying to steal I'm just really like you know so I told her about the kitten she's like oh okay that you know I hope you get it all that so now I'm rushing across the street to go see these kitten problem is that there's two I'm gonna have to choose one so yeah also it is a million degrees and I'm wearing this hoodie because I don't want to smell anyway who okay so I'm literally shaking right now but wow those I didn't know how to choose which one but I opened the cage and one came right to me it's name is Texas that's gonna change but I guess we pick it up tomorrow also adoption fees for cats are normally 300 at the most but this one is 700 they have a payment plan so that's good anyway the guy parked in front of me is looking at me but that's okay I'm shaking so bad because of that whole thing the Curtiss surprise cuz I need to pick him up from work in less than an hour oh my god and I gotta get there already plus I did an hour of fasted cardio and I have not eaten today so anyway I'm gonna go home and so Chris and I actually have a lawyer today so as some of you might know Curtis is here living in Canada on a 2-year visa and he's like six months into it maybe more we just want to like see a lawyer and just see like what the next best step is to get him permanent residency anyway I don't know what – like I'm lawyers are for adults so I'm all nervous and now I don't have time to shower so that's really wonderful so I'm just wearing like these like I don't know what you'd call you a jogger type things they're actually really comfy and this shirt it looks like it's on backwards but it's not anyway yeah see this is what Curtis said he loved so that's what gave me the idea I need to do get that all set up though cuz I'm picking him up in like 45 minutes and then we're coming here so he can get changed and stuff and that's when I was gonna like believe the things out and then we could come home and I could surprise him with that and hohoho I mean it was a good surprise a change of events but whoa okay so huge there's like extra fabric so whatever anyway I don't know what I'm gonna do because I literally am a mess and I just worked out hard and now I'm about to go late to a fancy lawyer downtown okay so I got this photo album and I put some pictures of us and some pictures of him with his family and my Katie Alfred and then those square ones I don't have time to cut pictures of the square ones or just yeah and then I got this really cute card it was ten dollars but I had to what did this you this thing's all dirty I just washed my hands – okay I got this gift card obviously not enough to watch a movie but and then some scratching wins and then I got some of this because we love this stuff and we haven't had it for a bit about these flowers I think they're cute I don't have a vase so this is like a coffee thermos but it's really cute so what I'm gonna do is when we get home like I'm not leaving those flowers out because luenell will knock them over hey now I'm gonna leave them in my room and close the door and you leave the cook dough in the fridge and then when we get home I'm gonna say like hang on let me just go in I need to set something up and he's gonna be like what he's probably gonna think I brought the cat home but yeah I'm excited I'm gonna leave in a couple of minutes I hope he likes it yes you guys probably know I'm a vegetarian I'm not vegan but I try to avoid animal products when I can like if there's a dairy-free option or you know egg free option I'll go for that anyway I got these vegan protein bars and they say they have 20 grams of protein so I was like they must be disgusting but I'll just try it and they're actually so good like they're like a chocolate bar like they do have like 18 grams of sugar which is not good but there's 15% of your daily iron 20 grams of protein not bad for like something that actually tastes really good anyway so I got a box of them for like $32 I think there's like 20 in there so yeah I'm gonna have that because my plan was to come home after Walmart and have like this and a bunch of protein and stuff cuz I'm shaking so bad still but now it's been like a long time after my workout so that's really not good really unhealthy if Luna Knox is down well I know I'm gonna be really upset anyway I'm going to get Curtis no I hope you like you're vlogging he just wants to be stroked where you going where you going so it's actually behind wait there's another cop and then another woman white a few hours later okay so I picked Curtis up did you like the surprise yeah I did I was surprised although you made me stay in the car yeah I explained that he thought that I was like sneaking a guy out or something we went to the lawyer we went to a foot doctor for Curtis really interesting day and then I took him to see the kitten also I had the first panic attack I've ever had in like a year oh that's not a good not like that no and it was really awful but I'm feeling better now anyway we almost witnessed a situation on the cat claim we missed a situation we like just just missed so we we're pulling into the the cat place cuz it's a vet but they have cats this is not a good angle just get over it so we pull up and there's like four cop cars and like a bunch of cops walking around outside and the vets were that's real like pointing and like you could see they were describing someone and I was like oh no like did someone can't steal the cat and we start walking up and the cage is in the window and the cage is gone so I was so worried and we walk in I guess somebody came in and god I think I'd actually he grabbed the cat from the other girl that was adopting it and they said he was on drugs and he was like throwing the kitten around that's basically the story right yeah and then the cop came in yeah the cops were in then he was like no I'm gonna have to seize the kid I'm really glad we weren't there for that because that would have been scary oh yeah so yeah I guess they called the cops and the cops like this station is like right across the street from it so yeah the whole posse turned up and that but then when we were in there they were they saw the guy walking outside so we saw him now odd it's been such a day I chose a Dana vlog on I ever would be a cute like Jim vlog and surprising you and then it turned into we literally adopted a kitten and we pick it up tomorrow also I didn't mention work the last seven days so this day off is really nice so we are now just leaving for the gym again I'm not bald I do have hair so I've already been to the gym today we're not doing a hard gym session because it's I watched a video of Mac Miller and Ariana with sad music and I started crying I sent Ava that I like DM her that and then said her picture me crying and she responds right so anyway we're going to the gym for like 45 minutes even though we normally go for like an hour oh yeah first we're going to get another litter box and another food bowl we're probably forgetting something and we've been looking up how to introduce them cuz Lunas one and the kidney is 11 weeks and so we hope that they will get along well we'll accept this cat because it's a kitten and not an and not an addled cat also it's not another female I know how they know that but it's not another female so there's more of a chance that they'll like each other I guess yeah so our other cat is named Luna and I explained in that vlog that name she came with it but I that's one of the names I wanted to use anyway I kind of wanted to get like a name that matches Luna like something to do with the sky or something but can't think of anything what about Jeff Jeff's just a general name you just realize that Luna is like really blind I'm just talking to the vlog it's right here look Luna hey I really am truly a mess right now and the dryer is going but there's like a mold smell coming from the recycling bins and I can't figure out what it is it smells like something moldy but everything that I put in recycling bins I like wash it so I just was sitting here

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