are we doing this we're doing this welcome to the family guys let's take my shoes about the Falls because I love her so I'm just falling asleep from the love I'm pouring into her I swear she's made friends with nubs like she seems like she's finally ready for a new kitty friend so what we're gonna do is pray together this place on Austin that's the life we're gonna see just he can't speak to us they'll do a trial right just in case Kiki's like you know what I'm so low I don't like this yeah that's next we get to do the trial run so daddy's old car boob Johnny would Bubba whose car do you like best mommies or daddies beautiful it's right in the heart of downtown so excited you guys serious Austin whether it's like a thousand degrees out oh you guys breaks my heart seeing all these cages hopefully everyone and you buggers it Kiki we done stand for that gig like she wants to wake her name queen yeah I see it on that and call it good thing to see yeah it's definitely a she what do you think spend me doesn't she steamed her temperaments a little science is leaving it here oh look how cautious she is she'll get great in our family beautiful she is you can hear everything you will come with us this is Judy Collins we turn around we might get to because there's so much younger than the prairie public it's just too much stuff happening yeah we should to put her in the honeymoon suite okay let's go see how you interact with the new ones they just got a dream as a surrender cats right now and I'm gonna get all of them every single one this whole we have to take Judy Collins with it oh my gosh you guys this is Judy Collins I love they just brought her in a pair just wasn't a good match at the foster home she was in so she's back on the market and I've never seen Strider okay mommy that's too icky and like look she loves you baby is completely suitable a comfortable I'm her mother mother babe it's done we will definitely go in to decolonize she's so chill have you got mini pers yet not yet she's still checking she literally just got here Bubba loves her too huh baby she literally just came back the question now is is recommended to us by these people that we should get stuck in so we got better oh wait I I think you should come home with us babe welcome to the family guys let's take her she's falling asleep from the love I'm pouring in there that's what's happening she can feel the love I mean like happy is my jam you know we just got home with Judy Collins and quake you still upstairs closing it we got by smell so this is Judy Collins she's already besties with mommy coming out Jesus she will marry on time that's my closet oh she's a little tire leopard markings and here comes quick let's get quite simmer and okay hello courageous little one very quick let's see Jenny Collins society like just chillin in my closet tails straight up that's a happy to detail she's behind it you okay hey trying to get a used to cuddles and touches and pets oh thanks saw that tails straight up that is a good sign hey little buddy go explore how fun meanwhile Teddy Kong is like dead asleep in my hey what are you doing Hey Judy hi Judy she's the skittish one of the two she said a little shyer like her tail yeah otherwise they'll start to think that hands are things to bite pounce on we'll go get litter boxes and toys literally right now Judy Collins just went under the bed that's totally fine I totally would televising it kitty but I just see two shadows of two plain kitties so you guys go to the pet store we didn't know that we're actually going to come back with two kitties so we just fell in love we fell in love so we don't have anything for them so yes the toys will get some letter boxes we'll get all of the accoutrements we'll get some well we already have tons of wet food because if Kiki okay and then I'll stay here and I'll make sure that they're happy and healthy and let me go see I think they popped out on this side look you know what I would too I don't blame them also look for little kitty beds and also one of those plum trees countries oh my gosh so these cats just hit pay dirt like they won the collateral of us we spoil our animal miss Judy Collins sees the history yeah because she came from somewhere else hey so listen we also need to do a new DIY for happy the hamsters cage yeah because these guys bite down yeah we have we have an open spot we'll have a week to do it because they need to be acclimated for a week happy so happy a lot of my that tail alright we'll see you guys right now okay well Judy Collins came running back hey come here sweetheart okay guys we are going to be posting a lot more on Izzie's whatever time so make sure to go check that out Oh Judy's about to pounce did you take any pills Judy may be kind anyway we're gonna post a lot on Izzy's but every time go subscribe over there and we'll start posting a little updates on her to new family members oh my gosh she did you see her frolic she's feeling a lot better this better than where you were sweetheart big thanks to Austin pets a life they were so generous and so nice we are indebted to them for our new family members alright guys we'll see you next time bye bye hey sweetheart you want some lovin alright baby great go enjoy hi honey you guys are so cute Judy just hissed at herself silly kitty come here it's okay I'll protect you I'll protect you you're so cute

34 thoughts on “WE ADOPT KITTENS!

  1. Aww, how are they doing, we are love your videos, oh by the way, how are the fish doing? Everything is SO CUTE!!

  2. I love that bubba backed up right away when you asked him to give Quake some space. Warms my heart to see how respectful he is of animals at such a young age??

  3. Aww to cute and more members to help build more Thomas and friends. Izzy toy time is going to be on the top of the YouTube page everyone going to love your channel

  4. Izzy you should shop on eBay and order all the bachmman Thomas characters and build tdmouth sheds it.

  5. I remember when I got my most recent cat. It happens in the middle of last year. while we were at an animal clinic. we saw some kittens that were like 5 months old. So we adopted one, and it turned out the kitten I adopted has the same birthday as me.

  6. wot a wonderfull amazing couple you are you are a lovely family of only more ppl could be like you the world would be a better plsce ??

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