Watercolour Painting Tutorial: Robin Bird [My Art Journey – Episode 14]

Hey guys, this is Kaz. In this episode,
I’m going to be painting watercolor Robin. The Robin is a favorite garden
bird, distinguished by an orange or reddish breast. It is a songbird species and it can be found across Europe, America, Siberia and also Africa. Now, let’s paint the Robin! Thank you for watching my video. Do like,
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33 thoughts on “Watercolour Painting Tutorial: Robin Bird [My Art Journey – Episode 14]

  1. Awesome!!! You keep us always amazed, Kaz! Am wondering what kind of paint brush/pen you’re using. Keep it up. Till your next upload.

  2. Wow!!! Your drawing is so wonderful?? I watched full and enjoyed with fun? Thank you for sharing, dear~ Hope we stay connected???

  3. You're really so good Sis! I enjoy your painting vids! I love your choice of music too! compliments your painting very well.

  4. Wah …
    Another beautiful creation of nature's beautiful creation. Just like we marvel at how nature can create the robin, we can also marvel at how the individual brush strokes collectively produced its water colour version. It certainly takes a masterful skill to make each stroke look simple, and yet together can conjure a professional look. Another pleasant watch to bring cheer to the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  5. that is awesome watercolour painting my friend. i cant tell its fir beginners because it is really amazing. thanks for sharing this

  6. Wow you are so good! Thank you for sharing.
    I subscribed and like ur video.
    I hope we can be friends. Pls. Subscribe to my channel.

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