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I’ve been looking to foster a dog and the Sacramento SPCA just had a dog get dropped off. She’s 14 years old and she was just surrendered by her owners. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. No, I’m not going to keep this dog so I’d love your support. So, we’re gonna head there now, but just fostering her. I would really love your help in helping me find her a forever home. 12 minutes away until we pick up his baby. She’s an oldie, an oldie but a goodie. Hey everyone, we are pulling in to the Sacramento SPCA to foster another dog. I’m super excited guys, I’m super excited. I’m excited to find this beautiful dog a home. Let’s do it. I just want to say, I met Marnie at one of my events about a year – it was about 13, 14 months ago and Marnie helped me find Tony, Queen and Penny and we stayed in touch. And yeah, it’s been awesome. Here we are and he’s going to help us out even more. Oh my God, KC. Oh my goodness, hi lovie. Can I say hi? Can we take her out? She’s a pretty color. She’s so beautiful. Is this the same pen that I played with Tony? Stop it! Yeah, this is where I played with Tony for the first time. She’s a very pretty color. Oh, thank you! Everything’s OK now. Everything is OK now. Marnie, what’s her story? How did she wind up here? So actually she ended up – she’s kind of a poster child for – we get a lot of older dogs now in our shelter. Yeah, Queen was an older pup. Queenie was an older girl too, yeah. And we actually have a more difficult time, especially when they’re the bigger dogs. She’s a big dog breed, she’s 14 years old and she was surrendered by unfortunately something that we get a lot, people move. Yeah. And then they either can’t take the dogs with them, they can’t afford the pet deposit. So they had her the entire 14 years. No way. Yeah, so it’s – we’re just hoping she can spend whatever amount of time that she has with a really loving family that will appreciate the wonderful dog that she is. Dogs just want to be with you, they just want to live with you. They do… OK, what do you think, girlfriend? I think she’s gonna be happy, gonna feed her the best food, all the massages and belly rubbies, you gonna loves it. You gonna loves it. Just in case she can’t hear me. Oh my Ggod, who is that? Pearlie. So Pearlie is wearing a cone because she actually just got a dental. Did she spend most of her time in a crate? She lived in a crate. Yeah, what’s her story? So, she was surrendered to us by her previous owners. So based on her history they provided, she was only allowed in two places, either in her crate or on a dog pillow. I want both. What? I want both. Both? Problem is we can’t foster two dogs, there’s a rule, you can only foster one dog. And I already gave KC my word. But we will see. Do you remember Mr. Lee? Hey, that’s a good girl. We’re gonna be fostering KC. We’re gonna find her a home. She’s 14 years old. Let’s find her a home. Little dilemma. Small dilemma. 5-pound dilemma. 7-year-old dilemma We have fallen in love with a dog, shocker. So I think we’re gonna see if we can convince them to let us foster both, KC and Pearlie. So since you guys are in a good mood, if it’s OK with you, we decided that I will foster KC under my name and help KC find a home and Sydney will foster Pearlie under her name. Oh, what a great idea. Is that cool? Fantastic, thank you! I am happy, I am so happy. So when I got her out of the kennel she did a play bow and she rolled over on her back and gave me her belly. This is like huge. You think she’s in a good mood? I’m so excited! Let’s go! We need those signs, instead of baby on board, it’s fosters on board. Oh my God, I would love that. Pearlie, pearlie pearls. I’ve never seen a happier dog. How could you leave this dog in a crate for the majority of its life? You mentioned this at the shelter and it’s a really good point. The owners of Pearlie told the staff at the SPCA that they kept her inside of a crate, I think they said 22 hours a day And then you said, “That’s what they were willing to tell you.” It’s crazy how you could keep this dog like all caged up all day. Why get a dog? What’s the point of getting a dog in the first place? Seriously, like I don’t understand. All right, so we’re almost home. Like, 30 seconds away from the house and we smell like the dogs, so we’re gonna go inside the house, our dogs are probably going to be full of energy, let them smell us, get used to all the smells, take them out so that they can release some of that energy and then we’ll introduce them to the dogs and we’ll go from there. Here we are pulling into the house now. Come on, Butters, Penny, here they are. In the house for the first time. You know I can’t resist Chihuahuas. Pearlie, do you like your home? She can see relatively well I think, right? And you were kept in a crate all day, in the shelter over a month, doesn’t like men. You don’t like men? She has a crush on Butters for sure, she hasn’t stopped following him. She’s like, “I just got out of the pen!”. You finished! Good girl, good job. Yeah, seriously.

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  1. My family became homeless at one point, and we chose to give up the dogs to a shelter. It was one of the worst experiences of my life having to leave them. But they would not have survived with us in our situation. I'm grateful to everyone who opens their home to a shelter animal.

  2. Pearly ? Is that the name ?
    I’m in love with that little dog lol
    I had a chihuahua when I was young only dog I ever had someone took him out of our yard when He was 4 never saw him again never had another dog . 🙁
    I feel like it’s time to open my heart again to another dog .

  3. No hay palabras para expresar lo que siento: mi corazón está lleno de amor por la pareja y por los bebés

  4. I can't even imagine putting a pooch through this. I love them so much. When I had my previous dog, my beloved Chanel Belle, I wouldn't move anywhere that wouldn't allow dogs. Heck I wouldn't move anywhere with this rule before I even had a dog just because I knew I eventually wanted one. No judgement, just how i personally handled my situation. Then poor baby being locked up and confined. Our pooch is running around somewhere or sleep and the house guest's dog is on the sofa sleep ?.

  5. She reminds me of my 13 year ago Lab mix. She’s also on the way out. I make me sad to see old dogs in shelters and not homes. Thank you for giving them homes.?

  6. Dude, I lived in a motel till I found a place that would take my furbabies. I had one for 15 yrs. We just lost him this year. And the other sweet girl we have had for 9 years. You won't take my dogs, you won't take me.

  7. I can’t imagine giving up my pet after 14 years. They have been with you through their best years now you get rid of them, no way. They need a place to live out the rest of their older years with a place to rest and be secure knowing that they will be taken good care of for the rest of their lives. I am speaking from experience I have adopted two older dogs they are the best ever?

  8. A dog is forever. That means you find them a safe home if you for some Impossible reason you cant bring them with you.
    For you its 14 years, For her its her entire life. *You were her entire life.

  9. I am so glad u were able to get both…I would have moved to another place that accepted my babies..I know I've paid 150 for pet deposit but their the only children I have..

  10. I agree there is NOooooo reason after 14 yrs to surrender your dog! What did those a holes think … if this dude didn’t come along she would spent her Golden years wondering What I did wrong to deserve this ?

  11. Listen I’ve been a single mother for more than 20 years and I have 4 cats, three 16years old and one 2 years old and a Pomeranian boy who’s 91/2 years old; all rescued. All my fur babies know is me and my house since they were tiny babies. I seen my self in hard real times and it has never cross my mind to give them up, all I think is how they’re going feel and how I’m going to feel if I do and I’ve said to my self “day by day and it’ll work out” and you know what it does. They’re all well and happy in the only home they know and love. Is a commitment for life. They’re counting on you and you’re counting on them. You don’t give up those who you love, how can you live with your self if you do?

  12. Oh ALL those Chihuahuas!!!! My heart!! I have a Chihuahua myself and he's literally THE MOST PRECIOUS THING TO ME!! I'm honestly an ALL dog lover in general myself. Dogs are just such amazing wonderful animals but of course for obvious reasons Chihuahuas will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!! ???

  13. I just adopted an eleven year old pitty. She was a bait dog. When I seen her at the shelter, I couldn't leave her there. She was covered in battle scars but now you can barely see her scars because her hair grown in beautifully and shiny. How could someone give away a dog that's been a part of their family that long? Uhg!

  14. My baby is only 3 years old and I already cry my fucking eyes out when I think about him getting old…. I don’t want him to leave me and I wish I could have him for ever…. he’s so special but I know he has to leave me one day. So UNTIL then I’m going to make sure he lives a happy life until the very end.

  15. It is so terrible to just dump a life friend,she can not understand what happend. So confusining for her. I would never ever Think of it. I had to kill my self first. She have done nothing wrong, she gone OLD. As life is.

  16. I hate people that leave their dogs in kennels all day or don’t take them outside enough, I think of it like imagine your mom or dad not letting you go to the bathroom for 6-8 hours or more

  17. If I had to move, Deposit or no deposit, My Baby is coming with Me. How devastating for both The Family and especially the sweet dog. Even if She finds the best forever home, She's going to forever miss Her family and the home She's always known ??

  18. I dont get it. That dog was YOUR FAMILY MEMBER for 14 YEARS then you just drop her off at the twilight of her life? What the hell is the matter with people? She said people move and cant take the dog or cant afford the pet deposit? Choose another place to live. I have 2 cats and a dog and I live in an apartment. If I had to move I would find a place that takes pets or just take them anyways. I will NEVER give my pets away. Its even worse to do to a senior pet. Disgusting.

  19. So friggin cruel, her human is, to abandon him at his old age! Karma will get her or him, his damn human! I hope lots of bad luck to, his or her, human scum! Ugh!? Thank goodness for this human! The Asher House, correct? Making donations. Promise.

  20. If you can't afford a fucking dog then DON'T GET ONE! I wish I could meet her previous owners. I'd let them know what irresponsible losers I think they are.

  21. I've always felt particularly Sad over an Old animal given up!? It has to be so. much Worse for a pet that spent their whole Lives with One person; family! Poor animals wonder what happened; they were just dumped.??

  22. assholes!!!!!! it is their family member and they abandoned her!!!!

    they would be with you no matter where, with extreme poverty and extreme wealth they would love the same, but we don't, we prefer worthless inert things.

  23. Omg Yall are my heroes!! Ur home looks like mine used to when i used to do rescue also. Got to about 11 dogs at some point lol God bless u and sending prayers ❤

  24. WOW Now my tears comes again. My dog Tango past away 2015 at age 15 yrs. When he was 13 I saw him need other thing then a hectic town life. I brought him to my mother when my father had past away and my dog could not have a better end of his life, totally free in the country and in companion with my old mother. He was my treasure, my best friend – ever.

  25. I'm tired of the bull crap lies people have for giving up their pets!! Any pet…..let alone a senior! Man are people heartless!!

  26. Part of me is glad the former owners dropped her off at a shelter instead of just dumping her or tying her up somewhere
    It's still sad either way
    We had a daschund when we were living in council housing and they made us give Danny up (or else we would have been made "intentionality homeless" and would have received no further help)
    My mum was jobless and suicidal by this point in time… Thankfully we managed to give him to a loving home before losing ours.
    We were not heartless but were put in a seriously hard situation by a system that Is heartless.
    I was only 16 at the time so didn't have much say or weight to the whole situation.
    But it breaks my heart that we were forced to make that decision by pen pushers who only see "just a dog" ?

  27. R they traumatized when they've just got settled then they get moved to their forever home but they dont no wats hoin on. I mean they just hot settled thinking ur it then boom they're moving again???

  28. I could not IMAGINE moving WITHOUT my dog. I wouldn't move there if I couldn't bring him. I don't understand why people do it. I really dont…its sad.

  29. I have had my fur babies since they were six weeks old and they are now fourteen and would under no circumstances give them up.

  30. It was wonderful to see the other dogs greeting the new comers so beautifully that they felled instantly relaxed. Nice atmosphere, so healing and loving. Thank you guys, you are such beautiful people.

  31. You're just awesome!! I have to tell you that I have noticed something about Tony your GSD..I watched the video from when you first adopted him and he seemed so shy. Now when I see him he is happily trotting around at the front of the pack like hes in charge. It just goes to show how you give these dogs love so they can gain their confidence. You can tell that All of your pack is so loved and cared for..we need so many more people who are willing to love and care for animals the way you do..the whole world would be a happy place. Thank you thank you for all your kindness and big heartedness you deserve big huge shout outs! And I'm sure you are going to find Casey and Pearlie the best homes ever..always God bless you and yours!

  32. Some people are just mean giving up their baby at 14. My baby passed this year at almost 14 and I would give anything to get him back. I am in tears.

  33. I took in a foster iin Sacramento about 5 years ago that literally could be this ones Mom. Same worried look on the same face. Im so glad you found her and took care of her.

  34. Baloney. I would NEVER move into anyplace that would not allow my animals. And, would never give them to a shelter. When I moved from Hawaii, the money for my pets were priority.

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