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Hey guys, it’s me, and before we get started with this video I first want to say I’m not trying to discourage anyone from wanting to get a rabbit or owning a rabbit I’m just explaining the realities of owning a rabbit because I have experience with it The first thing is rabbits are expensive, and they are going to need vet care once a month you are going to be needing to buy your rabbits their hay their litters or pellets things like that I Spend a lot of money on my rabbits once a month Specifically because my rabbits are a little bit more picky. They won’t eat a cheaper brand of hay They really only like the Oxbow brand which is a little costly, but that’s all they will eat So I do have to buy that so they are fairly expensive when it comes to things like that Rabbits can also become ill very quickly they can go into something called GI stasis And that is when their digestive system stops working And if that happens you need to take your rabbit to a vet immediately or else your rabbit can die from that Rabbits also should be spayed and neutered because it helps their lifespan prevents any reproductive cancers Can help with aggression and territorial-ness So before you get a rabbit make sure you have the funds to be able to take care of one Next rabbits can be really destructive some aren’t as bad as others but some have really bad habits some can really enjoy chewing at carpet or digging at it some really enjoy chewing on cords or chewing on wood items in your house So be aware if you do decide to get a rabbit don’t get mad at them if they wreck something because they are destructive and they are going to wreck stuff, so you can try to prevent it such as bunny proofing your house and things like that and make sure you put cord protectors On all of your cords so that you can save your cords and save your rabbit Along with being destructive rabbits can be really nosy, and they want always get into different things and be really mischievous I have one of my rabbits who is always trying to escape out of my room And she’s just getting into everything next rabbits need to be in pairs. It’s very very important You have two rabbits and not just one rabbits are very social animals, so they do best in pairs It isn’t the same as a having just a rabbit in a human Interaction because you can’t speak rabbit and you can’t show their different body languages and things like that so you can’t communicate with them So you really should have a pair of rabbits. There’s been tons of research as to why it’s really important There are some really rare cases of rabbits not being able to be with another rabbit such as they have an illness or they just Really cannot be bonded with any other rabbit even though you’ve tried. Next rabbits have an extremely long lifespan They can live up to 8 to 10 years That is a long time So they are a long commitment pet are you going to be able to take care of your rabbit in the next 10 years? In the next 5 do you plan on moving somewhere where you’re not going to be able to take your rabbit? Think about your rabbits future And if you’re gonna be able to still care for them or even if you’re still gonna be interested in caring for them rabbits Require a lot of attention and care they of course need their food every single day They need vegetables pellets And they need their timothy hay refilled all the time they cannot go without having their hay it is really important that it’s always Filled up they of course also needs to be groomed and do need their nails clipped when they get too long they do require Quite a bit of care. Rabbits also need a ton of room if you ever go into a pet store And you look at the rabbit cages almost every single one of those rabbit cages is too Small to house a rabbit a rabbit needs a very very large Space to live in I would say at least something that is 2 feet by 4 feet So please make sure you are able to give your rabbit a large enough cage or a large enough space for them to live in Another thing is that sometimes people can be allergic to rabbits, rabbits do need hay So please make sure you’re not allergic to hay or even Rabbit dander before you get a rabbit Maybe spend some time with one or be around some hay to make sure you’re not allergic to those things Another thing is that Rabbits don’t always want to be cuddled or picked up a lot of rabbits really hate being picked up because they are prey animals So being lifted in the air is not their favorite thing in the world and a lot of rabbits Don’t want you to be petting them all the time And they usually will only want you to pet them when they want to be petted My last thing is that rabbits can be quite messy They seem to get everything everywhere and when they do chew the get things everywhere so be Be prepared to be cleaning up messes so yeah guys I hope this video helps someone who is looking to get a rabbit and Please make sure you continue to do research before you actually decide to get your rabbit It’s really important that you end up giving your rabbit the best life you can so ya guys. Thank you for watching. Bye

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