49 thoughts on “Watch this AND LAUGH ALL DAY – Funny SQUIRREL compilation

  1. I love your vids!!! Thank you! One of the reasons that I watch these is not only for the great animal/human videos, but you've added terrific music to go along with all these vids. It's so much more enjoyable with the kwirky, knee slapping, appropriate tunes! Thank you once again and keep pumping them out! I'm a very loyal fan!

  2. These are not "funny" squirrel videos. Mostly they show squirrels being bothered, even mistreated, by humans. Leave them alone. You have a warped sense of humor if you think these are funny. Grow up.

  3. When I go to the beach, people just THINK I have a squirrel in my pants. The hot babes know better. RLTW Hahahahahahahah…….

  4. I remember a news story from some years back where someone's candy vending machine kept getting robbed, strangely of only the stuff with nuts in it. Well long story short the police set up a camera and of course it turned out it was a squirrel.

    00:58 = Ok… wanna bet in the future this kid finds himself having obligated to register with police wherever he moves?

  5. Hi Australia here, we don't have squirrels except at the zoo.Many years ago i was a kid and i went there and as we were leaving i saw something up in the tree one of the attendants said it was squirrels that had got out and they were waiting for them to return at night for feeding, the only time i ever saw squirrels jumping from tree to tree so cute. But these squirrels ar hilarious and even cuter. Do you know i never found out if those zoo ones returned to their housing?????? Sydney Zoo.

  6. The squirrels and chipmunks were adorable, but I can't see what is remotely funny about a grown man trying to pull an squirrel down by yanking hard on its tail. What a bully!

  7. "What a guy's got to go through to get a few nuts or ice cream around here! I HAVE MY PRIDE YOU KNOW! "Stupid two feeted tall funny looking coats things. humph. Can you just give it to me without all the games when I tell you?" 🙂 This is SO fun. Thank you Tiger. This is going in my, "Having a bad day?" playlist. You're all welcomed to look. I've collected videos for years so there's some things that will make you laugh like this. 🙂 Songsmirth

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