38 thoughts on “Watch Dogs : my "true next-gen experience"

  1. I acknowledged this video's 5 year anniversary six days ago but never found the time to watch it.

    EDIT- 10:25 P.M.: finishes video 7 minutes later
    I've never played Watch Dogs but I found this video kind of funny. The game used to be so buggy. ?

  2. This game is a piece of shit. I'm a very persistent person, but this game made me quit the characters is no likable, the music's in the game are terrible, for a 2012 game the game fail in so many litle things

  3. This "game" is truly "awesome", and i m astonished by the "quality" of the physics, the "AI" is so "smart", the overall "gameplay" is very "much" "immersive" and….damn my keyboard runned out of quotes

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